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[. . . ] Operating Instructions for advanced features Digital Camera Model No. DMC-GF7 Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. Message Display Troubleshooting Finding the information you need Contents Menu list P322 P335 P2 P6 P326 SQW0124 F0115YD0 until 2015/3/23 Finding the information you need In this “Operating Instructions for advanced features”, you can find the information you  need from the following pages.    By clicking a page number, you can jump to the linked page and quickly find the information. Search from “Contents”  Click this icon to jump to “Contents”. P6 P13 P318 P322 P326 P335 Search from the list of buttons and dials Search from the list of screens and icons Search from “Message Display” Search from “Menu list”  Click this icon to jump to “Menu list”. Search from “Troubleshooting”   Click this icon to jump to “Finding the information you need”. Click this icon to return to the previously displayed page. For details on how to use this manual, see the next page. P3 Wi-FiR function P249 2 How to use this manual About the indication of the applicable mode Applicable modes: The icons indicate the modes available for a function. • Black icons: Applicable modes • Grey icons: Unavailable modes • Click a cross reference in the text to jump to the corresponding page. [. . . ] (P53) MENU > [Rec] > [Flash] > [Auto Exposure Comp. ] Settings: [ON]/[OFF] • For details on Exposure Compensation, refer to P156. 204 9. Recording Motion Pictures Recording Motion Picture Applicable modes: This camera can record full high definition motion pictures compatible with the AVCHD format or motion pictures recorded in MP4. The functions available when recording motion pictures differ according to the lens you are using, and the operational sound of the lens may be recorded. Refer to the website for compatible lenses. 1 Start recording by pressing the motion picture button. A Elapsed recording time B Available recording time • Recording of motion picture appropriate for each mode is possible. • The recording state indicator (red) C will flash while recording motion pictures. • If approximately 1 minute elapses without an operation being performed, part of the display will disappear. • Release the motion picture button right after you press it. A 3s C R1m37s B 2 Stop the recording by pressing the motion picture button again. • Still picture recording is also possible during the motion picture recording by fully pressing the shutter button. Recording Motion Pictures Enabling/disabling the motion picture button MENU > [Custom] > [Video Button] > [ON]/[OFF] • This function is for preventing accidental operation of the button. Switching between the angle of view for taking pictures and the one for recording motion pictures MENU > [Custom] > [Rec Area] > [!] (Picture)/[ ] (Motion picture) • When the aspect ratio setting is different in still and motion pictures, the angle of view changes at the start of motion picture recording. When [Rec Area] is set to [ ], angle of view during motion picture recording is displayed. Recording Motion Pictures • When a high ambient temperature, continuous recording or other conditions cause the camera to overheat, the following restrictions will occur to protect the camera. – Continuous recording, motion picture recording, and the Wi-Fi connection will be temporarily disabled. – If you continue recording even when [ ] is flashing on the screen, a message will be displayed and the camera will turn off automatically. • The operational sound of the zoom or button operation may be recorded when it is operated during the recording of a motion picture. • When using the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042), if you take your finger off the zoom lever, focus lever during recording of a motion picture, the sound of the lever returning may be recorded. • When using the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042), zoom speed may be slower than normal when recording motion pictures. • The available recording time displayed on the screen may not decrease regularly. • Depending on the type of the card, the card access indication may appear for a while after recording motion pictures. • The [Sensitivity] will be set to [AUTO] (for motion pictures) when recording motion pictures. • When recording a motion picture, [Stabilizer] will be fixed to [ ] even if it is set to [ ]. • It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or AC adaptor (optional) when recording motion pictures. (P317) • If while recording motion pictures using the AC adaptor (optional) the power supply is cut off due to a power cut or if the AC adaptor (optional) is disconnected etc. , the motion picture will not be recorded. • It will be recorded in the following categories for certain Recording Modes. [. . . ] • When using this unit with a large-diameter lens, the lens may come into contact with the pedestal depending on the tripod/unipod. Tightening the screw with the lens and pedestal in contact with each other may damage this unit or the lens. Therefore it is recommended to attach the tripod adaptor (DMW-TA1: optional) before mounting on the tripod/unipod. • Read the operating instructions for the tripod or unipod carefully. About the shoulder strap • If you attach a heavy interchangeable lens (more than about 1 kg/35. 3 oz) to the camera body, do not carry the camera by the shoulder strap. [. . . ]


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