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[. . . ] Before operating this machine, please carefully read this manual, and keep this documentation in a safe place for future reference. (Illustration shows optional accessories that may not be installed on your machine. Fax/Email • Plain Paper High-speed Super G3 compatible Fax with JBIG compression when optional Fax Communication Board (DA-FG180) is installed. –  The following operating instruction manuals are included on the CD for this machine, please use the correct manual when an operator intervention is necessary. [. . . ] Initial Sort-Rotate Mode is “1:OFF”, this setting can be selected within the Copier's General Settings. 1:YES 2:NO (Available Letter size paper only) 6 Non-Sort Copy is stored on the Output Tray. NOTE Initial Sort Mode settings can be selected within the Copier Settings, Parameter No. (See pages 57 and 58) Initial Sort Priority Setting: For ADF: 2:Sort; For Platen: 1:Non-Sort 1: YES Go to next step NOTE If “2: NO” is selected, the machine will start copying one side of the original(s). 1:YES 2:NO : YES Continues to copy another original, repeat steps 1 and 4- 2 to step 7. 43 Making Copies Making Copies Other Features ■ Skyshot Mode Skyshot allows copying a manuscript without generating dark borders even if the Platen Cover or ADF is opened. Two types of Skyshot modes can be selected; Digital Skyshot Mode : The scanning area (size) is not pre-determined. Manual Skyshot Mode: The scanning area (size) is pre-registered into memory (M1 and M2) in advance. ■ Digital Skyshot Mode The default setting of Digital Skyshot Mode is “NORMAL”. (See page 57) NOTE The default setting of Digital Skyshot Mode is “NORMAL”. If there are black areas around the borders in the copies, set the Digital Skyshot Mode to “QUALITY” to soften the dark borders. — The final copy may be affected if colored background original(s) do not have a white edge or if it is less than 2 mm wide. The default setting of Digital Skyshot Mode should be set to “OFF” in the Copier Settings, Parameter No. (See page 57) NOTE ● Other jobs requiring memory cannot be performed, while M1 and M2 buttons are being used for the Skyshot mode. 1 From Platen UpperLeft Corner 44 2 3 LDR : Ledger LGL LTR : Legal : Letter LTR INV INV : Letter-R : Invoice Number of Copies (Max. 999) : Invoice-R NOTE ● An incorrect position detection of the original may occur when a strong light shines onto the glass during digital skyshot mode. — An incorrect exposure may occur when there is a black line at the edge of the original or an image which the machine interprets as a black pattern in the digital skyshot mode. ) can be fed from the ADF Tray and copied continuously using the Job Build and SADF Mode. (Letter size) 50 80 1 1 1 For ADF 2 For i-ADF Select desired settings Originals: 50 sheets <1st scan> 80 51 1st and 2nd Scanned Data are combined into one job. Originals: Remaining 30 sheets <2nd scan> 5 sets of 80 sheets sorted copies are printed Place the first 50 sheets of originals on the ADF Tray. –  Concurrent Copying The next copy job can be reserved even if the current copy job is not completed. (Requires the optional Hard Disk Drive and Image Memory (See page 69) to be installed) 1st job 1st job Copy Select desired settings 1 For ADF 2 For i-ADF 2nd job Reserve 2nd job or NOTE ● Job Build and SADF function cannot be combined with 2 1 and 2 2. [. . . ] 84 memo IMPORTANT INFORMATION When requesting information, supplies or service always refer to the model and serial number of your machine. The model and serial number plate (Main Name Plate) is located on the rear side of machine. For your convenience, space is provided below to record information you may need in the future. Date of Purchase Dealer Address Telephone Number ( ) Supplies Telephone Number ( ) Service Telephone Number ( ) The following trademarks and registered trademarks are used throughout this manual: Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Outlook & Windows logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries. [. . . ]


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