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[. . . ] EH‑TNA9J English 简体中文 Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic product . €¢ Please read these instructions carefully to use the product correctly and safely . €¢ Before using this product please give your special attention to “Safety Precautions” (P . €¢ Please keep these Operating Instructions and the warranty for future use . [. . . ] ) 3 cm 10 cm English Note the following precautions ⿟Do not store the cord in a twisted state. (Doing so may cause the wire in the cord to break with the load, and may cause electric shock or fire due to a short circuit . ) ⿟Only use for drying or styling human hair or for skin. ¿ŸDo not touch the air outlet which will become very hot. ) ⿟When unfolding or folding the handle, do not touch the shaded area as shown in figures below. ) ⿟ Close your eyes when blowing air on your face in skin care mode. Switch mode with mode switching button Intelligent temperature control mode ⿟The appliance will enter hot air mode when the power switch is turned on . [HOT] Red blinking Press and hold the mode ⿟ The appliance detects the switching button surrounding air temperature and for 1 second or blows air at a comfortable more to switch temperature for drying . Hot/Cold alternating mode For hot air For cold air English Automatic switching [ [ ] Yellow [HOT] Red ] Yellow [COLD] Blue ⿟ The appliance detects the surrounding air temperature and switches between hot and cold air at appropriate intervals . For power switch [3] or [2] Cold air mode For power switch [1] Skin care mode [COLD] Blue ⿟ Cold air blows . [COLD] Blue [SKIN] Yellow ⿟ Weak cold air for skin care blows . Scalp care mode [SCALP] Green ⿟ Gentle hot air for scalp care blows . ⿟In all modes , the nanoe™ lamp glows , and air including nanoe™ and mineral ion blows . ¿ŸWhen [HOT], [ ] (hot/cold alternating mode) hot air, [SCALP] is selected, cold air blows around the hot air, helping set your hair and making your hair shiny . Indb 9 2016/09/01 Parts identification nanoe™ and double mineral* effect Controls waviness by balancing hair moisture content, making hair glossy and easy to style. *“Double mineral” means mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes. Nanoe™ may not be generated depending on the usage environment because nanoe™ is generated by collecting moisture in the air. In low temperatures and low humidity it becomes difficult to collect moisture from the air. (nanoe™ , mineral ion generation method: high voltage discharge) EN10 EH-TNA9J. Indb 10 2016/09/01 12:21:54 nanoe™ ion charge plus panel Hair is negatively charged when nanoe™ or mineral ions are continuously applied. Negatively charged hair repulses nanoe™ and mineral ions, making it hard for nanoe™ and mineral ions to be applied to the hair. When this occurs, simply by holding the nanoe™ ion charge plus panel together with the handle, the negative charge accumulated on hair is released. [. . . ] Note When performing maintenance, do not block the air inlet with your hand. Notice Dust may fly out when you use the appliance for the first time after maintenance. Indb 17 2016/09/01 Maintenance of the hair dryer At least once a month •nanoe™ outlet •Mineral ion outlet In order to maintain the generation amount of nanoe™ and mineral ion. 1 repare a commercially available new P nanoe™ outlet cotton swab. [. . . ]


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