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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Denotes a hazard that could result in minor injury or property damage. Do not immerse appliance and AC adaptor in water or wash it with water. Do not place the appliance and AC adaptor over or near water filled sink or bathtub. Never use the appliance if the AC adaptor is damaged or if the power plug fits loosely in a household outlet. [. . . ] - Doing so may cause the wire in the cord to break with the load, and may cause fire due to short circuit. - Failure to do so may cause electric shock or fire due to electrical leakage resulting from insulation deterioration. Disconnect the power plug by holding onto the power plug instead of the cord. WARNING After removing the rechargeable battery, do not keep it within reach of children and infants. 8 8 2016/05/06 17:51:45 If the battery fluid leaks out, do not touch the battery with your bare hands. ρ       - The battery fluid may cause blindness if it comes in contact with your eyes. - The battery fluid may cause inflammation or injury if it comes in contact with the skin or clothes.    ρ          A Main body 1 Power switch [ / ] 2 Charge indicator lamp ( 3 Appliance socket B Blade 4 Mounting hook 5 Cleaning lever 6 Moving blade 7 Stationary blade C 3 mm/6 mm comb attachment D 9 mm/12 mm comb attachment Intended use • This clipper is designed for professional use to trim hair. Doing so may cause failure, cracking or discoloration of the main body. Clean the main body only with a soft cloth slightly dampened with tap water or soapy tap water. € You should not allow permanent wave lotion, hair dyeing or hair spray to come into contact with the main body or the blades. € Before using an attachment, check that it has been installed correctly. π E 15 mm/18 mm comb attachment ) F AC adaptor (RE9‑85) (The shape of the power plug differs depending on the area. ) 8 Adaptor 9 Power plug : Cord ; Appliance plug Accessories G Cleaning brush H Oil 9 ER-GP30_EU. Indb 9 2016/05/06 English 17:51:45 WARNING Parts identification Charging the clipper English • Make sure that the clipper is turned off. Into a household • You can charge the battery before it is completely discharged. However, it is recommended to charge when the battery is completely discharged. The battery life depends strongly on factors such as how it is used and stored. 2 1 AC operation If you connect the AC adaptor to the clipper in the same way as for charging, and turn on the power, you can use it. € If the remaining battery is too low, the blades may move slowly or stop, even with the AC operation. (for safety and to reduce energy usage) •• The charge indicator lamp ( ) continues to glow after charging is complete. There is no indication to show that “charging is complete”. [. . . ] –►Replacement parts Replacement part is available at your dealer or Service Centre Replacement parts for ER-GP30 Blade WER9701 Troubleshooting Problem The clipper has become blunt. Action Until problems are solved, please follow each procedure as follows; 1. If the problems still cannot be solved, contact the store where you purchased the appliance or a service centre authorised by Panasonic for repair. Indb 12 2016/05/06 17:51:46 Removing the built-in rechargeable battery Remove the built-in rechargeable battery before disposing the clipper. [. . . ]


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