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[. . . ] €‰â€‰    Do not store within the reach of children or infants. - Doing so may cause an accident or injury due to accidental ingestion of removable parts. Properly dispose of the appliance package, and keep it away from children or infants. - Failure to do so may cause suffocation or other accidents to children or infants. [. . . ] Doing so may cause malfunction, cracking or discoloration of the parts. €¢ Store the appliance in a place with low humidity after use. Note the following precautions Do not allow metal objects or trash to adhere to the power plug. - Doing so may cause the wire in the cord to break with the load, and may cause fire due to a short circuit. Disconnect the power plug from the household outlet when not using for extended period of time. - Failure to do so may cause electric shock or fire due to electrical leakage resulting from insulation deterioration. 10 PB014248 - EW1611W503 ������_(01EN)_01-20-17. Indd 10 2017/1/20 14:59:22 Parts identification A Handle 1 Stop/Jet switch 2 Jet mode 3 Stop N 4  ozzle release button 5 Nozzle B Main body 6 Cord 7 Power plug 8 Suction hose C Water tank U 9  pper water level limit W   ater tank cap D Operation panel  Water pressure level LED indicator (1~10 levels)  Power switch  Water pressure regulator switch E Nozzle (x2) • The nozzle is a consumable. I  dentification ring (white & blue) Accessory F Nozzle stand There may be moisture inside the main unit (water tank and suction hose) left from the distilled water used for product testing. How to use On sink or shelf 1 Place the main unit on a flat and stable surface. €¢ Convenient dual power cord outlet able to pull out the cord, both right and left. Open the water tank cap, remove the water tank, and fill it with water. Upper water level limit • Always use new tap water or lukewarm water. €¢ If the water feels cold, use lukewarm water with a temperature of 40 °C or less. €¢ When filling water, be sure not to exceed the upper water level limit. ) • The product will automatically stop operation after about 10 minutes. 2 With the nozzle facing the basin, set the Stop/Jet switch to “ ” (Jet mode) to jet water. Place the nozzle in your mouth, close your mouth gently, and set the Stop/Jet switch to “ ” (Jet mode). If you want to pause jetting, set the Stop/Jet switch to “ ” (Stop). Raise your elbow Keep head over the basin Stop/Jet switch 3 Press “+” or “-” on the water pressure regulator switch until the desired flow intensity is reached. €¢ Do not leave the product in the “ ” (Stop) state for more than 1 minute. After use, set the Stop/Jet switch to “ ” (Stop) and turn off the power switch. [. . . ] Indd 14 2017/1/20 14:59:27 Specifications Power Source Power consumption Water tank volume See the name plate on the product (Automatic voltage conversion) 18 W Approx. 940 g (Including nozzle) Changing the nozzle (Sold separately) • If the tip of nozzle gets deformed, please replace with a new nozzle. The nozzle should be replaced with a new one every 6 months or so due to hygiene reasons, even if its shape is unchanged. Part number WEW0982 Replacement Nozzle for EW1611 Nozzle E Suction hose length Mass Airborne 82 (dB (A) re 1 pW) Acoustical Noise This product is intended for household use only. [. . . ]


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