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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Operating Instructions Bedienungsanleitung Instructions d?utilisation Istruzioni per l?uso Gebruiksaanwijzing Manual de instrucciones Brugsvejledning Driftsfreskrifter Bruksanvisning Kyttohjeet al??t?rma Talimatlar?Instrukcja obs?ugi Provozn pokyny Hasznlati utasts Nvod na obsluhu Navodila za uporabo Instruc?iuni de utilizare Instrues de Uso Cordless Band Saw Kabellose Bandsge Scie Ruban sans Fil Sega a Nastro Senza Fili Accubandzaag Sierra de Banda Inalmbrica Trdls Bndsav Trdls Bandsg Trdls Bandsg Johdoton Vannesaha Akl ?erit Testere Bezprzewodowa Pi?a Ta?mowa Akumultorov Psov Pla Zsinr Nlkli Szalagf?rsz Bezkblov Psov Pla Brez?i?na Tra?na ?aga Fer?str?u f?r?Fir Serra de Fita Sem Fio Model No: EY45A5 Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely and save this manual for future use. Index/Index/Index/Indice/Index/Indice/Indeks/Index/Indeks/Hakemisto/Dizin/Indeks/ Rejst?k/Trgymutat/Obsah/Kazalo/Index/ndice English: Page Deutsch: Seite Franais: Page Italiano: Pagina Nederlands: Bladzijde Espaol: Pgina Dansk: Side Svenska: Sid Norsk: Side 11 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 Suomi: Sivu 120 Trke: Sayfa 132 Polski: Strona 144 ?esky: Strana 156 Magyar: Oldal 168 Sloven?ina: Strana 180 Sloven??ina: Stran 192 Romn?: Pagin? 204 Portugus: Pgina 216 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION FUNKTIONSBESCHREIBUNG DESCRIPTION DES FONCTIONS DESCRIZIONE DELLE FUNZIONI FUNCTIEBESCHRIJVING DESCRIPCIN FUNCIONAL FUNKTIONSBESKRIVELSE FUNKTIONSBESKRIVNING FUNKSJONSBESKRIVELSE (A) (B) (C) (D) TOIMINTAKUVAUS ??LEVSEL AIKLAMA OPIS DZIA?ANIA FUNK?N POPIS M?KDSI LERS POPIS FUNKCI OPIS FUNKCIONALNOSTI DESCRIERE FUNC?IONAL? [. . . ] (6) Blade rotation spin-up can be controlled using the pressure on the switch, to control kickback when starting a cut (only for blade speeds 2 and 3 when using the 18V battery model). is effective for cutting stainless steel which requires slow rotation. <Setting blade speed> Press the blade speed button to set the rotation speed. CAUTION: ??Attach only after checking for abnormalities such as splinters and fissures on the saw blade. ??Wipe away any debris or dirt attached to the saw blade rotation roller. Fitting an oiled or greased saw blade to the saw blade restraining bearing can cause the saw blade to slip or come loose. ??When attaching a saw blade, avoid twisting or folding at the join on the saw blade. ??Keep your face away when exchanging a saw blade as the saw blade can jump out suddenly. <Identifying an expired saw blade> ??A ruptured saw blade will not rotate easily. (Rotation may be accompanied by a noise) ??A worm blade edge may lead to slower cutting times. Example of Use Rubber belt inspection A rubber belt is attached to the outer rim of the saw blade rotation roller (inlay type). Be sure to check the rubber belt for tightness and damage whenever exchanging the saw blade. A loose or damaged rubber belt may cause the saw blade to run unevenly or jump out, so be sure to contact your retailer in this event. - 16 - Control Panel (L) (M) (L) Battery low warning lamp CAUTION: The over-discharge protection function works even when both the battery low warning lamp and LED light are flashing. ??Charge the battery pack immediately as the battery power is getting low. ??When charging a cool battery pack (below 0?C (32?F)) in a warm place, leave the battery pack at the place and wait for more than one hour to warm up the battery to the level of the ambient temperature. ??Weaken and cut off the power applied as the voltage of the battery is plummeting due to the high load acting on the motor. Do not carry out operations that will repeatedly cause the over-discharge prevention function to be activated. EN Off (normal operation) Flashing (No charge) Battery protection feature active Excessive (complete) discharging of lithium ion batteries shortens their service life dramatically. The tool includes a battery protection feature designed to prevent excessive discharging of the battery pack. ??The battery protection feature activates immediately before the battery loses its charge, causing the battery low warning lamp to flash. ??If you notice the battery low warning lamp flashing, charge the battery pack immediately. [. . . ] Open the fuse cover with a screwdriver and replace the fuse and close or attach the fuse cover. YDERLIGERE SIKKERHEDSINSTRUKTIONER Sikkerhedsinstruktioner for alle save FARE 1) Srg for, at hnderne ikke kommer i nrheden af saveomrdet og savbladet. Det er vigtigt, at understtte arbejdsstykket ordentligt for at mindske risikoen for personskade, bladbinding eller at herredmmet over saven mistes. Inden brug af vrktjet <Bladhastighedstabel> Indstillinger for bladhastigL hedsknap Anvendelses- Rustfrit stl type 18 V 14, 4 V 120 m/min 110 m/min M H Stlrr 162 m/min 130 m/min 140 m/min 120 m/min 3. [. . . ]


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