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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before operating this oven, please read these instructions and precautions carefully and keep for future reference. The appliance should be inspected for damage to the door seals and door seal areas and if these areas are damaged the appliance should not be operated until it has been repaired by a service technician trained by the manufacturer. Do not attempt to tamper with or make any adjustments or repairs to the door, control panel housing, safety interlock switches or any other part of the oven. Do not remove the outer panel from the oven which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy. [. . . ] „„Note If Start is not pressed for 6 minutes after cooking programme setting, the oven will automatically cancel the cooking programme. Indb 14 2017/04/06 13:51:24 Setting the clock When the oven is first plugged in, “88. The clock will keep the time of day as long as the oven is plugged in and electricity is supplied. Child safety lock This feature will make the oven controls inoperable; however, the door can be opened. Indb 15 2017/04/06 13:51:25 Microwave cooking and defrosting The glass tray must always be in position when using the oven. Your oven can be programmed for up to 99 minutes 50 seconds in Medium, Low, Warm and Defrost power. Press once twice 3 times 4 times 5 times Power Level High Defrost Medium Low Warm „„Notes 1. The oven will automatically work on High microwave power if a cooking time is entered without the power level previously being selected. STANDING TIME can be programmed after microwave power and time setting. Always check the food during defrosting by opening the door then restarting. To ensure an even result, stir, turn or separate several times during defrosting. For large joints and poultry, turn halfway through defrosting and protect ends and tips with foil. Indb 16 2017/04/06 13:51:25 Grilling GRILL is particularly useful for thin slices of meat, steaks chops, kebabs, sausages or pieces of chicken. When turning food, open oven door and CAREFULLY remove wire rack using oven gloves. After turning, return food to the oven and close door, and then press Start. The oven display will continue to count down the remaining grilling time. The grill elements will glow on and off during cooking - this is normal. DO NOT touch heating device on top of inside cavity while cavity is hot. After GRILL use, the product may not operate for some time to prevent overheating. Remove wire rack from oven by holding the rack and heatproof dish firmly. Never touch the outside window or inside metal parts of the door or oven when taking food in or out due to the high temperatures involved. Indb 17 2017/04/06 13:51:25 Combination cooking When cooking by COMBINATION, the MICROWAVE power cooks food quickly whilst the GRILL gives traditional browning and crisping. [. . . ] Cooking vapours collect during repeated use but in no way affect the bottom surface or roller ring wheels. After removing the roller ring from the cavity floor for cleaning, be sure to replace it in the proper position. When using the GRILL or COMBINATION mode, some foods may inevitably splatter grease on to the oven walls. If the oven is not cleaned occasionally, it may start to “smoke” during use. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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