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[. . . ] ÁÂÈÚÈ΋˜ ªÈÎÚÔÎ˘Ì¿ÙˆÓ For models NN Q653 Q623 NN F663 NN NN F623 F653 NN Q653 NN For further information, please also refer to the operating instructions. © Copyrighted by Matsushita Electric UK, Ltd 2003 English Inverter technology is the key Inverter technology for microwave ovens has been developed by a Panasonic initiative over a period of more than 10 years. It is the key technology for making a very different type of microwave oven which has a number of special qualities: • It makes possible the first oven in the industry which controls the amount of microwave energy linearly. This new distribution system allows cooking and defrosting food without losing its flavour. [. . . ] Preparing a hot compress Heat a clean, damp, folded cloth on a plate for 1-2 minutes on 1000 W. En-8 Defrosting Guidelines The biggest problem when defrosting food in a microwave is to get the inside defrosted before the outside starts to cook. For this reason Panasonic have made the defrosting on your oven CYCLIC DEFROST, just select the 270 watts DEFROST pad and set the required time. These stages alternate between defrosting (total of 4) and standing (total of 4). Check the defrosting several times, even if you use the automatic buttons. STANDING TIMES Individual portions of food may be cooked almost immediately after defrosting (5 minutes standing time for steaks, 15 minutes for fruit and pastry). During this standing time, the temperature becomes evenly distributed and the food is defrosted by conduction. NB If the food is not going to be cooked immediately, store it in the refrigerator. JOINTS AND POULTRY It is preferable to place the joints on an upturned plate or plastic rack so that they are not resting in the juices. It is essential to protect delicate or projecting parts of this food with During the standing stages there is no microwave power in the oven, although the light will remain on and the turnatable will turn. The automatic stand times ensure a more even defrost and for small items the usual stand time can be eliminated. English Tips for Defrosting small pieces of foil to prevent these parts from cooking. It is not dangerous to use small pieces of foil in your oven, provided they do not come into contact with the oven walls. MINCED MEAT OR CUBES OF MEAT AND SEAFOOD Since the outside of these foods quickly defrosts, it is necessary to separate them, break the blocks into pieces frequently while defrosting and remove them when they have defrosted. SMALL PORTIONS OF FOOD Chops and chicken pieces must be separated as soon as possible so that they defrost evenly throughout. Auto Weight Defrost This feature allows you to enter the weight in grams and the oven will select the correct defrosting time for the foods described. During the defrosting process, the oven will beep to remind you to check the food i. ) 100 - 1200 g 400 - 2000 g En-9 Defrosting Common Foods Select Defrost Power Food MEAT - joints with bone# - roast filleted# - chops# - cutlets# - kidneys* - lean beef* - entrecôte* - minced beef, sausage meat, pork mince* - hamburger* - meat for stewing/braising* - whole poultry# - poultry pieces# - poussin# - rabbit# - pork sausages* BUTTER FRUIT COULIS CHEESE* RED FRUIT* 270 W then the approximate time given below. Weight/quantity 500 g 500 g 500 g 250 g 250 g 430 g (2) 150 g 500 g 200 g (2) 400 g (4) 500 g 500 g 1 kg (4) 400 g 500 g 300 g (2) 250 g 200 g 450 g 200 g 300 g 500 g 400 g (1) 550 g (1) 110 g (1 portion) 470 g (1) 200 ml 370 g (block) 300 g (block) 400 g (2) 500 g (4) 380 g (2) 200 g (2) (4) 200 g Time in minutes 18 - 20 20 - 22 8 - 12 6-7 7-8 11 - 12 4-6 10 - 12 6-7 10 - 12 12 - 14 12 - 13 22 - 24 15 14 - 15 10 - 11 2 3-4 3 5-6 9 12 7 4-5 8 seconds 10 4 4-5 3-4 10 - 12 13 - 14 10 9 7 Standing times (minimum) 60 70 15 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 15 60 30 30 30 15 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 15 15 15 4 5 5 15 15 15 15 10 The times given below are guidelines only. Always check the progress of the food by opening the oven door and then re-starting. CAKES AND PUDDINGS - Victoria Sandwich Cake - Black Forest - Bavarois - raspberry tart CONCENTRATED FRUIT JUICE PASTRY - sweet flan or shortcrust* - puff* FISH - whole# - fillets# - fish steak with bone* - thick steaks without bone* - shrimps/prawns* NOTES # turn this food halfway through defrosting and protect ends and projecting parts with foil. En-11 Cooking Chart For Your Pizza Pan (NN-F663/NN-F623) Unless otherwise indicated, the pizza pan is always preheated for 4 minutes on Combination N°1. [. . . ] Poached eggs Heat 50 ml of water with salt and a dash of vinegar for 1 min on 1000 W. Break the egg into the boiling water and carefully pierce the yolk and the white with a toothpick; cook on 600 W for 30 to 40 seconds (depending on the size of the egg). Scrambled eggs Mix 2 raw eggs in a bowl with a little cream or milk, a knob of butter, salt and pepper. Oeufs cocotte Break the egg into a buttered ramekin, season with salt and pepper, pierce the yolk and the white with a toothpick. [. . . ]


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