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[. . . ] English Nederlands Français Italiano Español Svenska Operating Instructions Gebruiksaanwijzing Mode d’emploi Manuale di istruzioni Instrucciones de funcionamiento Bruksanvisning Betjeningsvejledning Käyttöohje Instrukcja obsługi Návod k obsluze Kezelési útmutató Microwave/Grill Oven Magnetron/Grill Oven Four à Micro-ondes-Gril Forno a Microonde e Grill Horno Microondas/Grill Kombinationsugn med Mikrovågor/Grill Mikrobølgeovn/Grill Mikrobølge/Grill Ovn Kuchenka Mikrofalowa z Grillem Mikrovlnná / trouba/ Gril Grillezös/mikrohullámú sütö FOR DOMESTIC USE ONLY UITSLUITEND VOOR HUISHOUDELIJK GEBRUIK À USAGE DOMESTIQUE UNIQUEMENT PER USO DOMESTICO SOLO PARA USO DOMÉSTICO ENDAST FÖR HUSHÅLLSBRUK KUN TIL BRUG I HJEMMET AINOASTAAN KOTITALOUSKÄYTTÖÖN TYLKO DO UŻYTKU DOMOWEGO URČENO POUZE PRO POUŽITÍ V DOMÁCNOSTECH KIZÁRÓLAG HÁZTARTÁSI HASZNÁLATRA Dansk Suomi Polski Česky Magyar Model No. Before operating this oven, please read these instructions carefully and keep for future reference. Alvorens u deze microgolfoven gebruikt, raden wij u ten zeerste aan deze gebruiksaanwijzing door te lezen en bij te houden voor eventueel toekomstig gebruik. Avant d’utiliser le four à micro-ondes, lisez attentivement les recommandations d’utilisation et conservez-les soigneusement. [. . . ] Failure to do this may result in uneven defrosting. Joints and Poultry It is preferable to place the joints on an upturned plate or plastic rack so that they are not resting in the juices. It is essential to protect delicate or projecting parts of this food with small pieces of foil to prevent these parts from cooking. It is not dangerous to use small pieces of foil in your oven, provided they do not come into contact with the oven walls. Minced Meat or Cubes of Meat and Seafood Since the outside of these foods quickly defrosts, it is necessary to separate them, break the blocks into pieces frequently while defrosting and remove them when they have defrosted. Small Portions of Food Chops and chicken pieces must be separated as soon as possible so that they defrost evenly throughout. Place them near the centre of the glass tray or protect them with small pieces of foil. 17 EN Defrosting Chart Food Bread rolls (3) Brioche large (3) Weight/Quantity 1 pce 400 g 1 slice 200 g 1 pot 250 g 1 pce 250 g 1 pce 85 g Time & mode 1000 W 20-30 secs Method Stand 5 mins Stand 1 hour minimum Stand 10 mins Stand 1 min Stand 1 min Combi 2; 3 mins 30 secs Stand 5 mins 270 W 7 mins 30 secs 270 W 7-8 mins 270 W 8-10 mins Combi 2; 1 min & 2 mins Grill 1 Cheese (camembert) (3) Cheese (feta) (3) Cottage cheese (quark) (3) Stand 20 mins minimum Croissants - brioche small (1, 4) Raisin roll (1, 4) Fish fillets thin (2, 3) Fish fillets thick (2, 3) 2 pcs 100 g 1 pce 120 g 1 pce 380 g 1 pce 450 g 200 g 300 g 1 pce 100 g 2 pcs 200 g 1 roll 375 g 1 roll 500 g 1 ball 240 g 200 g 450 g 300 g 4 slices 200 g 12 slices 250 g 1 pce 600 g 1 pce 450 g 2 pcs 100 g 1 pce 20 g 2 pcs 40 g 470 g 1 pce 50 g 700 g 4 pcs 500 g Combi 2; 1 min 30 secs & 3 mins Grill 1 270 W 10 - 15 mins 270 W 12-14 mins 270 W 10-12 mins 270 W 11-13 mins 270 W 6-7 mins 270 W 4-5 mins 270 W 4-5 mins 270 W 4 mins 30 secs 270 W 10-12 mins 270 W 15 mins 270 W 5-6 mins 270 W 8-9 mins 270 W 10-15 mins Combi 2; 1 min 20 secs Combi 2; 1 min 30 secs Combi 2; 1 min 30 secs 270 W 8-10 mins Combi 2; 50 - 60 secs 440 W 3 mins 270 W 7-9 mins 270 W 6-8 mins Fish steak without bone (2, 3) Fruit raspberry (1) Fruits plums/apricots (1) Hamburger (2, 3) Pastry puff (1, 3) Pastry shortcrust (1, 3) Pizza dough (1, 3) Shrimps prawns small (2) Shrimps prawns large (2) Ham cooked, lean (2) Salami (2) Desserts Black forest (1) Stand 15 mins Stand 15 mins Stand 15 mins Stand 10 mins Stand time 20 mins in refrigerator Stand 10 mins Break the ice & drain several times. Stand 10 mins 270 W 20-22 mins 270 W 10-12 mins Stand 5 mins Chocolate fondant (1) Doughnuts (1, 4) Waffles (1, 4) Fruit tarte (3) Stand 15 mins Stand 10 mins Stand 3 min in oven Add 1 min grill for more crispness Stand for 10 mins (1) Turn or stir at half time. (4) Place on wire rack, if required in a heatproof dish. 18 EN Using the Quick 30 Function This function allows you to quickly set cooking time in 30 second increments. English Press Quick 30 to set the desired cooking time (up to 5 minutes). Power level is pre-set at 1000 W. Press Start The cooking will start and the time in the display will count down. At the end of cooking, five beeps will sound. Note 1. If desired, you can use other power levels. 3. This function will not operate for 1 minute after manual cooking. 19 EN Using the Add Time Function This feature allows you to add cooking time at the end of previous cooking. After cooking, turn dial to select Add Time function. Maximum cooking time: Microwave: 1000 W up to 30 minutes; other powers up to 90 minutes; Grill, Combination: 90 minutes. Press Start Time will be added. The time in the display window will count down. Note 1. This function is only available for Micro Power, Grill and Combination function and it is not available for Auto programs. This function will not operate if the last stage was standing time. 20 EN Grilling The grill system on the oven gives fast efficient cooking for a wide variety of foods e. g. The glass tray must always be in position when using the oven. English Press Grill to select level The grill indicator lights and grill level (1, 2 or 3) appears in the display. Press Once Twice 3 Times Power Level Grill 1 (High) Grill 2 (Medium) Grill 3 (Low) Wattage 1000 W 850 W 700 W Set time Select Cooking time by turning the dial. Time can be set up to 90 minutes. Press Start The time counts down in the display. Adjusting Time During Cooking You can change the cooking time during cooking if required. Time can be increased/decreased in 1 minute increments, up to 10 minutes. Turning the dial to zero will end cooking. Notes 1. Place food on wire rack on glass tray. Place a heatproof plate (Pyrex®) underneath to catch fat and drips. When turning food, open oven door and carefully remove wire rack using oven gloves. The oven display will continue to count down the remaining grilling time. It is quite safe to open the oven door at any time to check the progress of the food as it is grilling. Always clean the oven after using the grill and before using the microwave or combination. The wire rack must always be used with the glass tray in position. Remove wire rack from oven by holding the rack and heatproof dish firmly. [. . . ] When food splatters or spilled liquids adhere to the oven walls, door seals and door seal areas wipe off with a damp cloth. 3. Do not use harsh, abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering the glass. To prevent damage to the operating parts inside the oven, water should not be allowed to seep into the ventilation openings. 5. If the control panel becomes dirty, clean it with a soft, dry cloth. [. . . ]


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