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[. . . ] NV-GS 8 EGE NV-GS11EGE NV-GS15EGE Before use, please read these instructions completely. Book 2 ページ 2004年2月9日 月曜日 午前11時10分 Information for Your Safety As this equipment gets hot during use, operate it in a well-ventilated place; do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a bookcase or similar unit. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product damage, do not expose this equipment to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing and ensure that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the equipment. Movie Camera ≥The rating plate is on the underside of the Movie Camera. [. . . ] To Make the Indications Appear on the TV Screen (Remote Control only) Press the [OSD] Button (52) on the Remote Controller. (52) OSD DATE/ TIME PHOTO SHOT START/ STOP DISPLAY RESET TITLE ZOOM ≥For other notes concerning this item, see -52-. Book 40 ページ 2004年2月9日 月曜日 午前11時10分 Editing Mode Editing Mode Recording from a Tape onto a Card (NV-GS15 only) Still pictures can be recorded on the Memory Card from scenes that have already been recorded on a cassette. The picture will be recorded to the tape position when the [PHOTO SHOT] Button is pressed at Step 3. Audio Dubbing (Remote Control only) You can add music or narration to the recorded Cassette. ‰If the tape recorded in the [16bit] Mode is dubbed with the Audio Dubbing function, the original sound is erased. (If you wish to preserve the original sound, use the [12bit] Mode when recording. ) ≥Audio Dubbing cannot be performed on a recording made in LP Mode. (-18-) 1 Press the [;] Button (70) on the Remote Controller where you want to add new sound. SVOL r (39) 2 Start playback and set the Movie Camera to Still Playback Mode at the scene you wish to record, and press the [PHOTO SHOT] Button (36). DUB FF/W (56) W /REW PLAY 6 1 5 STILL ADV PAUSE STILL ADV Recording Pictures from a Card onto a Tape (NV-GS15 only) Card Images can be recorded to the Tape. 3 To start Audio Dubbing, press the [;] Button (70) on the Remote Controller. (36) To Cancel Audio Dubbing Press the [;] Button (70) on the Remote Controller. NOW RECORDING ≥It takes a few seconds to record a picture to the Tape. MIX: It plays back both the original sound and the sound added by Audio Dubbing simultaneously. To Dub Audio While Listening to a Pre-recorded Sound When pausing the audio dubbing, set the [12bit AUDIO] on the [PLAYBACK] Sub-Menu to [ST2] and you can check the pre-recorded sound. When a microphone is used for audio dubbing, use headphones to listen to the pre-recorded sound while dubbing the audio. (When using headphones, set [AV JACK] on the [INITIAL] Sub-Menu to [OUT/PHONES]. ) are required, please refer to the operating instructions of your VCR. Using the DV Cable for Recording (Digital Dubbing) By connecting this Movie Camera to other digital video equipment that has a DV Input/Output Terminal with a DV Cable VW-CD1E (optional) 1, dubbing can be done in the digital format. Copying on an S-VHS (or a VHS) Cassette (Dubbing) After connecting the Movie Camera and the VCR as illustrated, start the following procedures. player/Recorder: 1 Insert the Cassette and set to Tape Playback Mode. [. . . ] 4) Recording a subject that is surrounded by objects with glossy surfaces or by highly reflective objects ≥Because the Movie Camera focuses on the objects with glossy surfaces or on highly reflective objects, the recording subject may become blurry. 5) Recording a fast-moving subject ≥Because the focus lens-inside moves mechanically, it cannot keep up with the fast-moving subject. 6) Recording a subject with little contrast ≥Because the Movie Camera achieves focus based upon the vertical lines of an image, a subject with little contrast, such as a white wall, may become blurry. ª Time Code Time Code signals are data that indicate time measured in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames (25 frames per second). [. . . ]


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