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[. . . ] Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. Book 2 ページ 2017年1月13日 金曜日 午前9時22分 Caution for AC Mains Lead (For the AC mains plug of three pins) For your safety, please read the following text carefully. This appliance is supplied with a moulded three pin mains plug for your safety and convenience. Should the fuse need to be replaced please ensure that the replacement fuse has a rating of 5-ampere and that it is approved by ASTA or BSI to BS1362. [. . . ] Current time  ≥ If broadcasting stations are memorised, proceed to “To re-scan DAB/DAB+ stations” to memorise stations on other frequency blocks. (l 10) ≥ If “SCAN FAILED” is still displayed, repeat steps 1 to 3 until a station is memorised. If the situation does not improve, try using an outdoor DAB antenna or consult your dealer. ˆ Checking the DAB/DAB+ signal reception quality 1 While listening to the DAB/DAB+ broadcast: Press [RADIO MENU] repeatedly to select “SIGNAL QUALITY” and then press [OK]. ‰ The current frequency block is displayed and then the reception quality is indicated. Reception quality 0 (poor) – 8 (excellent) Automatic clock adjustment If the DAB/DAB+ broadcast includes time information, this unit’s clock will be automatically updated. 2 3 4 If the signal reception quality is poor, move the antenna to a position where the reception quality improves. To continue checking the quality of other frequency blocks: Press [2, 1] again and select the desired frequency. To verify or improve the signal reception quality To check the signal reception quality, at least 1 frequency block needs to be successfully memorised. ‰ If “SCAN FAILED” is displayed after “DAB+” is selected or after an auto scan, proceed to “Manually tuning 1 frequency block” (l below) ≥ If stations have already been memorised to this unit, proceed to “Checking the DAB/DAB+ signal reception quality” (l right)  ≥ If the antenna has been adjusted, perform auto scanning and update the station memory. (l 10) ∫ Manually tuning 1 frequency block Use this function to scan 1 frequency block after adjusting the position of the DAB antenna. Preparation Note down a frequency block that can be received in your region (e. Press [2, 1] to select the frequency block that is receivable in your region and then press [OK]. (l right, “Changing the stations stored under (FAVOURITE) [1] to [5]”) Preparation ≥ Make sure that the antenna is connected. Presetting stations manually 1 2 While listening to the radio broadcast Press [PROGRAM]. π ≥ A station previously stored is overwritten when another station is stored in the same channel preset. *1 ≥ The tuner starts to preset all the stations it can receive into the channels in ascending order. Changing the stations stored under (FAVOURITE) [1] to [5] You can change the stations stored under (FAVOURITE) [1] to [5] easily. While listening to the radio broadcast Press and hold one of [1] to [5] until “P  appears on ” the display. )  ≥ When you change the stations stored under (FAVOURITE) [1] to [5], channel 1 to 5 are also changed to the same corresponding stations. Listening to a preset channel Press the numeric buttons, [:] or [9] to select the preset station. ‰ Alternatively, press [:/6] or [5/9] on this unit when “PRESET” is selected as the tune mode*2. [. . . ] “USB OVER CURRENT ERROR” ≥ The USB device is drawing too much power. Select a source other than “USB”, remove the USB and turn the unit off. €LINKING” ≥ This system is trying to connect to the last connected Bluetooth® device when “BLUETOOTH” is selected. €VBR” ≥ The system cannot show the remaining play time for variable bit rate (VBR) tracks. [. . . ]


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