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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Accidental Ingestion Do  not ingest battery, chemical burn hazard. It can cause severe internal burns in just two hours if swallowed, which can lead to life threatening injury, including death. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention. [. . . ] All  children must be fully supervised by parents or guardians who must ensure their safety and health throughout the using 3D Eyewear. Before using the 3D Eyewear, ensure no breakable  objects surrounding the user to avoid any accidental damage or injury. 4 Remove the 3D Eyewear before moving around to  avoid falling or accidental injury. Use  the 3D Eyewear only for the intended purpose and nothing else. Stop using the 3D Eyewear immediately if a  malfunction or fault occurs. Stop using the 3D Eyewear immediately if you  experience any redness, pain, or skin irritation around the nose or temples. In  rare cases, the materials used in the 3D Eyewear may cause an allergic reaction. Do  not apply pressure to or scratch the surface of the liquid crystal shutter of the 3D Eyewear. Do  not use devices (such as mobile phones or personal transceivers) that emit strong electromagnetic waves near the 3D Eyewear as this may cause the 3D Eyewear to malfunction. Temperature range ( If  the room is lit by fluorescent lights (50 Hz) and light appears to flicker when using the 3D Eyewear, switch off the fluorescent light. 3D  content will not be correctly visible if the 3D Eyewear is worn upside down or back-to-front. Do  not wear the 3D Eyewear when watching anything other than 3D images. other kinds of displays (such as computer screens , digital clocks , or calculators etc. Be sure to take note of the following to prevent radio wave interference from other equipment. (continued overleaf) 5 ● Range of use The range of use is up to approximately 3. The range may be less depending on the structure of the building, the environment and any obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter. Such obstacles as reinforced concrete walls and metal doors, in particular, obstruct the transmitter’s signals. — Interference from other equipment Due to radio interference, malfunctions may occur if the unit is placed too close to other equipment. We recommend keeping the unit as far away as possible from the following devices: Bluetooth® devices other than this unit, wireless LAN, microwaves, office automation devices, digital cordless telephones and other electronic devices. The unit is designed to automatically avoid radio interference from these household devices. 1 second to change the mode between 3D and 2D (view a 3D image in 2D). ( page 9) ENGLISH Mode change  Indicator lamp Lights or flashes during use to show the status. [. . . ] The registration is automatically released if you allow more than 1 minute to elapse. Set the registration with the television and connected 3D Eyeware placed as close to each other as possible. – Individual differences may occur in which the 3D images are difficult to see, or cannot be seen, especially in users that have a different level of eyesight between the left and right eyes. The indicator lamp does not light up when pressing Power button on the 3D Eyewear. [. . . ]


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