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[. . . ] 4 FITTING THE BASKET: if lowered, lift the basket tube to the horizontal position. Press the silver buttons under the metal basket tube located at the back of the stroller (fig_a) and remove the metal tube (fig_b). Thread the tube through the fabric loop on the back of the basket, making sure that the two silver buttons are facing downward (fig_c). 5 Secure the two upper basket vinyl eyelets to the two grey buttons on either side of the metal tube housing (fig_e). [. . . ] You can unfasten the Velcro strap and roll up the back of the hood, fixing it up with the elastic, for increased ventilation when using the stroller with the backrest lowered. 1 3 ADJUSTING THE BACKREST: to lower the backrest, press the clip and the backrest will move down to the desired position. To raise the backrest, press the clip and lift the backrest to the desired height. 14 FIVE POINT SAFETY HARNESS: To fasten it, push the two waist strap buckles (with the shoulder straps attached – arrow_a) into the leg divider until they click into place (arrow_b). To unfasten it, press the round button in the centre of the buckle (arrow_c) and pull the waist straps out (arrow_d). 1 5 To tighten the waist strap, pull on both sides in the direction of the arrow (arrow_a). 1 6 Before adjusting the height of the safety harness remove the shoulder pads (fig_a). To adjust the height, slip the belts through the eyelet in the fabric (fig_b) and position them in the most suitable eyelet. 1 7 FOLDING UP: To fold the stroller, it is best to set the front wheels to their fixed position and close the hood (if fitted). Pull the inside handle on the base (fig_b) and lift it (fig_c); the handle will drop forward until the frame is closed. Remove the rear wheels: pull the pivot To outwards and remove the wheel as shown in the figure (fig_a). Remove the front wheels: press the tab as To shown, and remove the wheel (fig_b). TRANSPORT: the stroller can be carried comfortably locking the front wheels and grasping the main handle (fig_c). 2 0 REMOVABLE ITEMS: to remove the hood, take the elastic off from the buttons on the inside of the handlebar (fig_a), detach the press studs the sides of the chassis (fig_b), detach the Velcro strip from the backrest (fig_c) and remove the attachments of the hood from their positions on the chassis (fig_d). 21 To remove the seat fabric, press in the holes on the inside of the chassis (fig_a); remove, from the side of the seat, the rigid flap of the chassis fabric ((fig_b), unfasten the elastic of the net from the side buttons inside the handlebar (fig_c) and unfasten the elastics from the buttons inside the chassis (fig_d). 22 From the front, remove the lining from the foot platform (fig_a), remove the leg divider strap from under the seat (fig_b), unbutton the seat fabric (fig_c), unscrew the waist belt on the side (fig_d) and remove the seat fabric from the backrest (fig_e). GANCIOMATIC FASTENING 24 Booklet + Primo Viaggio 4•35 To attach the car seat to the stroller, you must: _ Lock the stroller brakes; _ Lift the stroller's Ganciomatic hooks: _ Lower the backrest completely; _ Position the car seat, mum-facing, on the Ganciomatic hooks and press down until they click. _ When the car seat has been fastened, adjust the backrest to the maximum height position. _ To release the car seat from the stroller please read the instructions book SERIAL NUMBERS 25 Information about the production date can be found on the Booklet . 27 BAG: diaper-changing bag with pad for changing baby’s diaper (fig_a). [. . . ] Peg Pérego can make changes at any time to the models described in this publication for technical or commercial reasons. PEG-PÉREGO AFTER-SALES SERVICE any parts of the item get lost or damaged, If only use genuine Peg Pérego spare parts. For any repairs, replacements, information on the products and sales of genuine spare parts and accessories, contact the Peg Pérego Assistance Service and state the serial number of the product, if present. XVII pt 43, 51, 52 (REACH) 16 CFR 1303 lead 16 CFR 1501 small parts CPSIA 2008 ASTM F833 SOR/85-379 Bezugsbestimmungen (Ursprung) EN 1888:2012 EN71-3 Regelung (EU) Nr. [. . . ]


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