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[. . . ] % I 4, - \f ‘4 1W at b 4’ ‘I SW n I 4 4’ 4” S “S ontentS :oreword ‘arts ofthePfaff 1213 arts of Ptaff machines 3 214 and 1222-E 4 viachine drive 5 ations for bobbin winding repar 3 6 Removing the bobbin case 7 Bobbin winding 7 aging the sewing mechanism Diseng 8 Inserting the bobbin 9 case Inserting the bobbin 10 threading Upper 11 Automatic needle threader 12 bobbin thread Drawing up the 12 Thread cutter 13 Before you start sewing 14/15 selector Ultra-Matic stitch 15 Straight stitching 15 Zigzag stitching 15 l Foot contro 16 Reverse sewing 16 feed Dropping the machine 17 lifter Presser bar 17 Stopmatic control 18/19 Dual feed Page 1 2 Sewing over cross seams Electronic control Changing the needle Changing the sewing foot Regulating the thread tensions Detachable workplate Felling Hemming Zipper insertion Darning Basting Single-needle cording Shirring with filler thread Overcasting edges Cording Inserting lace Elastic zigzag seam Appliqué work Needle position control Button sewing Sewing buttonholes Monogram embroidery Quilting Edge stitching Darning with wool thread Page 19 19 20 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 38 39 40 42 43 43 44 Eyelet embroidery Utility-stitch mechanism Mending hems Darning rips Sewing on elastic Stitching terry cloth Elastic triple straight stitch seam Shell edging Blindstitching Inserting patches Reinforcing edges of elastic 55 woven fabrics 55 knitted fabrics Joining elastic 56 Utility-stitch combinations 56 Sewing on elastic strands 57 knitted and jersey fabrics Joining 57 Elastic triple zigzag stitch 57 Reinforcing hems in elastic fabrics 58 tive stitch mechanism Decora Ornamental stitch combinations 60/61/62 63 Needle and thread chart 64 ng and oiling Cleani 65 Changing the light bulb 65 Trouble shooting 66 Carrying case Page 45 46 48 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 in accordance with The wires in this mains lead are coloured code: Blue: Neutral, Brown: Live. The following lead of this appliance As the colours of the wires in the mains ying ond with the coloured markings identif may not corresp your plug, proceed as follows: the terminals in connected to the The wire which is coloured blue must be is marked with the letter N or coloured black. Terminal which is marked with the letter L or colour Please note: has to be When 13 amperes plug is used a 3 amperes fuse fitted. Uz1I® Instruction Book for the Push-Button Pfaff 1213, 1214 and 1222-E 194 Dear (new) Pfaff Customer: the Welcome to the modern, efficient world of machine. [. . . ] Check the correct position of the button by letting the needle stitch through the hole. Turn the stitch selector to the stitch width in stitch range 9 which corresponds exactly to . The distance between the holes in the button This selector is set correctly if the needle enters the left hole exactly as it descends for its left stitch. Sew as many zigzag stitches as you deem necessary to fasten the button securely. Turn the stitch selector to straight stitching and the sew a few tying stitches. 50 nachine embroidery thread as -ieedle and bobbin thread Oneck to make sure that all jecorative and functional-stitch outtons are out (see page 13). We recommend sewing a buttonhole to try out the stitch density which should be selec ted in accordance with the fabric and the thread being used. When you turn the stitch selector toward ±, the stitches are spaced further apart; when you turn it toward they are packed together more closely (see ill above, center). Place the fabric under the buttonhole foot, pull the filler cord over the lug at the back of the foot, and place both strands under the two grooves in its sole (see ill, above, right>. € For sewing the next buttonhole, turn knob D clockwise until it snaps into place again with its buttonhole symbol positioned under the setting mark. After you have sewn all buttonhoies, turn knob D clockwise until the symbol for the central needie position is positioned under the white mark (normal position) Lower the foot. Now you can sew the buttonhole in one con tinuous operation, as follows 1. Begin by sewing the right seam according to the buttonhole length marked. Above, left) until the machine has made a few zigzag stitches for the first bar. Pull the filler cord into the buttonhole seam completely and trim both ends. To set the machine for programmed button hole sewing, make sure you turn knob D clockwise only. Even when buttonhole sewing is interrupted, knob D must be turned clockwise only. Turn knob D clockwise until its buttonhole symbol is positioned below the setting mark. Now turn the outer ring of the stitch selector so that its buttonhole symbol is above the setting mark. Move the hoop slowly and evenly, and follow the traced outlines as if you were writing. 3 If you want to give your monogram dimen sional quality, embroider the outlines twice, packing the stitches closely together. Straight-lined monograms can be embroider ed with the cording or clear-view sewing foot. [. . . ] The needle plate of the Pfaff 1213 is simply pulled forward and lifted up (see arrow in ill. The needle plate of Pfaff machines 1214 and 1222E must be unscrewed with the screwdriver included in the accessories. Take care that no lint accumulates between the teeth of the machine feed. Accumulations of packed lint are best removed with a tooth pick or a similar wooden object, 1 Changing the light bulb of your Pfaff is something you can easily do yourself front The sewing light illuminates the work in of the needle without casting a and back shadow. [. . . ]


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