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[. . . ] Philips 105S Electronic User's Manual file:///C|/rita wu/gs3noVE/english/105S/Index. htm [11/3/2000 1:11:39 PM] Safety & Troubleshooting Safety and Troubleshooting Information Safety Precautions and Maintenance · Troubleshooting · Regulatory Information · Other Related Information Safety precautions and maintenance WARNING: Use of controls, adjustments, or procedures other than those specified in this documentation may result in exposure to shock, electrical hazards, and/or mechanical hazards. Read and follow these instructions when connecting and using your computer monitor: q Disconnect the monitor from the power supply if the monitor is not to be used for an extended period of time. q q q q q Do not attempt to remove the back cover, as you will be exposed to a shock hazard. Do not place objects on top of the monitor cabinet, objects could fall into vents or cover them and prevent proper cooling of the monitor's electronic devices. To avoid the risk of shock or permanent damage to the set, do not expose the monitor to rain or excessive moisture. When positioning the monitor, make sure the power plug and outlet are easily accessible. Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally when operating instructions of this manual are followed. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///C|/rita wu/gs3noVE/english/105S/safety/safety. htm [11/3/2000 1:13:06 PM] About This Electronic User's Manual About This Electronic User's Manual About This Guide · Other Documents You May Need · Notational Descriptions About This Guide This electronic user's guide is intended for anyone who uses the Philips 105S Color Monitor. [. . . ] The complete environmental criteria document may be ordered from: TCO Development SE-114 94 Stockholm, Sweden Fax: +46 8 782 92 07 Email (Internet): development@tco. se Current information regarding TCO'99 approved and labeled products may also be obtained via the Internet, using the address: http://www. tco-info. com/ RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Environmental Requirements Flame retardants Flame retardants are present in printed circuit boards, cables, wires, casings and housings. Up to 30% of the plastic in a computer casing can consist of flame retardant substances. Most flame retardants contain bromine or chloride, and those flame retardants are chemically related to another group of environmental toxins, PCBs. Both the flame retardants containing bromine or chloride and the PCBs are suspected of giving rise to severe health effects, including reproductive damage in fish-eating birds and mammals, due to the bio-accumulative* processes. Flame retardants have been found in human blood and researchers fear that disturbances in fetus development may occur. The relevant TCO'99 demand requires that plastic components weighing more than 25 grams must not contain flame retardants with organically bound bromine or chlorine. Flame retardants are allowed in the printed circuit boards since no substitutes are available. file:///C|/rita wu/gs3noVE/english/105S/safety/regs/regulat. htm (2 of 11) [11/3/2000 1:13:39 PM] Regulatory Information Cadmium** Cadmium is present in rechargeable batteries and in the color-generating layers of certain computer displays. The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that batteries, the color-generating layers of display screens and the electrical or electronics components must not contain any cadmium. Mercury** Mercury is sometimes found in batteries, relays and switches. The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that batteries may not contain any mercury. It also demands that mercury is not present in any of the electrical or electronics components associated with the labeled unit. CFCs (freons) The relevant TCO'99 requirement states that neither CFCs nor HCFCs may be used during the manufacture and assembly of the product. CFCs break down ozone and thereby damage the ozone layer in the stratosphere, causing increased reception on earth of ultraviolet light with increased risks e. g. Lead** Lead can be found in picture tubes, display screens, solders and capacitors. Lead damages the nervous system and in higher doses, causes lead poisoning. The relevant TCO'99 requirement permits the inclusion of lead since no replacement has yet been developed. * Bio-accumulative is defined as substances which accumulate within living organisms. ** Lead, Cadmium and Mercury are heavy metals which are bio-accumulative. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Energy Star Declaration PHILIPS 105S2* This monitor is equipped with a function for saving energy which supports the VESA Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) standard. This means that the monitor must be connected to a computer which supports VESA DPMS to fulfill the requirements in the NUTEK specification 803299/94. From indicated inactivity to Power Saving Position A2, the total time must not be set to more than 70 minutes. NUTEK VESA State LED Indicator Power Consumption file:///C|/rita wu/gs3noVE/english/105S/safety/regs/regulat. htm (3 of 11) [11/3/2000 1:13:39 PM] Regulatory Information Normal operation Power Saving ON Suspend Green Yellow < 75 W < 15 W Position A1 Power Saving OFF Position A2 Amber <8W As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, PHILIPS has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. We recommend you switch off the monitor when it is not in use for quite a long time. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Notice (U. S. Only) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. [. . . ] Warranty service is available in all countries where the product is officially distributed by Philips Consumer Electronics. In countries where Philips Consumer Electronics does not distribute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to provide service (although there may be a delay if the appropriate spare parts and technical manual(s) are not readily available). Where CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION?For more information, contact the Philips Customer Care Center by calling (877) 835-1838 (U. S. A. Adjustments of the controls discussed there may save you a service call. TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE IN U. S. A. , PUERTO RICO OR U. S. [. . . ]


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