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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] e-Manual Philips LCD Monitor Electronic User's Manual file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/150B5/english/150b5/index. htm9/13/2004 3:36:40 PM Safety and Troubleshooting Information · Safety Precautions and Maintenance · Installation Locations · FAQs · Troubleshooting · Regulatory Information · Other Related Information Safety and Troubleshooting Information Safety precautions and maintenance WARNING: Use of controls, adjustments or procedures other than those specified in this documentation may result in exposure to shock, electrical hazards and/or mechanical hazards. Read and follow these instructions when connecting and using your computer monitor: q q q q q q q q q q q q Unplug the monitor if you are not going to use it for an extensive period of time. Unplug the monitor if you need to clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally when you have followed the instructions in this manual. The casing cover should be opened only by qualified service personnel. [. . . ] * Bio-accumulative is defined as substances which accumulate within living organisms. ** Lead, Cadmium and Mercury are heavy metals which are bio-accumulative. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE TCO'03 Information (Optional, only available for TCO'03 version) Congratulations!The display you have just purchased carries the TCO'03 Displays label. This means that your display is designed, manufactured and tested according to some of the strictest quality and environmental requirements in the world. This makes for a high performance product, designed with the user in focus that also minimizes the impact on our natural environment. Some of the features of the TCO'03 Display requirements. Ergonomics q Good visual ergonomics and image quality in order to improve the working environment for the user and to reduce sight and strain problems. Important parameters are luminance, contrast, resoluction, reflectance, colour rendition and image stability. Energy file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/150B5/english/150b5/safety/regs/regulat. htm (3 of 13)9/13/2004 3:37:22 PM Regulatory Information q q Energy-saving mode after a certain time-beneficial both for the user and the environment Electrical safety Emissions q q Electromagnetic fields Noise emissions Ecology q q The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturer must have a certified environmental management system such as EMAS or ISO 14 000 Restrictions on r chlorinated and brominated flame retardants and polymers r heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. The requirements included in this label have been developed by TCO Development in co-operation with scientists, experts, users as well as manufacturers all over the world. Since the end of the 1980s TCO has been involved in influencing the development of IT equipment in a more userfriendly direction. Our labelling system started with displays in 1992 and is now requested by users and IT-manufacturers all over the world. For more information, please visit www. tcodevelopment. com RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Recycling Information for Customers Philips establishes technically and economically viable objectives to optimize the environmental performance of the organization's product, service and activities. From the planning, design and production stages, Philips emphasizes the important of making products that can easily be recycled. At Philips, end-of-life management primarily entails participation in national take-back initiatives and recycling programs whenever possible, preferably in cooperation with competitors. There is currently a system of recycling up and running in the European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In U. S. A. , Philips Consumer Electronics North America has contributed funds for the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) Electronics Recycling Project and state recycling initiatives for end-of-life electronics products from household sources. In addition, the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) a multi-state non-profit organization focused on promoting recycling market development - plans to implement a recycling program. In Asia Pacific, Taiwan, the products can be taken back by Environment Protection Administration (EPA) to follow the IT product recycling management process, detail can be found in web site www. epa. gov. tw For help and service, please contact Consumers Information Center or F1rst Choice Contact file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/150B5/english/150b5/safety/regs/regulat. htm (4 of 13)9/13/2004 3:37:22 PM Regulatory Information Information Center in each country or the following team of Environmental specialist can help. Job Chiu - Environment manager Philips Electronics Industries (Taiwan) Ltd, Monitor Business Unit E-mail: job. chiu@philips. com Tel: +886 (0) 3 454 9839 Mr. Maarten ten Houten - Senior Environmental Consultant Philips Consumer Electronics E-mail: marten. ten. houten@philips. com Tel: +31 (0) 40 27 33402 Mr. Teglas Philips Consumer Electronics North America E-mail: butch. teglas@philips. com Tel: +1 865 521 4322 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE CE Declaration of Conformity Philips Consumer Electronics declare under our responsibility that the product is in conformity with the following standards - EN60950:2000 (Safety requirement of Information Technology Equipment) - EN55022:1998 (Radio Disturbance requirement of Information Technology Equipment) - EN55024:1998 (Immunity requirement of Information Technology Equipment) - EN61000-3-2:2000 (Limits for Harmonic Current Emission) - EN61000-3-3:1995 (Limitation of Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker) following provisions of directives applicable - 73/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive) - 89/336/EEC (EMC Directive) - 93/68/EEC (Amendment of EMC and Low Voltage Directive) and is produced by a manufacturing organization on ISO9000 level. The product also comply with the following standards - ISO9241-3, ISO9241-7, ISO9241-8 (Ergonomic requirement for Visual Display) - ISO13406-2 (Ergonomic requirement for Flat panels) - GS EK1-2000 (GS specification) - prEN50279:1998 (Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic fields for Visual Display) - MPR-II (MPR:1990:8/1990:10 Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic fields) - TCO'95, TCO'99, TCO'03 (Requirement for Environment Labelling of Ergonomics, Energy, Ecology and Emission, TCO: Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) for TCO versions RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Energy Star Declaration file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/150B5/english/150b5/safety/regs/regulat. htm (5 of 13)9/13/2004 3:37:22 PM Regulatory Information PHILIPS 150B5CG/150B5CB/150B5CS This monitor is equipped with a function for saving energy which supports the VESA Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) standard. This means that the monitor must be connected to a computer which supports VESA DPMS to fulfill the requirements in the NUTEK specification 803299/94. [. . . ] Luis Carlos Berrini, 1400 - Sao Paulo -SP Phone: 0800-701-0203 CHILE Philips Chilena S. A. box 2687Santiago de Chile Phone: (02)-730 2000 Fax : (02)-777 6730 COLOMBIA Industrias Philips de Colombia S. A. -Division de Servicio CARRERA 15 Nr. 104-33 Bogota, Colombia Phone:(01)-8000 111001 (toll free) Fax : (01)-619-4300/619-4104 file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/150B5/english/warranty/warcic. htm (3 of 11)9/13/2004 3:38:04 PM Consumer Information Centers MEXICO Consumer Information Centre Norte 45 No. 669 Col. Phone: (05)-3687788 / 9180050462 Fax : (05)-7284272 PARAGUAY Philips del Paraguay S. A. [. . . ]


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