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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Philips provides this user guide "as is" and does not accept, except as required by applicable law, liability Use the Contacts Browse the list by moving +or-and press ( to call the selected name. Press and hold c. The carousel You access the carousel menu by pressing , when in idle mode. Use<or>to browse the menu and press , to select a menu (or press c to cancel). Pressing +or -will alternate between two options, such as Activate/Deactivate, On/Off, Increase/Decrease a value, etc. Access the Call list Go to previous menu Quickly return to idle when browsing menus Launch WAP Open the SMS menu Open the Sound Album Lock/Unlock the keypad Events Some events may modify the idle screen (missed call, new message, etc. ). [. . . ] Select a message, then press , to access to the following options: Delete the selected message, Delete all messages at once, Reply, Forward, Call back, Store number, Extract number. SMS chat This menu allows you to set the SMS chat feature On or Off. Scroll down to read it, and quickly reply by pressing , twice: first to enter the editing screen, then to send your message. If you receive a second SMS while you are reading one, reply to the first one or press c to exit. The mobile phone will then display the second message. Messages 19 7 · Multimedia Sound album This menu allows you to manage and listen to the sounds stored in your mobile phone. Select a sound and press , to access the following options: Delete all To delete all sounds at once. Delete Set as ringer Set as SMS ringer Rename To delete the selected sound. To set the selected sound as Messages ringer (this option must be set On, see page 12). To rename the selected sound. Picture album JPEG pictures must have the correct size and format for your mobile phone to store and display them correctly (max 640 x 640 pixels). This menu allows you to manage and display the pictures stored in your mobile phone. To access the graphical display, select a picture in the list and press>. Press , to access the following options: Delete all To delete all pictures at once. Contact your operator for more information on this subject. Auto redial To set the auto redial On or Off. When On if the person you are calling is busy, your phone automatically redials this number until a successful connection is made or until the maximum number of attempts is reached (10). The time between redials increases with each attempt. 24 Call information Any key answer When this option is active, you can accept a call by pressing any key, except )(which is used to reject a call). Call waiting When this option is active, you hear a beep if someone tries to call you while already on a call. Select the Status option to check whether the call waiting is active or not. Contact your operator. Select an item and press , to consult the date, time, number and call status. If the number is stored in the selected phonebook, the corresponding name is displayed. Press , again to access the options: Delete all to reset the list, Call back this correspondent, Send a SMS, Delete the selected call or Store the number (if not already in your phonebook). Counters This menu allows you to handle the duration of your incoming and outgoing calls. Total duration Reset To display the duration of calls since last reset. To reset the outgoing and incoming call counters. Caller ID To Show or Hide your identity to your correspondent. The Status option will inform you if this function is activated or not. Call list This menu provides you with the list of outgoing and incoming calls and call details. Call information 25 10 · Operator Most items of this menu are subscription dependent and specific to operators. The services provided may involve making a phone call or sending a SMS for which you may be charged. Press , Press c Press and hold To select a highlighted item. [. . . ] Small enough to carry in a briefcase/handbag. Philips authentic accessories 37 SAR Information - EU (RTTE) THIS MODEL PHONE MEETS THE EU REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy recommended by the Council of the European Union. These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establish permitted levels of RF energy for the general population. The guidelines were developed by independent scientific organisations through periodic and thorough evaluation of scientific studies. [. . . ]


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