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[. . . ] If the product, or its individual modules or procedures, are used for purposes other than those specified herein, confirmation of their validity and suitability must be obtained. Philips warrants that the material itself does not infringe any United States patents. This is a structural property of the display (within common industry standards) and is not a malfunction. Philips hereby offers to deliver or make available, upon request, for a charge no more than the cost of physically performing source distribution, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code on a medium customarily used for software interchange. [. . . ] Use digital teletext Some digital TV broadcasters offer dedicated digital text or interactive services on their digital TV channels, for example, BBC1. Use the Colour buttons to select an option, then press OK to confirm or activate. Digital text services are blocked when subtitles are broadcast and [Subtitles] are enabled. View a list of digital programmes being broadcast · The clock displays the current time using time data received from your TV service operator. Sleep timer Sleeptimer switches the TV to standby after a pre-defined period of time. You can always switch off your TV earlier or reset the sleeptimer during the countdown. Enter the three number page number of the subtitles page (usually `888'). Subtitle language This feature is only supported on selected digital channels. Listen to music Press the Navigation buttons to select a music track, then press OK. Browse USB You can view photos or play music and videos on TV from a USB storage device. Philips is not responsible if the USB storage device is not supported nor is it responsible for damage or loss of data from the device. [Delayed reboot] Enables or disables the use of delayed standby: [Off]: No delay added when guest presses `Off' button. [On]: Delay added when guest presses `Off' button before going into standby; in case of a wrong guest interaction, activating the TV after this will be done directly without any startup delay. [Low power standby] The Low power standby option defines the TV to enter a specific standby mode after pressing the On/Off button on the remote control. To wake-up the TV both On/Off button on the RC or TV can be pressed: [Fast]: The TV will quickly turn on (show startup channel. [Green]: The TV will slower turn on (show startup channel) then the Fast. [Time Setting] This is only available if the Time Download is set to Manual and can be used to set the clock with the remote control: [Set]: Time entry field [xx:xx Hr] Time to be set by using arrow keys and numeric buttons [Smart power] The power consumption for the Smart power mode is defined by the Smart Picture setting in the TV Setup part. [Off]: The TV will start with Standard Smart Picture setting, but the setting can be changed in the guest setup mode. [On]: The TV will start with default Smart Picture setting and Smart Picture setup and is not selectable in the guest setup ThemeTV can be presented on the display by means of pressing the ThemeTV button on the RC, or automatically after starting up the TV: [On]: Show ThemeTV on the display after pressing the ThemeTV button on the RC. With its internal VSecure Authorization key a VSecure Unprotect key can be generated. If this VSecure Unprotect key is stored in the TV, the TV is able to descramble protected content. Loading the VSecure Unprotect key can be done by USB memory device or via DVB RF: [Multi RC] This function allows that up to four televisions can be installed in a room whereas every TV will listen to its own RC. [. . . ] [SW Types] Defining the software parts to be upgraded: [SSB Firmware] TV Firmware [SSB NVM] TV settings [StandBy Firmware] Firmware for the StandBy CPU [ThemeTV] All graphic files for ThemeTV [Express Box] Firmware SBB106 [Welcome Logo] Graphic file [Hotel Information] Graphic file [All] All of above (except standby software) This section describes how to connect various devices with different connectors and supplements examples provided in the Quick Start. Different types of connectors may be used to connect a device to your TV, depending on availability and your needs. 1) EXT 1 (CVBS and RGB) Analogue audio and video input from analogue or digital devices such as DVD players or game consoles. Connect a computer with one of the following connectors: If required, refer to documentation from your operator on how to insert a smart card into the Conditional Access Module. [. . . ]


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