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[. . . ] Q Place the system in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent internal heat build-up in your system. Allow at least 10 cm (4 inches) clearance from the rear and the top of the unit and 5 cm (2 inches) from each side. Q The lens may cloud over when the system is suddenly moved from cold to warm surroundings, making it impossible to play a disc. Leave the system in the warm environment until the moisture evaporates. [. . . ] Q Position the antenna as far as possible from a TV, VCR or other radiation source. Q If you are connecting to equipment with only mono output (a single audio out terminal), connect it to the AUX IN left terminal. Alternatively, you can use a "single to double" cinch cable, but the output sounds still remain mono. Q Do not connect equipment to both the LINE OUT and AUX IN terminals at the same time. Select the source you wish to control by pressing one of the source select keys on the remote control (for example MP3-CD, TUNER). Pull out the knob A slightly to the left Pull out the battery compartment B. Replace a new battery and fully insert the battery compartment back to the original position. Batteries contain chemical substances, so they should be disposed off properly. Q Do not place this unit in closed spaces, cover it or block the air vents. Q Do not insert or drop anything into this unit through the air vents as this could cause serious damage. Press to select repeat the current track or repeat the whole disc or switch off the repeat mode. ­ Loading the disc in any source mode will switch from the current mode to disc mode. ­ For MP3 disc, the disc reading time may exceed 10 seconds due to the large number of songs compiled into one disc. During playback, hold down the button until it reaches the desired passage. In stop/programme mode, hold down the button to increase the speed of track selection. During playback, the track number and elapsed playing time of the current track are displayed. Q Press REPEAT repeatedly to select : Repeat the current track ­ RPT lights up. notes: ­ If programme mode is active , it will repeat the programmed tracks. ­ When the disc is being ejected from the disc slot, it will cancel the repeat mode. If you want to change the album after confirming the selection Up to 99 tracks can be stored in the memory in any order. If you attempt to programme more than 99 tracks, "PROGRAM FULL" will appear on the display. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to store other tracks Notes: ­ During programming, if no button is pressed within 20 seconds, the system will exit the programme mode automatically. [. . . ] To save the power consumption, it is advisable to switch the system to Eco Power standby mode or disconnect the system from the power supply completely when not in use. To adjust the Bass or Treble tone level, press the volume buttons on the remote control immediately after you have selected the Bass or Treble sound feature. If the volume button is not used within five seconds, it will resume its normal volume control function. The Incredible Surround magnifies the virtual distance between the front speakers for an incredibly wide, enveloping, stereo effect. [. . . ]


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