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[. . . ] Submenus can be accessed from menu items with a """ symbol pressing the cursor right key. Please refer to the label on the back of the television for the correct operating voltage. The Language function is shown in the Menu as "LANGUAGE", and its valid modes are "ENGLISH", "DEUTSCH", "FRANCAIS" and "ITALIANO". This sub menu allows setting the number of television, PAY-TV Radio and Info programs. [. . . ] The programme type can be selected with the cursor left/right buttons. These buttons will toggle between all available types: "TV", "INFO", "PAYTV" and "RADIO". If the program number of a certain type is 0, the corresponding type is not displayed. In order to display a program number of the above-mentioned types, always enter two numbers, for example: "01" for TV1 or digit "1" and up/down cursor. Store The present program information is stored after pressing the cursor left/right button. With the cursor left/right keys the protection can toggle between "YES" and "NO". Label This menu item will be used to add a label/name for each program. Pressing the left/right buttons you may enter or exit the label field; pressing the up/down cursor you may insert alphanumeric characters. Teletext Language This menu enables the user to select the Teletext character set to be used for the selected channel. With cursor left/right you can select a letter corresponding to the different language clusters. "W": Pan European (Latin) / West option "E": Pan European (Latin) / East option "G": Greek "A": Arabic "C": Cyrillic Video Blank This item can change between "YES" and "NO" to activate or deactivate picture mute. If "free protected programs" is set to "YES", all programs are accessible for the user, if the item is "NO" protected programs are skipped. A TV program can be selected by relevant digit but with picture blanked and sound muted. This feature will enable/disable in a "list" or "page", the program numbers with the associated labels. Energy Saving Programmability Mode (ESP) controls the maximum continuous viewing time allowed by the control system. it allows the establishment to limit the time the Television remains activated once a Guest has checked-out. The ESP Menu function is shown as "ESP", and its valid values are 00 - 99 (in hours). This menu function is shown as "REMINDER", and its states are "YES": "NO". While the set is in the Security High Mode the setup menu can only be accessed by a T374AH Institutional Set-up Remote Control While the set is in the Security Standard Mode the Set-up Menu may be accessed with a guest remote control by a sequence of commands (3 1 9 7 5 3 MUTE). This item is only present in "system" sets and it is used to enable or disable communication with the DCM (Data Communication Module). The Audio/Video Mute menu function determines whether the video should be blanked and the audio should be muted if the currently tuned channel has no signal (Blue, Black, Off). Poczas gdy odbiornik znajduje siê w trybie Bezpieczeñstwa standard, mo¿na wejæ do menu instalacji, u¿ywaj¹c pilota guest (typu model RC 2882) za pomoc¹ sekwencji cyfr (3 1 9 7 5 3 MUTE). [. . . ] Positioning the TV For the best results, choose a position where light does not fall directly on the screen, and at some distance away from radiators or other sources of heat. Leave a space of at least 5 cm all around the TV for ventilation, making sure that curtains, cupboards etc. The TV is intended for use in a domestic environment only and should never be operated or stored in excessively hot or humid atmospheres. General Points Please take note of the section entitled 'Tips' at the end of this booklet. [. . . ]


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