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[. . . ] If your power cord is missing, please contact with your local service center. (Please refer to Customer Care Consumer Information Center) Do not subject the LCD monitor to severe vibration or high impact conditions during operation. Do not knock or drop the monitor during operation or transportation. Maintenance: %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï To protect your display from possible damage, do not put excessive pressure on the LCD panel. When moving your monitor, grasp the frame to lift; do not lift the monitor by placing your hand or fingers on the LCD panel. [. . . ] Such choices are disabled when using DVI-D (digit) input. Q&A Q1. SmartManage is a remote management/control software for IT managers to manage monitors across the network SmartControl is a control panel extension, which helps users to adjust monitor performances and settings by a software interface, instead of the hardware buttons at the front bezel of the monitors. I change the monitor on a PC to a different one and the SmartControl becomes un-usable, what do I do?Otherwise, you will need to remove and reinstall SmartControl to ensure proper driver is installed. The SmartControl functions well at the beginning, but it is not workable, what can I do?If the following actions were executed, the monitor driver may need to be re-installed. %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï Change video graphic adapter to another one Update video driver Activities on OS, such as service pack or patch Run Windows Update and updated monitor and/or video driver Windows was booted with the monitor power off or disconnected. To find out, please right click My Computer and click on Properties->Hardware-> Device Manager. If you see "Plug and Play Monitor" shows under Monitor, then you need to re-install. After installing SmartControl, when clicking on SmartControl tab, nothing shows up after a while or a failure message shows, what happened?It might be your graphic adaptor is not compatible with the SmartControl. If your graphic adaptor is one of the above mentioned brands, try to download the most updated graphic adaptor driver from corresponding companies' web site. If it is still not working, we are sorry that the graphic adaptor is not supported. That is, a dark dot is a sub-pixel that stands out on the screen when the monitor displays a light pattern. These are the types of black dot defects: One dark sub pixel Two or three adjacent dark sub pixels Proximity of Pixel Defects Because pixel and sub pixels defects of the same type that are near to one another may be more noticeable, Philips also specifies tolerances for the proximity of pixel defects. Pixel Defect Tolerances In order to qualify for repair or replacement due to pixel defects during the warranty period, a TFT LCD panel in a Philips flat panel monitor must have pixel or sub pixel defects exceeding the tolerances listed in the following tables. BRIGHT DOT DEFECTS MODEL 1 lit subpixel 2 adjacent lit subpixels 3 adjacent lit subpixels (one white pixel) Distance between two bright dot defects* Total bright dot defects of all types ACCEPTABLE LEVEL 170A7 3 1 0 >15mm 3 BLACK DOT DEFECTS MODEL 1 dark subpixel 2 adjacent dark subpixels 3 adjacent dark subpixels Distance between two black dot defects* Total black dot defects of all types ACCEPTABLE LEVEL 170A7 4 2 0 >15mm 4 TOTAL DOT DEFECTS MODEL Total bright or black dot defects of all types ACCEPTABLE LEVEL 170A7 5 Note: * 1 or 2 adjacent sub pixel defects = 1 dot defect Your Philips monitor is ISO13406-2 Compliant RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Installing Your LCD Monitor · Front View Produt Description · Connecting to Your PC · The Base · Getting Started · Optimizing Performance Front View Product Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 AUTO To switch monitor's power On and Off To access OSD menu To adjust the OSD To adjust brightness of the display To adjust the volume or OSD of the display Automatically adjust the horizontal position, vertical position, phase and clock settings. 7 Earphone jack. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Rear View 1 2 3 4 Kensington anti-thief lock VGA input AC power input PC Audio input RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Optimizing Performance %Ï For best performance, ensure that your display settings are set at 1280x1024, 60Hz. Note: You can check the current display settings by pressing the 'OK' button once. The current display mode is shown in OSD main controls called RESOLUTION. %Ï You can also install the Flat Panel Adjust (FP Adjust) program, a program for getting the best performance out of your monitor. Step-by-step instructions are provided to guide you through the installtion process. More about FP_setup4. 3. exe RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Connecting to Your PC · Front View Product Description · Accessory Pack · Connecting to Your PC · Getting Started · Optimizing Performance · The base Accessory Pack Unpack all the parts. Power cord EDFU pack VGA cable PC audio cable RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Connecting to Your PC 1) Connect the power cord to the back of the monitor firmly. (Philips has pre-connected VGA cable for the first installation. 2) Connect to PC (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Turn off your computer and unplug its power cable. Connect the monitor signal cable to the video connector on the back of your computer. Plug the power cord of your computer and your monitor into a nearby outlet. Connect the PC audio cable to the audio connector on the back of your computer. [. . . ] Hub A Universal Serial Bus device that provides additional connections to the Universal Serial Bus. Hubs serve to simplify USB connectivity from the user's perspective providing low cost and complexity. Hubs are wiring concentrators and enable the multiple attachment characteristics of USB. Each hub converts a single attachment point into multiple attachment points. [. . . ]


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