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[. . . ] Register your product and get support at Back connections Side connections Connect a computer Use a Conditional Access Module Use Philips EasyLink Use a Kensington lock Switch your TV on Switch your TV to standby Switch your TV off Switch channels Watch connected devices Adjust TV volume Use teletext Use more of your TV Access TV menus Change picture and sound settings Use the universal access menu Use advanced teletext features Create and use lists of favourite channels Use the Electronic Programme Guide Display the TV clock Use timers Lock unsuitable content Change language Play photos and music on USB storage devices Listen to digital radio channels Update the TV software Change TV preferences Start a TV demo Reset the TV to factory settings Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. Philips reserves the right to change products at any time without being obliged to adjust earlier supplies accordingly. The material in this manual is believed adequate for the intended use of the system. If the product, or its individual modules or procedures, are used for purposes other WKDQ WKRVH VSHFLÀHG KHUHLQ FRQÀUPDWLRQ RI their validity and suitability must be obtained. [. . . ] Select a photo or a photo album, then press OK to view the photo enlarged to ÀOO WKH 79 VFUHHQ To view the next or previous photo, press . View a slide show of your photos Or to play the previous or next photo. Play photos and music on USB storage devices While you play music, press OPTIONS to access one of the following settings, then press OK. [Slideshow transitions]: Set the transition from one picture to the next. [Repeat] / [Play once]: View the pictures in the folder once only, or repeatedly. >6KXIÁH RII@ / >6KXIÁH RQ@: View the pictures in sequential order, or at random. [Show info]: Display the picture name, date, size and next picture in the slide show. View a slideshow with music You can view a picture slide show with background music. Caution Follow this procedure to avoid damage to your USB Select a music track or album, then press OK to play. If the current software version is smaller than the latest software XSGDWH ÀOH GRZQORDG WKH ODWHVW VRIWZDUH XSGDWH ÀOH WR WKH URRW directory of your USB device. Philips continuously tries to improve its products and we recommend that you update the TV software when updates are available. You can update the TV software in one of the following ways: A: with a USB storage device, B: when prompted through digital broadcasts, or C: after being prompted through digital broadcasts. To update with a USB storage device, you need: A computer with Internet access A USB storage device. B: Update when prompted through digital broadcasts If you receive digital broadcasts (DVB-T), your TV can automatically receive software updates. When your TV receives a software update, it will prompt you to update the TV software. If a message appears to prompt you to update your software, follow the instructions to start the update. If you do not want to update the software, select [Setup] > [Software settings] > [Clear announcement], then press OK. If you skip the update, you can update it manually You can check if there are updates available through digital broadcasts. [Auto switch off]: To conserve energy, set the TV to switch off automatically after a period of inactivity. [Channel information size]: Change the type of information that is displayed when you switch channels. [Audio out delay]: Automatically sync the image on your TV to the audio from a connected Home Theatre. You can use demonstrations to better understand the features of your TV. [. . . ] If there are intermittent sound disruptions, check that output settings from the HDMI device are correct. There is a picture but sound quality is poor: note If no audio signal is detected , the TV automatically Switches the audio output off -- this does not indicate malfunction. The computer display on the TV is not stable: Check that your PC uses the supported resolution and refresh rate. There is a picture but the sound quality is poor: Check that the sound settings are correctly set. [. . . ]


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