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[. . . ] Access or exit the disc menu. Video, audio and picture options More options are available for video or picture play from a disc or USB storage device. / Video options 2 3 1 Access more options during video play. [Character set]: Select a character set that supports the DivX video subtitle (only for DivX videos). [2nd audio language]: Select the second audio language (only for Blu-ray discs that support BonusView). [2nd Subtitle Language]: Select the second subtitle language (only for Blu-ray discs that support BonusView). [. . . ] [TV display]: Select a picture display [HDMI video]: Select an HDMI video resolution. [HDMI Deep Color]: Display colors with more shades and hues when the video content is recorded in Deep Color and the TV supports this feature. [Picture settings] color setting. EN 15 Network (installation, status. . . ) 1 2 Press . [Network installation]: Start a wired or wireless installation to make the network work. [Name your Product:]: Re-name this network. the TV screen (this feature works with some Philips TVs only). [Change Password]: Set or change a password to play a restricted disc. If enabled, the player switches to standby after 30 minutes of inactivity (for example, in pause or stop mode). [VCD PBC]: Display or skip the content menu for VCD and SVCD. Note If your preferred language is not available for disc language, audio or subtitle, you can select [Other] from the menu options and input 4-digit language code which can be found at the back of this user manual. » When the update is complete, this player automatically turns off and on again. Update software via USB 1 2 Check the latest software version on www. philips. com/support. Search for your model and click on Download the software into a USB storage device. a Unzip the download, and make sure that the unzipped folder is named "UPG_ALL". You may not hear any sound from the HDMI output if the connected device is non-HDCP compliant or only DVIcompatible. When [Bitstream] under the [HDMI Audio] or [Digital Audio] menu is selected, interactive sound like secondary sound for picture-in-picture feature is muted. Deselect [Bitstream]. extension name supported by this player (. srt, . sub, . txt, . ssa, or . smi). Make sure that the format of the USB storage device is compatible with this player. For a USB HDD (a portable hard disc drive), an external power source may be needed. Make sure that this player is connected to the Philips brand EasyLink TV, and the 20 EN Cannot access BD-Live features. Make sure that this player is connected to Make sure that the network installation is 7 Safety and important notice Read and understand all instructions before you use this Blu-ray disc/ DVD player. If damage is caused by failure to follow the instructions, the warranty does not apply. Make sure that the Blu-ray disc supports BD-Live features. Network Wireless network is not found or distorted. Make sure that the network is correctly Important notes for users in the U. K. Mains fuse This information applies only to products with a UK mains plug. If you replace the fuse, use one with: the ratings shown on the plug, a BS 1362 approval, and the ASTA approval mark. Contact your dealer if you are not sure about what type of fuse to use. [. . . ] Class II equipment symbol: When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means that the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/ EC. Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic products. Please act according to your local rules and do not dispose of your old products with your normal household waste. Correct disposal of your old product helps to prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. This symbol indicates that this product has a double insulation system. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT Care for your product into the disc compartment. [. . . ]


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