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[. . . ] Philips LCD Monitor Electronic User's Manual Safety Precautions and Maintenance FAQs Troubleshooting Regulatory Information Other Related Information Safety and Troubleshooting Information Safety precautions and maintenance WARNING: Use of controls, adjustments or procedures other than those specified in this documentation may result in exposure to shock, electrical hazards and/or mechanical hazards. Read and follow these instructions when connecting and using your computer monitor: Operation: Keep the monitor out of direct sunlight and away from stoves or any other heat source. Remove any object that could fall into ventilation holes or prevent proper cooling of the monitors electronics. When positioning the monitor, make sure the power plug and outlet are easily accessible. If turning off the monitor by detaching the power cable or DC power cord, wait for 6 seconds before attaching the power cable or DC power cord for normal operation. [. . . ] Tab Heading Adjust Adjust Adjust Adjust Adjust Sub Menu Brightness Contrast Focus (Clock & Clock Phase) Position Resolution Display in Analog Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Display in Digital Yes Yes No No Yes Color menu: Color Menu allow you to adjust RGB, Black Level, White Point, Color Calibration, and SmartImage (Please refer to SmartImage section). Tab Heading Color Color Color Color Color Sub Menu RGB Black Level White Point Color Calibration Viewing Mode Display in Analog Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Display in Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Example for Color Calibration "Show Me" starts color calibration tutorial. Quick View loads the before/after images. To return to Color home pane, click the Cancel button. If unchecked, does not allow for color calibration to happen, dimes out start and quick view buttons. First color Calibration Screen: Previous button is disabled until the second color screen. SmartImage - Allows user to change setting for better display setting based on content. When Entertainment is set, SmartContrast and SmartResponse are enabled. Plug-Ins - Asset Management Pane will only be active when selecting Asset Management from the drop-down Plug Ins menu. Displays Assent Management information on Managment, Description, Serial Number, Current Timing, Domain Name, and Asset Management Status. Plug-Ins - Theft Deterence Pane will only be active when selecting Theft from the drop-down Plug Ins menu. To enable Theft Deterrence, clicking Enable Theft button brings up the following screen: User can enter PIN between 4 and 9 digits numbers only. After entering PIN, Accept button takes user to the pop-up dialog box on the following page. Does not require the display be attached to a different host to go into theft mode. Once a PIN is entered and accepted, the following dialog box appears: Click on No button takes user to the following screen. Click on Yes button takes user to secure web site landing page. After creating PIN, the Theft Deterrence pane will indicate Theft Deterrence Enabled and provide PIN Options button: Theft Deterrence Enabled is displayed. PIN Options button only available after user creates PIN, button opens secure PIN web site. Disable Theft button opens the following pane: After entering PIN, Accept button disables PIN. Cancel button opens up main Theft Deterrence pane, displaying Theft Deterrence Disabled. Entering incorrect PIN results in the following dialog box: Options>Preferences - Will only be active when selecting Preferences from the drop-down Options menu. On a non-supported display capable of DDC/CI, only the Help and Options tabs are available. Displays current preference settings. Enable Context menu displays SmartControl II selections for Select Preset and Tune Display in the desktop right-click context menu. A right click on the task tray icon displays the menu options for Help, Technical Support. When Enable task tray menu is disabled, the task tray icon will only display EXIT. When disabled, SmartControl II will not launch at start or be in the task tray. The only way to launch SmartControll II is either from the desktop short cut or from the program file. [. . . ] In short, USB transforms today's "Plug-and-Pray" into true Plug-and-Play!Hub A Universal Serial Bus device that provides additional connections to the Universal Serial Bus. Hubs serve to simplify USB connectivity from the user's perspective providing low cost and complexity. Hubs are wiring concentrators and enable the multiple attachment characteristics of USB. [. . . ]


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