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[. . . ] Com/welcome 47PFL4606H 46PFL5606H 42PFL4x06H 42PFL3x06H 40PFL5xx6H 37PFL4606H 32PFL5x06H 32PFL4606H 32PFL3x06H 26PDL49x6H 22PDL49x6H DesignLine Tilt EN User manual EN Addendum When you select a channel from the channel grid, a preview is not displayed. M4a NA AAC NA NA YES YES 1 2 3 Notice Important Your TV TV controls Remote control Remote control usage 2 4 7 7 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 14 14 14 14 15 15 18 19 20 20 21 22 23 24 24 25 27 27 29 29 29 7 Connect devices Back connections Side connections Connect a computer Use a Conditional Access Module Use Philips EasyLink Use a Kensington lock 4 Use your TV Switch your TV on Switch your TV to standby Switch your TV off Switch channels Watch connected devices Adjust TV volume Use teletext 33 33 35 36 37 38 40 41 41 41 41 41 41 42 42 44 44 44 44 45 45 45 45 46 8 Product information Supported display resolutions Multimedia Tuner/Reception/Transmission Remote control Power Supported TV mounts Product specification 5 Use more of your TV Access TV menus Add device to the home menu Rename devices from the home menu Remove devices from the home menu Change picture and sound settings Use the universal access menu Use advanced teletext features Create and use lists of favourite channels Use the Electronic Programme Guide Display the TV clock Use timers Lock unsuitable content View Scenea Change language Play photos, music and videos on USB storage devices Listen to digital radio channels Update the TV software Change TV preferences Start a TV demo Reset the TV to factory settings 9 Troubleshooting General TV issues TV channel issues Picture issues Sound issues HDMI connection issues Computer connection issues Contact us 10 Index EN 1 English Contents 6 Install channels Automatically install channels Manually install analogue channels Manually install digital channels Rename channels Rearrange channels Access CAM services 30 30 31 31 31 32 32 1 Notice 2012 © TP Vision Netherlands B. Reserves the right to change products at any time without being obliged to adjust earlier supplies accordingly. The material in this manual is believed adequate for the intended use of the system. [. . . ] [Shuffle off] / [Shuffle on]: View the pictures in sequential order, or at random. [Show info]: Display the picture name, date, size and next picture in the slide show. [Set as Scenea]: Set the selected picture as the TV wallpaper (see `View Scenea' on page 24). To return, press Note Connect a USB storage device to play photos, music or videos stored on it. View photos 1 2 In the USB browser, select [Picture], then press OK. Select a photo or a photo album, then press OK to view the photo enlarged to fill the TV screen. EN 25 English Select a subtitle language in digital channels View a slide show of your photos 1 When a full screen image of a photo is displayed, press OK. While you play video, press OPTIONS to access one of the following settings, then press OK. [Full screen] / [Small Screen]: View the video stretched to fill the screen, or view it in its native picture format. To control play, press the play buttons: · Or to play the previous or next track. View a slideshow with music You can view a picture slide show with background music. change music settings · While you play music, press OPTIONS to access one of the following settings, then press OK. Watch video 1 2 3 In the USB browser, select [Video], then press OK. To control play, press the play buttons: · Or to play the previous or next video. Update the TV software Philips continuously tries to improve its products and we recommend that you update the TV software when updates are available. Step 2: Download and update the latest software version Ways to update the TV software You can update the TV software in one of the following ways: A: with a USB storage device, B: when prompted through digital broadcasts, or C: after being prompted through digital broadcasts. Connect the USB storage device to your computer, then double-click the file. If the current software version matches the latest software update file, you do not need to update your TV software. If the current software version is smaller than the latest software update file, download the latest software update file to the root directory of your USB device. A: Update with a USB device To update with a USB storage device, you need: · an empty USB flash drive. An archive utility that supports the ZIP file format (for example, WinZip® for Microsoft® Windows® or Stufflt® for Macintosh®). 7 EN 27 English Listen to digital radio channels Step 1: Check the current software version Step 3: Update the TV software 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Connect your USB storage device to the TV. [. . . ] There is a picture but the sound quality is poor: · Check that the sound settings are correctly set. There is a picture but sound comes from one speaker only: · Verify that sound balance is set to the centre. note · Make a note of your TV model and serial number before you contact Philips. EN 45 10 Index A age rating analogue channels language, change audio language 232323 display, wallpaper 24 E 24 24 C CAM enable Insert care channels channel list favourites install (automatic) rearrange rename reorder switch update child lock clock common interface computer, see PC Conditional Access Module connect connect device connect, PC connect, USB connectors controls 37 37 5 11 20 30 32 31 32 11 30 2323 EasyLink control devices, from TV remote enable hear from other speakers automatically manually picture quality, retain subtitled video, maximise view switch to standby, all devices Electronic Programme Guide environmental care end of use recycle while you watch TV EPG, menu 38 38 39 40 39 39 40 20 6 6 6 20 F factory settings favourites list, add 29 20 21 37 36 37 33 36 25 33, 35 7 H HDMI HDMI ARC hearing impaired high-definition (HD), content home menu home mode 33, 35 33 18 33, 35 14 29 I D install install channels install channels (automatic) 30 demo devices add watch digital channels digital radio language, change subtitles dimensions 46 EN 29 14 12 27 24 2425 K L kensington lock 40 42 language audio menu 24 24 M 1718 multimedia multimedia, play files mute TV speakers 25 25 3940 P 41 10 25 24 10 1110 PC, display resolutions picture format picture settings Pixel Plus link position the TV power 41 17 1516 T 39 29 41 R recycle reinstall TV remote control onscreen overview rename channels reorder channels 6 30 38 8 31 32 teletext dual screen enlarge subpages Table Of Pages teletext 2. [. . . ]


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