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[. . . ] Register your product and get support at Power and reception Display and sound Display resolutions Multimedia Connectivity Supported TV mounts Help version Use more of your TV Picture and sound Channel settings Satellite settings Language settings Universal access settings Other settings Update software Restore default settings About cables Connect devices Connect more devices Watch a connected device Network and the Internet Common interface If your TV is equipped with a High Definition (HD) display, you can watch HD video in the following ways and more: a Blu-ray disc player, connected with an HDMI cable, playing a Blu-ray disc an upscaling DVD player, connected with an HDMI cable, playing a DVD disc an over-the-air HD broadcaster (DVB-T or DVB-T2 MPEG4) a digital HD receiver, connected with an HDMI cable, playing HD content from a cable or satellite operator an HD game console, connected with an HDMI cable, playing an HD game You can find out what's on and what's coming up with the now and next EPG (Electronic Programme guide) or eight day EPG. If you connect your TV to HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) enabled devices, such as a Blu-ray player or home theatre, you can control them at the same time with one remote control. With the TV's intuitive menus, you can easily access the channel or media file that you want or tweak the TV settings to suit your needs. You can make your TV the centre of your digital life with the Smart TV* suite of applications: If you connect your TV to the home network, you can share movies, pictures, and music from a computer or media server on your home network. [. . . ] [Video contrast]: Change the intensity of the bright areas, keeping dark areas unchanged. - [Advance sharpness]: Enable superior sharpness, especially on lines and contours in the picture - [Dynamic contrast]: Set the level at which the TV automatically enhances details in the dark, middle and light areas of the picture. - [Dynamic backlight]: Reduce power consumption by dimming the TV backlight to match the room lighting conditions. - [MPEG artifact reduction]: Smooth the digital transitions in the picture. - [Colour enhancement]: Change the colours to be more vivid and improve the resolution of details in bright colours. [PC mode]: When a PC is connected through HDMI, change the picture format to [Unscaled] to display maximum detail. You cannot select this setting if the selected picture format is [4:3], [Auto fill], [Auto zoom] or [Wide screen]. Select a setting to change, then press OK: [Smart sound]: Access predefined smart sound settings. [Custom colour]: Automatically reduce sudden volume changes, for example when switching channels. [Audio out delay]: Automatically sync the image on the TV to the audio from a connected home theatre. You cannot select this setting if [Audio out delay] is not switched on. If a digital TV channel broadcaster streams audio in several formats, you can select an audio format. Reset picture and sound You can restore the default picture and sound settings, while the channel installation settings remain the same. All TV settings (except for channel settings) are reset to the default factory settings. When the TV was switched on for the first time, a full installation of channels was performed. To change your language, country and reinstall all available TV channels, you can run this full installation again. Select your network, then press OK: [Antenna]: Access free-to-air antenna or digital DVB-T channels. Start channel search: If your channel service provider instructs you to change settings, select [Settings], then press OK. Follow the service provider's instructions to complete the installation. Note: When digital TV channels are found, the list of installed channels may display empty channel numbers. Step 1: Select your system Note: Skip this step if your system settings are correct. Find the channel: If you know the channel frequency, enter it with the Navigation buttons or Numeric buttons. [. . . ] This may cause severe injury, irreparable damage to your TV or void your warranty. If are not able to resolve your problem, refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this TV at www. If you wish to speak to or email a Philips representative, contact the Philips Consumer Care in your country. You can find the contact details in the leaflet accompanying this TV or at www. [. . . ]


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