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[. . . ] Iftheproduct, oritsindividualmodulesor procedures, areusedforpurposesotherthan those specified herein, confirmation of their validityandsuitabilitymustbeobtained. Philips warrantsthatthematerialitselfdoesnot infringeanyUnitedStatespatents. Nofurther warrantyisexpressedorimplied. Terms of warranty · Riskofinjury, damagetoTVorvoidof warranty!NeverattempttorepairtheTV yourself. · Thecautionsignprintedonthebackof theTVindicatesriskofelectricshock. NeverremovetheTVcover. Always contactPhilipsCustomerSupportfor serviceorrepairs. light(red, greenorblue)mayappearconstantly onthescreen. Thisisastructuralpropertyof thedisplay(withincommonindustrystandards) andisnotamalfunction. [. . . ] [Visually impaired]:SomedigitalTV channelsbroadcastspecialaudioadapted forpeoplewhoarevisuallyimpaired. Thenormalaudioismixedwithextra commentary. Selectanoption: · [Off]:Turnoffvisuallyimpairedaudio. · [Speakers]:Hearvisuallyimpaired audiofromspeakersonly · [Headphone]:Hearvisuallyimpaired audiofromheadphonesonly. Select teletext subpages Ateletextpagecancontainseveralsubpages. Subpagesaredisplayednexttothemainpage number. EN 17 Eng lis h 1 2 3 PressTEXT. Press or toenterasubpage. Note · Thefavouriteschannelgridisemptyuntilyouadd channelsintothefavouriteslist. Select T. O. P. teletext broadcasts Jumpfromonesubjecttoanotherwithout enteringpagenumberswithTableOfPages (T. O. P. )teletextbroadcasts. T. O. P. teletext broadcastsareavailableonselectedTV channels. View all channels Youcanexitthefavouriteslist, andviewall installedchannels. 1 2 3 WhileyouwatchTV, press FIND. » Allchannelsaredisplayedinthe channelgrid. Note 1 2 3 4 5 PressTEXT. PressOKtoviewthepage. · Allfavouritechannelsaremarkedbyanasteriskwhen youviewthechannelgrid. Create and use lists of favourite channels YoucancreatealistofyourpreferredTV channels so that you can find those channels easily. Manage the favourites list 1 2 3 4 5 WhileyouwatchTV, press FIND. » Thechannelisaddedorremovedfrom thefavouritelist. Note View only the list of favourite channels 1 2 3 WhileyouwatchTV, press FIND. » Onlychannelsinthefavouriteslist appearinthechannelgrid. · Allfavouritechannelsaremarkedbyanasteriskinthe channelgrid. 18 EN Theprogrammeguideisanon-screenguide availablefordigitalchannels. Itallowsyouto: · Viewalistofdigitalprogrammesbeing broadcast · Viewupcomingprogrammes · Groupprogrammesbygenre · Setreminderswhenprogrammesstart · Setuppreferredprogrammeguide channels · Display the TV clock YoucandisplayaclockontheTVscreen. The clockdisplaysthecurrenttimeusingtimedata receivedfromyourTVserviceoperator. Switch on EPG 1 2 Press . » Theprogrammeguideappears displayinginformationaboutthe scheduledprogrammes. Note Set the TV clock manually Insomecountries, youneedtosetTVclock manually. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Press . Foranaloguechannels, twolanguagesmaybe available. 1 WhileyouwatchTV, press OPTIONS. EN 21 Eng lis h Select[Setup]>[Channel settings]>[Child lock]. Set parental ratings Somedigitalbroadcastersratetheir programmesaccordingtoage. Youcansetyour TVtodisplayonlyprogrammeswithageratings lowerthanyourchild'sage. 2 3 Fordigitalchannels, select[Audio language], selectthelanguage, thenpress OK. Foranaloguechannels, select[Dual I-II], selecteitherlanguage, thenpressOK. Play photos and music on USB storage devices Caution · PhilipsisnotresponsibleiftheUSBstoragedeviceis notsupported, norisitresponsiblefordamageorloss ofdatafromthedevice. Show or hide subtitles 1 2 WhileyouwatchTV, pressSUBTITLE. · [On during mute]:Whenaudiois muted, displaysubtitles. Note ConnectaUSBstoragedevicetoplayphotos ormusicstoredonit. 1 2 3 4 SwitchontheTV. » TheUSBbrowserappears. · Repeatthisproceduretoenablesubtitlesoneach · Select[Subtitles]>[Subtitles off]todisablesubtitles. analoguechannel. View photos Select a subtitle language in digital channels Note · WhenyouselectasubtitlelanguageinadigitalTV channelasdescribedbelow, thepreferredsubtitle languagesetintheinstallationmenuistemporarily overruled. 1 2 IntheUSBbrowser, select[Picture], then pressOK. Selectaphotooraphotoalbum, then pressOKtoviewthephotoenlargedto fill the TV screen. Toreturn, press . 3 1 · 1 2 3 4 WhileyouwatchTV, press Selectasubtitlelanguage. PressOK to confirm. OPTIONS. View a slide show of your photos Whenafullscreenimageofaphotois displayed, pressOK. Toreturn, press . Select[Subtitle language], thenpressOK. · 22 EN Change slide show settings · · Change music settings · Whileyouplaymusic, press OPTIONS toaccessoneofthefollowingsettings, thenpressOK. · [Show info]: Display the file name. 2 3 Selectoneofthefollowing, thenpressOK. · [Slideshow transitions]:Setthe transitionfromonepicturetothe next. · [Repeat]/[Play once]:Viewthe picturesinthefolderonceonly, or repeatedly. [. . . ] Thepowerratingstatedontheproduct typeplateisthepowerconsumptionforthis productduringnormalhouseholduse(IEC 62087Ed. 2). Themaximumpowerrating, stated betweenbrackets, isusedforelectricalsafety (IEC60065Ed. 7. 2). · Multimedia · · Supportedstoragedevice:USB(Only FATorFAT2USBstoragedevicesare supported) Supported multimedia file formats: · Images:JPEG · Audio:MP EN Supported TV mounts For 32PFL5206H and 26PFL3xx6H TomounttheTV, purchaseaPhilipsTVmount oracompatibleTVmount. 4 Warning · FollowallinstructionsprovidedwiththeTV mount. KoninklijkePhilipsElectronicsN. V. bearsno responsibilityforimproperTVmountingthatresultsin accident, injuryordamage. TV screen size (inches) 2 26 200x100 200x100 4xM4(20mm) 4xM4(10mm) Beforeyoumount, performthesesteps: 1 2 Topreventdamagetocablesand connectors, leaveaclearanceofatleast2. 2 inchesor5. 5cmfromthebackoftheTV. For2PFL5206H, removethestandmount neck: a Unscrew the stand mount neck. Product specification Design and specifications are subject to change withoutnotice. 32PFL5206H · WithoutTVstand · Dimension(WxHxD):771x495x 44(mm) · Weight:8kg · WithTVstand · Dimension(WxHxD):771x541x 180(mm) · Weight:8. 4kg 26PFL3606H · WithoutTVstand · Dimension(WxHxD):648. 5x414. 5 x79. 1(mm) · Weight:6. 2kg · WithTVstand · Dimension(WxHxD):648. 5x465. [. . . ]


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