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[. . . ] Com/support 32PFL4907 26PFL4907 22PFL4907 EN User Manual ES Manual del Usuario FR Manuel d'Utilisation EN: For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country. EtÁreaMetropolitana;58 87 97 36 InteriordelaRepublica;01 800 839 19 89 2 English Contents 1 Notice 2 Important Positioning the TV Regulatory notices Environmental care 5 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 11 11 12 12 13 15 15 15 15 16 16 17 17 19 20 22 23 25 25 25 26 26 27 29 30 32 33 33 34 34 36 36 36 37 38 38 40 43 Software Checking your current software version Preparing for the software upgrade Upgrading the software Automatically check for latest software Netflix deactivation Netflix ESN VUDU deactivation YouTube deactivation 43 43 43 44 44 44 44 44 44 45 45 45 49 49 49 52 52 52 53 54 end of book 3 Get started Features Supplied accessories Symbols used in this User Manual Attaching the base Managing cables Installing the remote control batteries Remote control function Control panel Terminals Connecting the antenna or the cable Plugging in the AC power cord Initial setup 6 Connecting devices Selecting your connection quality Connecting your devices 7 Useful tips FAQ Troubleshooting 8 Information Glossary Maintenance 4 Use your TV Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode Adjusting volume Switching channels Watching channels from an external device Access the Home menu Philips Wireless MediaConnect View photos, play music and watch videos using DLNA Net TV Enjoying vTuner Pandora® operations Using Twitter Using auto mode Create and use lists of favorite channels Sleep timer Changing picture format TV screen information USB 9 Specifications 10 Warranty License 5 Use more of your TV Picture Sound Features Caption settings Sleeptimer Child and ratings lock Change PIN Installation Language Channel installation Preferences Use Philips EasyLink Network Return your settings to default values 3 English Return your Product Registration Card or visit at http://www. Registering your model with Philips makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don't miss out. Complete and return your Product Registration Card at once or visit at www. [. . . ] One-touchStandby Language Channels Preferences Network Reset AV settings When you connect your TV to devices that support Standby, you can use your TV remote control to put your TV and all connected HDMI devices in Standby mode. You can perform one-touch Standby using the remote control from any of the connected HDMI devices. Systemaudiocontrol When you connect your TV to HDMI CEC compliant devices, your TV can switch automatically to play audio from the connected device. To use one-touch audio, you must map the audio input from the connected device to your TV. You can use the remote control from the connected device to adjust the volume. remotecontrol(RC)keyforwarding 3 Use to select Home , then press OK. Retailstore The unit will be set up with predefined settings for retail displays. In this setting, the power consumption may possibly exceed the limit requirement of the ENERGY STAR® qualification. The unit is set to maximize the energy efficiency for home setting and it can be adjusted through a choice of picture and sound quality according to your preference. RC key forwarding allows you to control EasyLink-compliant devices using your TV remote control. HDMI-ARC(AudioReturnChannel) Home HDMI-ARC allows you to use Philips EasyLink to output TV audio directly to a connected Audio device, without the need for an additional Digital Audio cable. Be sure that the device is HDMI CEC and ARC compliant, and that the TV is connected to the device using an HDMI cable attached to both HDMI-ARC connectors. note · Philips does not guarantee 100% interoperability with all HDMI CEC devices. The EasyLink-compliant device must be Switched On and selected as the source. Otherwise, personalized picture and sound settings will not be memorized after the unit goes into Standby mode. e-sticker When you set Locationto Retailstore , E-sticker (Electronic Sticker) is displayed. 39 English EasyLink This function allows you to operate the linked functions between our brand devices with a EasyLink feature and this unit connecting through an HDMI cable. You must connect this unit to our brand EasyLink devices and be sure its EasyLink setting is also set to On. Devicelist This function lets you see the product model number or name of connected devices. Use to select the desired EasyLink device listed on the TV screen, then press OK. Your connected EasyLink device will be Turned On if the device is in Stand by mode. Master EasyLink Auto TV on RC key forwarding HDMI-ARC Device list On On Select Off Select Device list Location EasyLink HDMI1:DVDrecorder HDMI2:Blu-raydiscplayer HDMI3:Hometheatersystem Refresh Back Set the MasterEasyLink to On or Off. [. . . ] for legal entities , "Recipient"includesanyentitythatcontrols , iscontrolled by , orisundercommoncontrolwithRecipient. Forpurposesof thisdefinition, "control"ofanentitymeans(a)thepower, director indirect, todirectormanagesuchentity, or(b)ownershipoffifty percent (50%) or more of the outstanding shares or beneficial ownershipofsuchentity. RecipientPatents"meanspatentclaimsLicensablebyaRecipient " that are infringed by the use or sale of Original Code or any ModificationsprovidedbySGI, oranycombinationthereof. Subject to the terms of this License and S any third party intellectual property claims, for the duration of intellectual property protections inherent in the Original Code, SGI hereby grants Recipient a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license, to do the following: (i) under copyrights Licensable by SGI, to reproduce, distribute, create derivative worksfrom, and, totheextentapplicable, displayandperformthe Original Code and/or any Modifications provided by SGI alone and/or as part of a LargerWork; and (ii) under any Licensable Patents, tomake, havemade, use, sell, offerforsale, importand/ orotherwisetransfertheOriginalCodeand/oranyModifications providedbySGI. [. . . ]


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