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[. . . ] Register your product and get support at www. philips. com/support 50PFL3708 39PFL3708 39PFL4408 32PFL3508 32PFL4208 29PFL4508 24PFL4508 EN User Manual ES Manual del Usuario EN For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country. To obtain assistance, contact Philips Customer Care Center; • Lima, Peru; 225 99 77 annex 21 Chile; 800 05630 203 ES Para obtener más información, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su país. Para obtener asistencia, póngase en contacto con CENTRO DE INFORMACION AL • CLIENTE, Lima, Perú; 225 99 77 anexo 21 Chile; 800 05630 203 2 English Contents 1 Notice 2 Important Positioning the TV Regulatory notices Environmental care 5 6 6 6 6 5 Use more of your TV Displaying the Main Menu CHANNEL Tune Type Auto Tuning ATV Manual Tuning Program Edit SCREEN PICTURE SOUND TIMER Sleep Timer Auto Standby OSD Timer OPTION OSD Language Aspect Ratio Blue Screen Key Lock Reset Software Update(USB) 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 21 21 22 22 22 22 22 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 3 Get started Features Supplied accessories Installing the remote control batteries Stand assembly Attaching the base Remote control Control panel Terminals Connecting the antenna or the cable Connecting a set-top box, Blu-ray disc / DVD recorder via composite connectors and Analog Audio Plugging in the AC power cord Selecting your connection quality HDMI - Highest quality Component (Y Pb Pr) - High quality Composite - Basic quality Connecting your devices HDMI Digital connection HDMI-DVI connection Component Analog Video Connection Composite Analog Video Connection Digital Audio Output Connection PC connection USB Memory Stick First time setup Language selection Auto Tuning 7 7 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 14 14 15 15 15 6 Playback Mode View Photos Read Texts 24 24 25 7 Upgrade your TV software Upgrading the software Preparing for the software upgrade Downloading the software Starting the software upgrade 26 26 26 26 26 8 Useful tips FAQ Troubleshooting 27 27 28 4 Use your TV Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode Adjusting volume Switching channels Watching channels from an external device Sleep timer Switching audio mode Using favorite mode Changing picture format 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 18 9 Information Glossary Maintenance 29 29 29 10 Specifications 30 3 English Visit our World Wide Web Site at www. philips. com/support CHILD SAFETY: PROPER TELEVISION PLACEMENT MATTERS THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CARES • Manufacturers, retailers and the rest of the consumer electronics industry are committed to making home entertainment safe and enjoyable. • As you enjoy your television, please note that all televisions – new and old- must be supported on proper stands or installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. [. . . ] • A USB Memory Stick that requires its own driver or the device with a special system such as fingerprint recognition are not supported. • This unit is not allowed to use the USB Memory Stick which requires an external power supply (500mA or more). This unit is equipped with a PC Input jack. If you connect this unit to your PC, you can use this unit as a PC monitor. Use a VGA cable for this Video connection and it requires a Stereo mini 3. 5mm plug Audio cable for Analog Audio signal as well. IN OUT VGA cable IN Stereo mini 3. 5 mm plug Audio cable OUT PC 15 These operations are accessible by remote control. Some may also be accessible by control panel on the main unit. English Auto Tuning Be sure the RF cable is correctly connected to this unit and you are registered with your cable TV provider when you install Cable channels. First time setup This section will guide you for the language selention of your on-screen menu and auto tuning, which automatically scans and memorizes viewable channels. 1 Press and use ◄► to select (CHANNEL). Tune Type Auto Tuning ATV Manual Tuning Program Edit CHANNEL 1 2 Make sure the unit is connected to antenna or cable. After making all the necessary connections, press to Turn On the unit. • It may take a few moments to Turn On the unit for the first time. Language selection You can select the preferred on screen language. Move Menu Enter Exit 1 Press and use ◄► to select (OPTION). 2 Use ▲▼ to select Auto Tuning and then press OK to start scaning. Note OSD Language Aspect Ratio Blue Screen Key Lock OPTION Reset Software Update(USB) English 16:9 Off Off • When the scanning and memorizing channels are completed, the lowest memorized channel will be displayed. • After setting Auto Tuning, using CH + / − skips unavailable programs automatically. • If you are not receiving a signal from your cable service, contact the Cable provider. • If you press or during Auto Tuning, the setup of TV channels will be cancelled. • Even if Auto Tuning is completed, the channel setting will be lost if the AC power cord is unplugged before the unit goes into Standby mode by pressing . Move Menu Enter Exit 2 3 Use ▲▼ to select OSD Language, then press OK. Use ▲▼◄► to select the language you want, then press OK. Note • Available options are: Español / English. 16 English 4 Use your TV Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode 50PFL3708 32PFL4208 / 29PFL4508 / 24PFL4508 39PFL3708 / 39PFL4408 / 32PFL3508 Switching channels 50PFL3708 32PFL4208 / 29PFL4508 / 24PFL4508 39PFL3708 / 39PFL4408 / 32PFL3508 * Key on Rear * Key on Rear To Turn the TV On from Standby or Off to Standby • Press (3 raised dots on the Rear panel or Front panel or the Remote control). Note • Energy consumption contributes to air and water pollution. Your TV has very low standby power consumption. To select Channels by using CH ▼/▲ or CH + / − • Press CH ▼ (Down) / ▲ (Up - 1 raised dot on the Rear panel or Front panel) or press CH + / − on the Remote control. When selecting cable or Analog channel 11. Adjusting volume 50PFL3708 32PFL4208 / 29PFL4508 / 24PFL4508 39PFL3708 / 39PFL4408 / 32PFL3508 To select Channels by using the NUMBER buttons – Press PREV. CH to return to the previously viewed channel. Note • To select the non-memorized channels, use the NUMBER buttons. • No Signal will appear on the TV screen after the subchannel broadcast is over. • Audio only program message will appear on the TV screen, when you receive only sound signal. * Key on Rear * 50PFL3708 only All CONTROL Keys are located on the Rear (lower right) side of the unit as viewed from the Front. To decrease or increase volume • Press VOL ◄ / ► (1 raised dot on the Rear panel or Front panel) or press VOL + / − on the Remote control. VOL ◄ : Volume Down VOL ► : Volume Up Press Press on the remote control to mute the sound. again or VOL + / − to recover the original sound. To mute or unmute sound • • 17 English Watching channels from an external device Switching Each Input Mode can easily switch with the remote control between Analog TV and external devices when they are connected to the unit. Switching audio mode 1 2 1 Turn On a set-top box or the connected device. Press SAP to display the currently selected audio mode. While receiving an MTS broadcast, press repeatedly to cycle through the available audio channels. e. g. ) When all audio are available STEREO MONO SAP Input Source ATV AV YPbPr HDMI 1 HDMI 2 HDMI 3 PC Media STEREO : SAP : MONO : Outputs stereo-audio Outputs second audio program Outputs mono-audio OK Enter 2 Press SOURCE and use ▲▼ to select the the connected device and wait a few seconds till the picture appears. Using favorite mode You can easily locate and watch a favorite channel. Sleep timer Sleep Timer can set the unit to go into Standby mode after an incremental period of time. 1 Press FAV while watching a program to show the favorite channel list. Favorite List 1 TF1 HD 2 FR 2 HD 6 M6HD ATV ATV ATV Press SLEEP repeatedly to change the amount of time. • Available options are: Off / 10 min / 20 min / 30 min / 60 min / 90 min / 120 min / 180 min / 240 min. Press SLEEP once to call up the display for checking the remaining time. • To cancel sleep timer, press SLEEP repeatedly until Off is displayed. ENTER 2 • • • • Use ▲▼ to select the channel you want, then press OK. Note To set the favorite channel, refer to Program Edit ➟ p. 20 Use CH + / − to move to the previous or next page. [. . . ] • You may be getting interference from electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles or fl uorescent lights. • Try moving the unit to another location to see if this is the cause of the problem. • Electrical interference from nearby appliances may affect picture quality. The problem might be limited to the broadcasting station or weak signal strength. [. . . ]


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