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[. . . ] Register your product and get support at www. philips. com/welcome User manual Manuale utente Manual do utilizador Mode d'emploi Manual del usuario Contents Safety Information 1 Getting Started Notifications & Features & Accessories Features Control Buttons on the TV Connect Power Connections Media Browser Menu 2-3 3 3 3 4 6 7 TV Menu Features and Functions Settings Menu Contents Install and Retune Menu Contents General TV Operation Using the Channel List Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Troubleshooting & Tips AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility PC Typical Display Modes 8-9-10 10 10 10 10 10 11 12 12 Remote Control 5 Safety Information If there is lightning or storms, or if the TV is not going to be used for a while (e. g. The mains plug is used to disconnect TV set from the mains and therefore it must remain readily operable. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. To operate your TV in extreme ambient conditions may cause the damage of the device. Note : Follow the on screen instructions for operating the related features. IMPORTANT - Please read these instructions fully before installing or operating WARNING: Never let people (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and / or knowledge use electrical devices unsupervised. • For ventilation purposes, leave a free space of at least 10 cm all around the set. [. . . ] You should refer to the module instruction manual for details of the settings. English - 6 - Getting Started First Time Installation - USB Connections Switching On/Off (*) LCN is the Logical Channel Number system that organizes available broadcasts in accordance with a recognizable channel sequence (if available). To Switch the TV On Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC, 50 Hz. To switch on the TV from standby mode either: Press the “ ” button, P/CH- or P/CH+ or a numeric button on the remote control. Press the side function switch until the TV comes on from standby. Cable Installation If you select CABLE option and press OK button on the remote control. Note: Searching duration will change depending on the selected search step. Pressing the“MENU” button again will exit from this screen. You can set your Media Browser preferences by using the Settings Menu. Aerial Installation If you select AERIAL option from the Search Type screen, the television will search for digital terrestrial TV broadcasts. NOTE: You can press “MENU” button to cancel. After all the available stations are stored, the Channel List will be displayed on the screen. If you like how the channels are sorted according to the LCN (*), please select “Yes” and than press OK. Press “MENU” button to quit channel list and watch TV. English - 7 - TV Menu Features and Functions Picture Menu Contents Mode Contrast Brightness Sharpness Colour Power Save Mode Backlight (Optional) Noise Reduction Dyanmic Contrast Colour Temp Picture Zoom HDMI True Black (optional) Film Mode Skin Tone Colour Shift RGB Gain Reset Autoposition (in PC mode) H Position (in PC mode) V Position (in PC mode) Dot Clock (in PC mode) Phase (in PC mode) You can change the picture mode to suit your preference or requirements. Picture mode can be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game, Sport , Dynamic and Natural. (When the Mode is Dynamic, Power Save mode is automatically set as disabled. ) This setting controls the backlight level. The backlight function will be inactive if the Power Save Mode is set to Eco. The backlight cannot be activated in VGA, Media Browser mode or while the picture mode is set to Game. If the broadcast signal is weak and the picture is noisy, use the Noise Reduction setting to reduce the amount of noise. Advanced Settings You can change the Dynamic Contrast ratio to desired value. Note: Auto (Only available in Scart mode with SCART PIN8 high voltage/low voltage switching) While watching from HDMI source, this feature will be visible in the Picture Settings menu. Films are recorded at a different number of frames per second to normal television programmes. Turn this feature on when you are watching films to see the fast motion scenes clearly. You can configure the colour temperature values using the RGB Gain feature. Resets the picture settings to factory default settings. (Except Game Mode) Automatically optimizes the display. This item shifts the image horizontally to the right hand side or left hand side of the screen. This item shifts the image vertically towards the top or bottom of the screen. Dot Clock adjustments correct the interference that appear as vertical banding in dot intensive presentations like spreadsheets or paragraphs or text in smaller fonts. Depending on the resolution and scan frequency that you input to the TV set, you may see a hazy or noisy picture on the screen. [. . . ] Select Channel In EPG menu, using this option, you can switch to the selected channel. English - 10 - Software Upgrade Your TV is capable of finding and updating automatically via the Aerial/Cable signal or over the Internet. No picture • No Picture means that your TV is not receiving a transmission. • If you are in doubt, consult your dealer. Software upgrade search via user interface Simply navigate on your main menu. In Other Settings menu navigate on to the Software for Upgrade item and press OK button to check for a new software upgrade. If an internet connection is not available, try to upgrade via broadcast. [. . . ]


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