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[. . . ] Model: 32PFL3807H/10 Product No: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EN Contents Safety warnings . 13 15 18 20 23 27 31 32 33 33 34 34 35 36 38 41 To make video and audio connections . Annex 5 - Issues referring to connected peripherals with a HDMI connector . 66 1 EN General Safety warnings Examples of stationary images (this is not an allinclusive list, you may encounter others in your viewing): · TV and DVD menus: listings of DVD disk content; · Black bars: when black bars appear at the left and right side of the screen, it is recommended to change to a picture format so that the picture fills the entire screen; · TV channel logo: present a problem if they are bright and stationary. [. . . ] > The uninstalled channel is indicated in the list by an icon in front of the uninstalled channel. Press the green colour key again to reinstall the uninstalled channel. Note: uninstalled channels are not reinstalled during an installation update. 31 EN Set your preferences This menu contains items that can set or adjust various special TV functions and that will typically be accessed only occasionally. TV menu Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . Time zone Channels Preferences Connections Decoder Factory settings Software upgrade Info Preferences Location Teletext 2. 5 OSD Programme title Select your location This allows you to select the location of your TV. If you choose for Shop it will result in fixed settings of picture, sound and ambilight. The location Home will give full flexibility to change any predefined settings for picture, sound and ambilight. Select Teletext 2. 5 Some broadcasters offer the opportunity to see more colours, other background colours and nicer pictures in the teletext pages. > The selection made is valid for all the channels which broadcast Teletext 2. 5. Note: it may take a few seconds before teletext broadcast switches over to Teletext 2. 5. < < Select the On Screen Display (OSD) This allows you to select the display of the volume bar and a reduced or extended on screen display of programme and channel information. Select Minimum to activate the display of reduced channel information. Select Normal to activate the display of extended channel and programme information. For example, information on the programme, input signal quality of connected peripheral equipment, the screen format and sound mode, selected audio language, subtitle language, ratings, remaining time of the sleeptimer setting, . . . < < Display a Programme title This allows you, to display the programme title according to the transmitted information. For example, each member of your family can create his/her own favourite list. In addition to the favourite channel lists you may also select a list with only digital TV channels or a list with only the radio channels or a list with only the analogue channels. Note: when this key is pressed the first time after you have finished the installation, it will bring up the full channel list. In other situations it will bring up the last selected channel list. EN To select a channel from the displayed favourite list All channels EXT1 EXT2 HDMI 1 Analogue channel 1 A 2 Digital channel 1 3 Digital channel 2 4 Radio channel 1 b2 5 Data channel 1 Change list Tune to a channel by pressing OK. Press the OK key to display the selected channel. To select another favourite channel list 1. Press the red colour key to bring up the list of possible favourite channel lists. Press the FAV key again to exit. All channels All TV channels Radio channels A Analogue Favourites 1 Favourites 2 Favourites 3 Favourites 4 b3 Change list Use cursor up/down to select and OK to confirm. To create a favourite list or to modify the list 1. Press the OK key to check or uncheck the highlighted channel and to add it to or remove it from your selected favourite list. > With the ­P+ key you will be able to browse through the TV channels of the selected list. Note: with the digit keys you can still select channels which are not marked as favourite. 35 Favourites 1 EXT1 EXT2 HDMI A 1 Analogue channel 1 2 Digital channel 1 3 Digital channel 2 4 Radio channel 1 b4 5 Data channel 1 Exit Leave edit Press the OK key to mark / unmark. EN Create your favourite channels list (Continued) To select only TV or only radio channels on the All channels list When the All channels list is displayed or selected you may filter the list and select a list with only the TV channels or a list with only the radio channels. [. . . ] Full support of the USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport (bInterfaceProtocol = 50h). - For large USB memory devices, when you are in the Content Browser, it may take a long time before you can access your files. - When using a USB portable harddisk: Due to the high power consumption of the harddisk, it is advised to use the external power supply of the portable harddisk to guarantee proper working under all conditions. Digital Content Issues · Only FAT (DOS) formatted (initialized) portable memory is supported. Be aware that formatting the card will also delete all the content on it (pictures, music, . . . ). [. . . ]


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