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[. . . ] WORKSHOP MANUAL 633225 Fly 125 - 150 4T WORKSHOP MANUAL Fly 125 - 150 4T The descriptions and illustrations given in this publication are not binding. While the basic specifications as described and illustrated in this booklet remain unchanged, PIAGGIO-GILERA reserves the right, at any time and without being required to update this publication beforehand, to make any changes to components, parts or accessories, which it considers necessary to improve the product or which are required for manufacturing or construction reasons. Not all versions shown in this publication are available in all countries. The availability of single versions should be checked at the official Piaggio sales network. [. . . ] Specific tooling 020376Y Adaptor handle 020360Y Adaptor 52 x 55 mm Refitting the hub cover bearings - For the fitting of the hub box bearings the engine crankcase and the cover must be heated with the specific heat gun. Specific tooling 020150Y Air heater support 020151Y Air heater - The three 15 mm bearings must be fitted using the appropriate tools. Refitting the hub bearings - Insert the cover prepared in the crankcase taking care of inserting the gear of the pulley shaft on the intermediary gear. ENG - 101 Engine Fly 125 - 150 4T Refitting the ub cover - Fit a new gasket together with the centring dowels. - Fit the gearbox cover, making sure the breather pipe is in the correct position. - Screw the 7 screws to the specified torque, positioning the support plate of the pipe in the position shown in the figure. - Remove the control pin of the shoe taking care so as the long tooth coincides with the groove on the control lever. locking torques (N*m) Locking torque 24 ÷ 27 Flywheel cover Cooling hood -Remove the housing acting on the 4 retaining screws. -Remove the complete manifold acting on the 2 retainers as shown in the figure. - Remove the 2 self threading screws, left and right and the lateral base retaining screw on the crankcase base. On the vehicles equipped with the engines mentioned if they are losing a full circle at full gas, we suggest to intervene on the vacuum socket inserting on the inlet manifold widening the hole from 0. Remember that such operation must have performed on a disassembled manifold which must be cleaned afterwards. Cooling fan - Refit the parts in reverse order of the removal operation. - Make sure that there are spacers with the two rear retainers of the housing. - Remove the cooling fan by acting on the three fixings indicated in the figure. Removing the stator - Remove the electric terminal of the minimum oil pressure switch. - Remove the two Pick-Up screws and the one for the wiring harness bracket as well as the two stator fixing screws shown in the figure. ENG - 103 Engine Fly 125 - 150 4T Refitting the stator - Refit the stator and flywheel carrying out the removal procedure in reverse, tightening the retainers to the specified torque. 4 Flywheel and starting Removing the flywheel magneto - Lock the rotation of the flywheel using the calliper spanner. CAUTION THE USE OF A CALLIPER SPANNER OTHER THAN THE ONE SUPPLIED COULD DAMAGE THE STATOR COILS Specific tooling 020565Y Flywheel lock calliper spanner - Extract the flywheel with the extractor. Specific tooling 008564Y Flywheel extractor ENG - 104 Fly 125 - 150 4T Engine Inspecting the flywheel components - Check the integrity of the internal plastic parts of the flywheel and the Pick-Up control plate. Refitting the flywheel magneto - Fit the flywheel being careful to insert the key properly. [. . . ] -When the operation is over, tighten up the oil bleed screw to the prescribed torque. 10 Front brake pump -After removing the front and rear handlebar covers, act on the two stand fixing points (see the figure). - Tighten the hydraulic line to the prescribed torque and bleed the system. locking torques (N*m) Brake fluid pump - hose fitting 16 ÷ 20 Nm BRAK SYS - 171 Braking system Fly 125 - 150 4T Removal - Bleed the circuit and drain the brake fluid through the bleeding screw located on the calliper and actuate the brake lever until no more fluid flows out. [. . . ]


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