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[. . . ] π Never feed power to other electronic products by cutting the insulation of the power supply lead of this product and tapping into the lead. The current capacity of the lead will be exceeded, causing overheating. Do not earth more than one product together with the earth from another product. For example, you must separately earth any amp unit away from the earth of this product. [. . . ] 8 cm Please refer to the instruction manual for the Vehicle Bus adapter (sold separately). Microphone 3 m RGB cable (supplied with Navigation system) Pioneer navigation system Please contact your dealer to inquire about the connectable navigation unit. Migh i h j nal h eful l k 1 To power supply 2 Depending on the kind of vehicle, the function of 2* and 4* may be different. A Blue/white (5*) The pin position of the ISO connector will differ depending on the type of vehicle. D Violet/white Of the two lead wires connected to the back lamp, connect the one in which the voltage changes when the gear shift is in the REVERSE (R) position. This connection enables the unit to sense whether the car is moving forwards or backwards. E Yellow/black If you use an equipment with Mute function, wire this lead to the Audio Mute lead on that equipment. This lead must be connected to the power supply side of the handbrake switch. H Power supply side i Handbrake switch j Earth side k Speaker leads White: Front left + White/black: Front left – 3 < CRD4940-A > 3 Connection Grey: Front right + Grey/black: Front right – Green: Rear left + Green/black: Rear left – Violet: Rear right + Violet/black: Rear right – l ISO connector In some vehicles, the ISO connector may be divided into two. P You can change the RCA output of the subwoofer depending on your subwoofer system. 2 Power amp (sold separately) 3 Connect with RCA cable (sold separately) 4 Rear outputs (REAR OUTPUT) 15 cm 5 Rear speaker 6 Front speaker 7 Front outputs (FRONT OUTPUT) 15 cm 8 This product 9 Subwoofer a Subwoofer outputs < CRD4940-A > 4 Connection Connecting an iPod / iPhone or an Android device Find your device and the function you want to operate from the list below, and refer to the page for the connection. Camera View mode also allows you to check what is behind you while driving. 4 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Rear view camera (ND-BC8) (sold separately) To video output RCA cable (supplied with ND-BC8) This product Brown (BC IN) Power supply Power cord Violet/white (REVERSE-GEAR SIGNAL INPUT)  Refer to Power cord on page 3 9 Yellow (VIDEO INPUT) 15 cm a RCA cable (sold separately) b View camera (sold separately) p Connect only the rear view camera to BC IN. π With the rear view camera you can keep an eye on trailers, or back into a tight parking spot. π Objects in rear view may appear closer or more distant than in reality. π The image area of full-screen images displayed while backing or checking the rear of the vehicle may differ slightly. 7 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 p 8 This product Yellow (VIDEO INPUT) 15 cm Red, white (AUDIO INPUT) 23 cm To Yellow To Red, white RCA cables (sold separately) To video output To audio outputs External video component (sold separately) The appropriate setting is required to use the external video component. If any parts are not supplied with this product, use compatible parts in the manner specified after you have the parts’ compatibility checked by your dealer. If parts other than supplied or compatible ones are used, they may damage internal parts of this product or they may work loose and the product may become detached. π Do not install this product where it may (i) obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii) impair the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features, including airbags, hazard lamp buttons or (iii) impair the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. π Never install this product in front of or next to the place in the dashboard, door, or pillar from which one of your vehicle’s airbags would deploy. Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for reference to the deployment area of the frontal airbags. [. . . ] Installing the microphone  Install the microphone in a place where its direction and distance from the driver make it easiest to pick up the driver’s voice. π Be sure to turn off (ACC OFF) the product before connecting the microphone. π Depending on the vehicle model, the microphone cable length may be too short when you mount the microphone on the sun visor. 1 Microphone clip 2 Clamps Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle. [. . . ]


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