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[. . . ] 11 Declaration of Conformity with regard to the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU Manufacturer: Pioneer Corporation 28-8, Honkomagome 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan EU Representative’s & Importer: Pioneer Europe NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium http://www. 13 About this manual: • In the following instructions, a USB memory or USB audio player are referred to as “USB device”. [*] DEH-S100UB, DEH-S100UBG, DEH-S100UBA, DEH-S100UBB, DEH-S101UB, DEH-S101UBG, DEH-S010UB Italiano: English: Il fabbricante, Pioneer, dichiara che il tipo di Hereby, Pioneer declares that the radio equipment type apparecchiatura radio [*] è conforme alla direttiva 2014/ [*] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is Il testo completo della dichiarazione di conformità UE è available at the following internet address: http:// disponibile al seguente indirizzo Internet: http:// www. [. . . ] [SUPER BASS], [POWERFUL], [NATURAL], [VOCAL], [CUSTOM1], [CUSTOM1] can be set separately for each source. [CUSTOM2], [FLAT] However, each of the below combinations are set to the same setting automatically. Select an equalizer band and [CUSTOM2] is a shared setting used for all level for further customising. Equalizer band: [80HZ], [250HZ], You can also switch the equalizer by pressing [800HZ], [2. W CTRL*2*3 Cut-off frequency: [50HZ], [63HZ], [80HZ], [100HZ], [125HZ], [160HZ], [200HZ] Output level: [–24] to [+6] Slope level: [–12], [–24] BASS BOOST [0] to [+6] HPF SETTING Cut-off frequency: [OFF], [50HZ], Only frequencies higher than the high-pass filter [63HZ], [80HZ], [100HZ], [125HZ], (HPF) cutoff are output from the speakers. [160HZ], [200HZ] Slope level: [–12], [–24] SLA [+4] to [–4] Adjust the volume level for each source except FM. Only frequencies lower than those in the selected range are output from the subwoofer. *2 Not available when [REAR/REAR] is selected in [SP-P/O MODE] in the INITIAL settings (page 6). 10 En Menu Item USB AUTO [ON], [OFF] Description Select [ON] to automatically switch to [USB] source when a USB device is connected to the unit. Select [OFF] when a USB device is being connected to the unit just for charging. Connections/Installation Connections Important • When installing this unit in a vehicle without an ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch, failure to connect the red cable to the terminal that detects operation of the ignition key may result in battery drain. € Place all cables away from hot places, such as near the heater outlet. € Do not connect the yellow cable to the battery by passing it through the hole to the engine compartment. € Never cut the insulation of the power cable of this unit in order to share the power with other devices. € When this unit is on, control signals are sent through the blue/white cable. Connect this cable to the system remote control of an external power amp or the vehicle’s auto-antenna relay control terminal (max. If the vehicle is equipped with a glass antenna, connect it to the antenna booster power supply terminal. € Never connect the blue/white cable to the power terminal of an external power amp. Ground cables for this unit and other equipment (especially, high-current products such as power amps) must be wired separately. If they are not, an accidental detachment may result in a fire or malfunction. Placed on • The graphical symbol the product means direct current. English * [PW SAVE] is canceled if the vehicle battery is disconnected and will need to be turned back on once the battery is reconnected. [. . . ] € The unit may not work properly depending on the application used to encode WMA files. € There may be a slight delay at the start of the playback of audio files embedded with image data, or audio files stored on a USB device with numerous folder hierarchies. € Russian text to be displayed on this unit should be encoded in one of the following character sets: – Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) – A character set other than Unicode that is used in a Windows environment and is set to Russian in the multi-language setting USB storage device • Connections via USB hubs are not supported. Do not let the USB storage device fall onto the floor, where it may become jammed under the brake or accelerator pedal. [. . . ]


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