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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 42 About this manual: • In the following instructions, a USB memory or USB audio player are referred to as “USB device”. € When an iPhone is connected to the unit, the source name on the unit appears as [iPod]. Please note that this unit supports only iPhones (iPhone 5 or later) regardless of the source name (for details, refer to page 47). -2- Declaration of Conformity with regard to the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU Manufacturer: Pioneer Corporation 28-8, Honkomagome 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan [*] DEH-S5000BT English: Hereby, Pioneer declares that the radio equipment type [*] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. [. . . ] ) Store the six strongest stations on the number buttons (1/ to 6/ ) automatically. REGIONAL [ON], [OFF] Limit the reception to the specific regional programs when AF (alternative frequencies search) is selected. ) Description BSM LOCAL FM: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2], [LV3], [LV4] Restrict the tuning station according to the MW/LW: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2] signal strength. TA [ON], [OFF] AF [ON], [OFF] Allow the unit to retune to a different frequency providing the same station. ) NEWS [ON], [OFF] - 27 - Menu Item SEEK [MAN], [PCH] Description Assign or buttons to seek the stations one by one (manual tuning) or select a station from the preset channels. English SAVE Store the information about the song currently being played to your music list on Spotify. RTRV USB iPod AUX [1] (effective for low compression Enhance compressed audio and restore rich rates), sound. [NATURAL], [VOCAL], [CUSTOM1], • When you select a setting other than [CUSTOM2], [FLAT] [CUSTOM1] and [CUSTOM2], you can also customise the equalizer curve by pressing and Select an equalizer band and holding the M. 5kHZ] Equalizer level: [–6] to [+6] FADER*1 (Only for standard mode) Adjust the front and rear speaker balance. SUBWOOFER [ON], [OFF] SUBWOOFER*2 [NOR], [REV] SPEAKER LEVEL Network mode: [HIGH L], [HIGH Select a speaker unit (filter) and adjust the R], [MID L], [MID R], [SUBWOOFER] output level. Standard mode: [FRONT L], • Each value you have adjusted changes when [FRONT R], [REAR L], [REAR R], you change the [POSITION] setting (page 29). [SUBWOOFER] Output level: [–24] to [10] CROSSOVER Select a speaker unit (filter) to adjust the HPF or LPF cut-off frequency and the slope for each speaker unit. POSITION [OFF], [FRONT LEFT] (front seat left), [FRONT RIGHT] (front seat right), [FRONT] (front seats), [ALL]* * Only for standard mode Select a listening position to adjust the speakers' output levels automatically and add a delay time that corresponds to the number and locations of occupied seats. English Description - 29 - Menu Item TIME ALGNMNT [INITIAL], [OFF], [CUSTOM] Description Select or customise the time alignment settings to reflect the distance between the listener’s Select a type of speaker and position and each speaker. Adjust the speaker distance for • Select [INITIAL] to initialize the setting value. [FRONT R], [REAR L], [REAR R], • The [CUSTOM] setting is not available when [SUBWOOFER] [OFF] is selected in [SUBWOOFER] (page 29). 0] SAVE SETTINGS [YES], [NO] Save to later recall the following sound settings at their current values: [CROSSOVER], [SPEAKER LEVEL], [EQ SETTING], [POSITION], [TIME ALGNMNT], [D. Load the sound settings, when you have already performed [SAVE SETTINGS]. BASS [OFF], [LOW], [HI] LOUDNESS [OFF], [LOW], [MID], [HI] SLA [+4] to [–4] Adjust the volume level for each source except FM. Each of the below combinations are set to the same setting automatically. Boost the bass level dynamically to offer an effect as if a subwoofer was added to the system. English LOAD SETTINGS *1 Not available when [SW] is selected in [REAR-SP] in the INITIAL settings (page 10). [. . . ] Sequence of audio files The user cannot assign folder numbers and specify playback sequences with this unit. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. English 01 to 05: Folder number to : Playback sequence iTunes Apple and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc. WMA Windows Media is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. [. . . ]


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