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[. . . ] 0 Deutsch Français TECHNICAL SUPPORT Should you encounter problems using this product, please refer to the troubleshooting section on page 41 of this owner’s guide. Alternatively, call Revo technical support on : WARRANTY Revo Technologies Ltd warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship in the course of normal use for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers breakdowns due to manufacturing faults and does not apply in cases such as accidental damage, general wear and tear, user negligence, modification or repair not authorised by Revo Technologies Ltd. Uk/support ENVIRONMENTAL INFO PRODUCT DISPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS (WEEE DIRECTIVE) The symbol shown here and on the product means that it is classed as Electrical or Electronic Equipment and should not be disposed with other household or commercial waste at the end of its working life. [. . . ] 23 SETTING UP A MUSIC SERVER SHARING MEDIA WITH A MAC In order to connect SUPERSYSTEM to your Apple Mac, a third party UPnP server application is required. There are a number of applications available to download from the Internet. This is an easy to install media sharing application that enables SUPERSYSTEM to stream audio. Com Once installed, EyeConnect can be found on the System Preference panel. When connecting SUPERSYSTEM, make sure EyeConnect is shown as running on its setup screen. sUPERSYSTEM will appear as ‘SUPERSYSTEM’ in the EyeConnect list of devices. The ENABLE box must be checked and the ACCESS selection set to ENABLE NEW DEVICES. MUSIC PLAYER MODE PLAYING AUDIO TRACKS IN THE MUSIC PLAYER MUSIC PLAYER MODE allows you to play audio files such as MP3s, AACs, WMAs or FLACs directly from a computer or music server on your local network, or from a USB memory stick. To enter MUSIC PLAYER MODE, press the panel, or press the screen is displayed. Button on the front Music player Shared media My playlist Repeat play: Off Shuffle play: Off > > button until the MUSIC PLAYER Mode intro Once in music player mode, press MEDIA or USB PLAYBACK. , then select either SHARED 24 MUSIC PLAYER MODE PLAYING MUSIC FROM A USB MEMORY STICK Firstly plug your USB stick into the USB socket on SUPERSYSTEM’S front panel. Friendly Fires Selecting USB PLAYBACK from the MUSIC PLAYER MENU will display the contents of the memory stick in the form of a list of filenames. MP3 You can navigate your way through the list using the joystick controller, using UP and DOWN to scroll through the list, and either press SELECT or RIGHT on the joystick to advance through folders. When you reach your desired track, a short press of the SELECT button will start the track playing, a long press will add the track to the PLAYLIST (see PLAYLISTS on page 27 for more information). Audio tracks can also be controlled using the mounted on your SUPERSYSTEM’s front panel. Buttons Pressing and holding the button will fast-rewind the track your are currently playing, while doing the same with the button will fast-forward. USB DEVICE CHARGING SUPERSYSTEM provides standard USB charging (5V, up to 1000mA) for a range of USB devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones - as well as tablets. 25 MUSIC PLAYER MODE SHARED MEDIA (From a UPnP Media Server) In MUSIC PLAYER MODE select SHARED MEDIA. If you have set up shared media (as described on page 23), you should see an entry, for the server you set up, example “SB-Laptop: Audio”. If you have more than one computer sharing media, the alternatives are listed. From this point on, the menus are generated from the shared media server (typically Windows Media Player). The first menu shows a list of media types, for example music, video, pictures and playlists. [. . . ] SUPERSYSTEM’s DIM LEVEL, for use in Standby mode, can be set to OFF, LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. It is also possible to set the TIMEOUT duration - a delay on the screen brightness changing when you enter Standby mode. Brightness Timeout On level Dim level > > > Note: If ‘OFF” is selected, SUPERSYSTEM’s display will switch off whilst in Standby mode. You can wake the display by simply pressing any button or touching the front metal panel. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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