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[. . . ] 81--90 Congratulations on purchasing this fridge, which has been designed using the latest technologies for an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly appliance. We recommend you read this guide and the technical datasheet carefully to find out everything you need to know about your new fridge. Questo prodotto è destinato esclusivamente all'uso domestico o applicazioni simili, ad esempio: - area cucina per il personale in negozi, uffici e altri ambienti di lavoro, - aziende agricole, hotel, motel, - bed & breakfast per l'uso da parte dei clienti, altri ambienti residenziali, - servizi di catering e altri impieghi diversi dalla vendita al dettaglio. Before using your refrigerator, please carefully read this instruction manual in order to maximize its performance. [. . . ] To optimize energy consumption, it is recommended that you turn the fan on only when the ambient air temperature exceeds 28 to 30°C. Check that on the indicator of the temperature, the word OK is clearly shown (Fig. If the word does not appear, this means that the temperature is too high: adjust the temperature to a cooler setting and wait for about 10 hours. 2 CONSERVATION • To maintain the best flavour, nourishment and freshness of foods, it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator compartment as shown in Fig. 5 below, making sure to wrap them in aluminium or plastic sheets or in appropriate covered containers to avoid cross-contamination. 5 NOTE: If large quantities of food are inserted or the refrigerator door frequently opened, it is normal for the indicator fails to show OK. Wait for at least 10 hours before setting the temperature at its coldest levels (3, 4). Refrigerator zone Fruit / Vegetables • To decrease fruit and vegetable moisture losses they must be wrapped in plastic materials such as, for example, films or bags and then inserted in the fruit/vegetable zone. FRIDGE ZONE Freezer zone Use the table below for the compartments Freezing process can only occur in the compartments 2-3 MONTHS 4-6 MONTHS 6-8 MONTHS 10 - 12 MONTHS Fig. 3 Refrigerated section fresh zone (not all models) The zone shown below is recommended for meat, fish, poultry, etc. ; do not store fruit and vegetables because they can freeze; Practical recommendations Place food on the shelves in a homogeneous manner to allow air to circulate properly and to cool it. € Avoid contact between the food and the far end walls of the refrigerator compartment. Built-in Products • Do not introduce hot foods as they can cause deterioration of existing ones and increase energy consumption. Indicator of the temperature in the coldest zone (not all models) Some models are equipped with an indicator of the temperature in the refrigerator compartment in the coldest zone, for you to be able to control the average temperature. € Do not cover the glass shelf of the vegetable bin to allow for proper air circulation. € Do not store bottles in the freezer compartment as they can burst when frozen. € ln the case of prolonged power outage, keep the doors closed so that foods remain cold as long as possible. € The installation of the appliance in a hot and humid location, with frequent door openings and storing large amounts of vegetables can cause the formation of condensate and affect the performance of the unit itself. € To prevent excessive energy consumption, the frequent or prolonged opening of the doors is not recommended. WARNING: Absolutely avoid the use of open flames or electrical appliances, such as heaters, steam cleaners, candles, oil lamps and the like to accelerate the defrosting phase. Do not scrape with a knife or sharp object to remove frost or ice present. These can damage the refrigerant circuit, the leakage of which can cause a fire or damage your eyes. [. . . ] For this reason, the column must be equipped with a rear chimney, whose upper opening must not be blocked and with a front slot which will be covered with a ventilation grill. Position the built-in loader in the slide, then fit it into the fridge door. Mark the fixing points for the screws and drill with a bit of a diameter of 2. Connect the appliance door to the cabinet panel keeping the loader slots as guidelines. [. . . ]


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