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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] A10 Owner’s Manual Manuel d’utilisation Bedienungsanleitung Manual de Instrucciones Gebruikershandleiding Manuale di istruzioni Instruktionsbok àÌÒÚÛ͈Ëfl ÔÓθÁÓ‚‡ÚÂÎfl Stereo Integrated Amplifier Amplificateur Stéréo Intégré Stereo-Vollverstärker Amplificatore Integrato Estereofonico Geïntegreerde stereoversterker Amplificatore integrato stereo Integrerad Stereoförstärkare Интегрированный стерео усилитель 2 A10 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Important Safety Instructions WARNING: There are no user serviceable parts inside. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the unit to moisture or water. If the unit is exposed to moisture, or a foreign object gets into the enclosure, immediately disconnect the power cord from the wall. Take the unit to a qualified service person for inspection and necessary repairs. [. . . ] However, whenever possible, it should be plugged directly into a 2-pin polarized wall outlet. A heavy duty multi-tap power outlet strip may be used if it (and the wall outlet) can handle the current demanded by the Unit and all the other components connected to it. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time such as a month-long vacation, it is a sensible precaution to unplug your amplifier (as well as other audio and video components) while you are away. In practice, very few loudspeakers will present any problems for the unit. Phono Input e and Ground Connection w Speaker Wire Selection Use insulated two-conductor stranded wire to connect the Unit to the speakers. The size and quality of the wire can have an audible effect on the performance of the system. Standard speaker wire will work, but can result in lower output or diminished bass response, particularly over longer distances. For best performance, you may want to consider special high-quality speaker cables. Your authorized Rotel dealer can help in the selection of cables for your system. Plug the cable from the turntable into the appropriate left and right phono inputs. If the turntable has a “ground” wire, connect it to the screw terminal to the left of the Phono inputs. Line Level Inputs r The CD, Tuner, and Aux inputs of the amplifier are “line level” inputs. These are for connecting components such as CD players or other audio playback devices with an analog audio output. The Left and Right channels are labeled and should be connected to the corresponding channels of the source component. Use high quality RCA cables for connecting input source components to the Unit. Polarity and Phasing The polarity – the positive/negative orientation of the connections – for every speaker and amplifier connection must be consistent so all the speakers will be in phase. If the polarity of one connection is reversed, bass output will be very weak and stereo imaging degraded. The wire may have clear insulation with different color conductors (copper and silver). Identify the positive and negative conductors and be consistent with every speaker and amplifier connection. Recorder Connections t See Figure 2 The Tape inputs and outputs can be connected to any record playback device that accepts standard line level analog input and output signals. When connecting a recorder to the Unit remember that the outputs of the recorder must be connected to the tape inputs of the Unit. Similarly the tape outputs of the Unit must be connected to the inputs of the recorder. [. . . ] Balance Control 9 The Balance Control adjusts the left-to-right balance of the sound output. In some situations, typically when the main listening position is not ideally centered between the speakers, it may be necessary to adjust the control to achieve proper left-to-right balance. Turning the control counter-clockwise shifts the sound balance to the left. Tone On/Off Switch 7 When the Tone Switch is in the Off position the Bass and Treble Control (Tone Control) circuits are bypassed to ensure the purest possible sound. [. . . ]


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