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[. . . ] Cooling system As soon as the oven is switched on, a cooling fan is automatically engaged. The cooling fan mixes hot air from the oven cavity with cool room air before venting it out into the kitchen through vents located between the appliance door and the control panel. The cooling fan will continue to run for a while after the oven has been switched off to prevent any humidity building up in the oven, on the control panel or on the oven housing unit. When the temperature in the oven has fallen sufficiently, the cooling fan will switch off automatically. [. . . ] 60 - 70 65 - 80 25 - 40 60 - 80 45 - 50 35 - 45 55 - 65 20 - 25 12 - 20 20 - 35 15 - 20 12 - 16 15 - 20 45 - 55 10 - 20 70 - 90 45 - 65 55 - 75 25 - 35 15 - 30 50 - 60 35 - 45 40 - 50 40 - 50 50 - 60 30 - 40 25 - 35 25 - 30 25 - 35 15 - 25 25 - 50 The information given in this chart is intended only as a guide. 29 Roasting We recommend using Fan plus Y for roasting. Conventional A can also be used. Shelf levels Use shelf level 1 for roasting. Except: With Conventional A, use shelf level 2 for - poultry up to 1 kg, - roast beef, - and fish. Temperature Please refer to the Roasting chart for suggested temperatures. We recommend roasting in a covered pot, as ­ this ensures that sufficient stock remains for making gravy. With Fan plus Y, a temperature setting of 40 °C less than for Conventional A is sufficient. Roasting will take longer at the lower temperature, but will be more even. For roasting directly on the rack, select a temperature that is about 20°C lower than for roasting in a covered pot. When roasting on the rack, place the rack and anti-splash tray (if supplied) over the universal tray, and slide them all in together. See "Optional accessories". Roasting containers Any heat-proof containers can be used: roasting pans with a lid, made from earthenware, cast iron, ovenproof china or glass, and roasting bags are all suitable. Miele also offer Gourmet oven dishes with lids which are ideal for roasting and cooking larger quantities of food. Except: Pre-heat at the temperature suggested when roasting beef. 30 Roasting Older recipes and cookery books New guidelines (German standard DIN 44547 has been replaced by European standard EN 60350) have led to slight adjustments in oven temperature settings. It is also advisable to fit a roasting filter in front of the fan in the back of the oven (see "Optional accessories"). ^ Place the food on the rack. Preparing food for grilling Clean, wipe dry and season with pepper and herbs. Do not season meat with salt before grilling as this draws the juices out. Do not use other types of fat as they can get too dark, burn and cause smoke. To enhance the taste, add a little salt or squeeze a little lemon juice over the fish. ^ Select the required function and set the temperature. ^ Pre-heat the grill for at least 5 minutes with the door shut before grilling. For thin cuts use shelf level 3 or 4 For thicker cuts use shelf level 1 or 2 ^ Most items should be turned halfway through cooking. 33 Grilling Temperature For thin cuts of meat (e. To grill thicker pieces of food more gradually after an initial high temperature, continue grilling at a lower temperature setting to allow the food to cook through to the centre. Tips on grilling It is best to grill food of a similar thickness at the same time so that the grilling time for each item does not vary too greatly. One way of finding out how far through a piece of meat has been cooked is to press down on it with a spoon: ­ If there is very little resistance to the pressure of the spoon, it is still red on the inside ("rare"). ­ If there is some resistance the inside will be pink ("medium"). ­ If there is great resistance, it is throughly cooked through ("well done"). Grilling times ­ Flat pieces of fish and meat usually take 6 - 8 minutes per side. [. . . ] When switched off there must be an all-pole contact gap of 3 mm in the isolator switch (including switch, fuses and relays acc. to EN 60 335). Important U. K. This appliance is supplied with a 3-core cable for connection to a single phase 230-240 V 50 Hz supply. The wires are coloured in accordance with the following code: Green/yellow = earth Blue = neutral Brown = live In other countries check these details with your supplier. WARNING THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED 57 Electrical connection UK, IRL, ZA Oven with integrated hob controls "E" model This is not available in all countries. [. . . ]


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