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[. . . ] *Je nach Modell 56 INTRODUCTION 1 • Rowenta Gourmet Range Rowenta has developed for you a range of refined integrated modes of cooking in the world of counter-top ovens, in particular low temperature cooking, stew, bread mode to accelerate the rising of dough, steam cooking… This range of ovens was particularly developed to offer you optimum comfort usage (easy display, very intuitive), advanced technology and optimal safety. The following detailed instructions will help you easily discover all the features of these ovens, along with many culinary tips to guide you every day. EN 2 • My Rowenta Oven at a glance Automatic menu mode (page 76) Meat/fish Desserts Rising/bread Low temperature Stew/Braising* Steam* Child safety (page 69) Cooking methods Manuals (page 63) Fan heat Natural convection °C Independent timer and time adjustment (page 69) Pastry Grill Defrosting Light (page 70) Automatic setting to keep food warm at the end of cooking (page 68) Cleaning and maintenance (page 73-74) KEEP WAR M PR OG Delayed start (page 69) STAR T ST OP Quick start guide (page 62) 57 *Je nach Modell 1 2 2b 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1i 2c 2d °C 2a g1 2f g2 2g g3 g4 2h 2i g5 2e 1f 1g 1h KE EP WAR M PR OG 1j 2 3 4 STAR T ST OP 1 KEEP WARM START STOP 5 6 9* 7 8 10 x2 MAX 11* *depending on model 58 DESCRIPTION 1 Control Panel a Setting the clock / independent timer b Selection manual mode/ automatic menus (pre-programmed recipes) c Cooking temperature selector d Cooking time selector e Rotating knob (selector) tuning (mode, time, temperature) f Activation of the automatic keep warm at the end of cooking g Confirm / start cooking h Stop / standby i Light without cooking j Delayed activation of start cooking Digital display a Time b Delayed start c Temperature d Cooking time FR e Menus f Automatic keep warm g Mode of cooking 1. Defrosting h Independent timer i Reheating 3 Foldable upper element 4 Fan heat 5 Drawer "getting started guide" 6 Glass door 7 Handle 8 Smooth base 9 Accessory steam casserole dish 3 in 1* 10 Grilling rack 11 Oven trays* NL DE EN 2 *depending on model 59 *depending on model GENERAL USE 1 • Characteristics NOTE that the net weight of the appliance is 15 kg. [. . . ] desserts: programs 9-13 Programs tailored to delicate cooking (portion of soufflé , whole soufflé , fruit , tarts , quiches , crèmes caramel , crèmes brûlées , meringue. ) and very fine precision control (from 5 to 10°), as well as an even distribution of temperature. Your oven will determine the mode, temperature and cooking time based on the number of guests. Bread mode (rising / dry heat /baking): 14-16 programs 3 programs cooking: • Rising: menu created only for lifting the dough. € Bread: menu combining the different phases of raising the flour, resting and baking the bread. € Brioche: menu combining the different phases of raising, resting and baking the buns. Your oven will determine the mode, temperature and cooking depending on the weight of your ingredients. Slow cooking temperature (between 80 and 120 ° C): 17-22 programs These programs are especially recommended for meat and fish fillets, sealing in the tenderness and juices of meat and retention of flavours. These are long cooking hours - between 2h 30 and 4 hours in general and up to 7 hours for the 7 hours lamb program. Your oven will determine the mode, temperature and cooking time depending on the weight of the meat / fish. 2 • Menu Selection x2 Press twice consecutively on the button to change from manual mode to automatic menu mode. 3 • Weight Selection/number of people/browning level Turn the selector to set the weight, the number of people or the browning level and confirm by pressing or the button. Once confirmed, the time, temperature, and cooking method are automatically determined: you can manually change the pre-programmed cooking time. At any time, you can, through the key: • Stop cooking with a quick press. IMPORTANT Menu 13 (meringue), you have the choice between 3 browning modes: white "D", golden "2D" Golden or amber "3D". NOTES Some menus are pre-set regardless of the number of guests (menus 12, 14, 22, 23). It is, however, possible to change the cooking time according to your preference. This may vary depending on size, thickness, freshness and initial temperature of the food to be cook. Using pre-programmed menus, you have the choice to adjust the cooking time. They can be increased or reduced depending on the preference of everyone. IMPORTANT For the automatic meat menus and beef in particular, if the size (length is greater than the diameter) and the piece is thick, it is necessary to slightly increase the recommended cooking time. COMFORT MODE 1 • Automatic Keep Warm KE EP WAR M Your oven has the function to keep food warm at the end of the cooking P PROG period: Your food will be automatically maintained at an appropriate temperature for up to 10 hours without cooking. [. . . ] CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE 1 • Instructions We recommend you to clean the oven each time you use it so that particles of burnt grease are not left inside the oven. For easier maintenance, your oven has a smooth enamel base that covers the lower element. Your oven door is double layered: it was designed so as not to require special maintenance: it is however possible to dismantle the inner glass for drips between the two panes. Do not use specific metal based maintenance products for cleaning (copper stainless steel, . [. . . ]


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