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[. . . ] 02 ENGLISH Type SUP040R 02 EN OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions carefully before using the machine. 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 26 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 16 22 •2• 23 24 25 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 •3• SAFETY REGULATIONS or feet. Never allow water to come into contact with any of the electrical parts of the machine: Danger of short circuit!Hot water and steam may cause burning! For the Safety of Others Ensure that children cannot play with the machine and/or the packaging materials. Never direct the jet of hot water and/or steam towards yourself or others. [. . . ] After installing the containers, refit the components and close the door. Install the group compartment drawer and the drip tray. 8. 7 Opening the Upper Lid The upper lid should be removed in order to fill the containers. The lid is a safety device which allows access only to authorised personnel. 3 Remove the Brew Group: Pull it by the handle and press the «PRESS» button. 1 Unlock the lid with the special key supplied and remove it. 2 After unlocking the lid, lift and remove it. 4 Lift the rear side of the inner drawer and unlock the drawer. 5 Fix the base with the drawers by using the supplied screws. Now the water tank and the coffee bean hopper can be filled. • 23 • Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 8. 8 Filling the Water Tank Before switching on the machine, the water tank should be filled with fresh drinking water. Before using the machine for the first time, wash the water tank carefully. The tank should be filled only with fresh drinking water, as hot water, carbonated water or other liquids will damage the machine. 5 Insert the water tank back into its seat and refit the lid. 8. 9 Filling the Coffee Bean Hopper Before switching on the machine, check that the hopper contains a sufficient quantity of coffee beans. Ground coffee, instant coffee or any other object may damage the machine. 1 Remove the coffee bean hopper lid. 3 Remove the tank - lift it using the inside handles. Note: The hopper may feature a different safety system according to the regulations applicable in the country of use of the machine. 4 Rinse and fill it with fresh water, making sure that the (MAX) level indicated in the tank is not exceeded. • 24 • Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 2 Slowly pour the coffee beans into the hopper. 8. 11 Electrical Connection This operation must only be performed by specialist technical personnel or by the service provider. The machine is designed to work with single-phase voltage matching the rating indicated on the identification plate (section 1. 4 "Machine Identification"). Before plugging in the machine, make sure that the power button is switched to "0". The Service Provider makes and is responsible for the electrical connection of the machine. The machine should be connected to the mains using the plug installed on the power cord, in accordance with: • The Laws and Regulations in force at the place and time of installation; • The information shown on the technical specifications plate on the side of the machine. Warning: The electric socket which the appliance is connected to must be easily accessible by the user, in order to allow it to be easily disconnected from the mains when necessary. • Use adapters. If the water tank is not inserted, check that no coffee beans fall into the tank compartment. 3 Refit the coffee bean hopper lid. 8. 10 Closing the Upper Lid After refilling and during normal operation the upper safety lid must always be fitted and locked using the special key, in order to prevent access to unauthorised people. 1 In order to lock the upper lid (1), place and close it using the special supplied key. 8. 12 Setting the Language (Upon First Use) At first start up, the machine requires you to select and store the desired language for the display of messages. This allows you to adjust the parameters of the beverages to the typical parameters of the country where the machine is used. LANGUAGE ITALIANO ENGLISH DEUTSCH FRANÇAIS 1 Select the language by pressing the " (20) button. 2 Press the " " (24) or " " " button (18) to store the language. 3 The machine starts the system warm-up. • 25 • Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Note: Upon first use, once the warm-up is complete the machine primes the circuit and performs a rinse cycle of the internal circuits. [. . . ] Press the " " button (18). DESCALING STEP 2/2 RINSING PAUSE 21 The machine performs the rinse cycle. This allows an ideal rinse cycle to be performed in order to ensure the best conditions to brew products. The message about filling the tank for the rinse cycle is normal, as it is part of the procedure. Note: The rinse cycle can be paused by pressing the " " button (23). [. . . ]


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