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[. . . ] NESSUN ALBERO E' STATO ABBATTUTO PER PRODURRE QUESTO MANUALE Superautomatica de luxe TYPE SUP 012 • User's and maintenance booklet We congratulate for having bought this top-quality espresso machine and thank you for choosing Saeco. Before operating the machine, we recommend to read the following instructions thouroughly which explain how to use, clean and maintain the machine. 29 30 L U X E 31 32 L U X E 33 34 6 The warning triangle shows all important safety indications to ensure the user's safety. D ESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 7 TECHNICAL DATA B Reference to figures, parts of the machine and control elements are given by numbers or letters, as figure B exemplifies. [. . . ] Hot water The hot water dispensing is separate from the coffee circuit, in order to supply hot water for tea, soup etc. 3 1 Place the glass or the cup under the steam/ hot water dispenser (5), then slowly open knob (6), turning it counterclockwise. Clean the spout with a damp cloth soon after use; otherwise it might be difficult to remove milk residues. Bean coffee 2 9 This machine grinds a portion of fresh coffee for each cup; for two cups, it grinds two portions of coffee, one after the other, thus ensuring optimum coffee quality. Adjust the desired grinding degree: the recommended average value is 5. The grinding degree must be adjusted only when the coffee grinder is operating, otherwise it may be damaged. Place one or two preheated cups on the grill (3) under the dispenser (4). By pressing the relevant selection button the machine will automatically dispense the selected coffee. The coffee flow can be stopped at any moment by pressing any selection button (except those relevant to the heating plate and steam). This operation can be performed, for instance, if an excessive quantity of water has been selected. Pre-ground coffee Make sure to use pre-ground coffee only (medium ground). Right before making coffee, fill the container with freshly ground coffee. Brewing Cup level adjustment This machine allows the precise dosage of the coffee quantity, according to the cup dimension. The cup levels have been pre-set at the factory according to the following values: espresso coffee: regular coffee: tall coffee: 60 ml 125 ml max. When the machine is ready, press and keep pressed the espresso coffee button and wait until the desired quantity of coffee has flown into the cup. Upon releasing the button, the level is automatically saved, thus always allowing to obtain the same quantity of coffee. Use the above mentioned procedure also to change or adjust the quantity of water either for regular or tall coffee. The quantity for two cups of coffee will be automatically adjusted according to the single cup level. 34 After a steam outflow, always drain the machine, otherwise the coffee brewing program automatically stops, due to excessive temperature. If the machine is on the steam mode, the automatic coffee brewing is prevented. Press the steam selection button and wait until the green temperature warning light turns on. Direct the steam/hot water dispenser (5) over the cup holder grill (3) and slightly open knob (6), turning it counterclockwise. [. . . ] Place a large container under the steam/ hot water dispensing tube (5) and open the steam/hot water knob (6) slowly, turning it counterclockwise. Turn on the machine by pressing the main switch (31) and let the descaling product flow out of the dispensing tube for approx. Turn off the machine with the main switch and let the solution take effect for approx. Repeat this procedure two or three times, to allow all of the descaling product in the water tank to flow out of the dispensing tube. [. . . ]


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