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[. . . ] Congratulations on choosing this top-quality espresso machine and many thanks you for you confidence in our products. Before operating the machine, we reccomend you read the following instructions thoroughly which explain how to use, clean and maintain the machine. For any other information, please contact the leader or our company directly. Página 64 Superautomatic espresso machine DearCustomer, This superautomatic espresso machine offers you the possibility to brew espresso from either whole coffee beans. [. . . ] Plug the power cord into the outlet and press the main switch of the machine. The green light will come on and the internal electronics will automatically perform a self-test. PRIMING 29 RECOMMENDATIONS / BREWING / DISPENSING HOT WATER / STEAM Bean hopper empty and water tank empty lights When the bean hopper is empty, the corresponding light will come on and the grinder will automatically stop. Fill the bean hopper and reactivate the cycle by pressing the button (21). Also when the water tank is empty, the corresponding light will come on. Fill the water tank and follow the procedure for priming the system before brewing any espresso. Taste of your coffee and protect the internal surfaces from the production of harmful calcareous deposits. Absolutely never use water with carbon dioxide (aerated water) Each espresso cycle is freshly ground, adding to a superior espresso pleasure. Before turning the machine on, make sure the steam/hot water knob is closed. Making adjustments to the grinder while it is not running could cause damage. 29 Place one or two cups on the grill (3) under the dispensing head (4). However, if the machine is not used for a prolonged period, it is advisable to turn it off. Grind If the espresso flows too quickly (grind too coarse) or too slowly (grind too fine), adjust the grinder. Recommended grind setting: position “8” Flows too quickly: adjust grinder to a finer setting (6 or 7) Flows too slowly: adjust grinder to a coarser setting (9 or 10). If espresso continues to flow at the improper speed, try a different coffee blend, as not all blends may be suitable for proper extraction with this machine. The modified grind setting can be detected only after brewing three or four espresso, since residual ground coffee remains in the grinder from the previous setting. Priming the system under the steam/hot water arm (5) and turn the steam/hot water knob (6) counterclockwise. When a steady stream of water is dispensed, close the knob by turning it clockwise. Important: It is recommended to prime the system before the first use of the machine, after a prolonged unused period, or whenever the water tank has run completely dry. Hence, we suggest to use water with a low content of limestone, so that to obtain a better Brewing espresso (1 or 2 cups) Press the coffee selection button (21) to brew one cup of espresso. If the button is pressed twice consecutively, the machine will perform two brew cycles for either one double espresso or two cups of espresso. 30 will automatically be prevented from brewing coffee if the correct brewing temperature has not been reached. [. . . ] Frothing milk for cappuccino Fill a container 1/3 full with cold milk. Turn the steam knob (6) open and begin moving the container in a circular motion to form a thick froth. Wipe the external housing of the machine periodically with a clean, damp, non-abrasive cloth. Brew group The brew group (14) should be cleaned on a regular basis, or at least once a week. [. . . ]


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