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[. . . ] To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. samsung. com/register Model _____________ Serial No. _____________ Contents Channel · Using the INFO button (Now & Next guide) · Using the Channel Menu · Using the Channel · Using Favourite Channels · Memorising Channels · Using the Channel (for satellite TV) · Memorising Channels (for satellite TV) · Other Features 3 4 12 22 24 33 40 52 Preference · Setting the network · Setting the Time · Locking Programme · Economical Solutions · Other Features · Picture In Picture (PIP) · Support 88 124 133 136 139 147 150 Other Information Advanced Features · Using the 3D function · Viewing TV using the 3D function · Getting Started with Smart Hub 55 56 57 63 74 77 78 · Setting up Smart Hub · Using the Smart Hub service · About AllShareTM · Setting Up AllShareTM · Anynet+ · Setting Up Anynet+ · Switching between Anynet+ Devices · Listening through a Receiver · Using the Media Contents 157 158 170 183 186 207 208 212 217 219 221 223 Product Guide 317 e-Manual Guide · How to view the e-Manual 310 · Troubleshooting · Connecting to a COMMON INTERFACE slot · Teletext Feature (depending on the country) · Anti-theft Kensington Lock · Licence 273 296 300 305 307 · Connecting a USB Device · Connecting to the PC through network · Recorded TV · Videos · Music · Photos · Media Contents - Additional Function 224 225 234 245 253 258 260 · Using Favourite Channels (for satellite TV) 38 Basic Features · Changing the Preset Picture Mode · Adjusting Picture Settings · Changing the Picture Size · Changing the Picture Options · Setting up the TV with Your PC · Changing the Preset Sound Mode · Adjusting Sound Settings Using the INFO button (Now & Next guide) The display identifies the current channel and the status of certain audio-video settings. The Now & Next guide shows daily TV programme information for each channel according to the broadcasting time. Scroll l, r to view information for a desired programme while watching the Channel current channel. Scroll u, d to view information for other channels. If you want to move to the currently selected channel, press the ENTERE button. abc1 DTV Air , Life On Venus Avenue Unclassified No Detaild Information 18:00 ~ 6:00 18:11 Thu 6 Jan 15 a Information English Using the Channel Menu Press the SMART HUB button to select the menu you want to use. [. . . ] Then press the ENTERE button. English Setting up Smart Hub Settings Configure Smart Hub settings from this screen. Highlight Settings using the u and d buttons and press the ENTERE button. Account Management Settings Account Management Service Manager Reset Properties Register Service Account: Register login information for service sites. Change Password: Change account password. Close Remove from TV Account List: Delete an account from the list of accounts. Deactivate Account: Withdraw membership from Smart Hub. English Service Manager Ticker Autorun: You can set Ticker Autorun to come on when powering on the TV. N The Ticker application provides useful News, Weather, and Stock Market information. The Ticker application on Smart Hub must be downloaded to use this feature. N Depending on your country, Ticker application may have a different service or not be supported. Channel Bound Service (Off / On): Some channels support applications as an Internet data service, allowing you to access the Internet service while watching TV. N Only available if supported by the broadcaster English Reset: Resets Smart Hub settings to factory default settings. If you want reset Smart Hub, Enter password. Properties More: Display information about Smart Hub. Terms of Service Agreement: Display the Terms of Service Agreement. English Using the Smart Hub service Samsung Apps Samsung Apps is a store for downloading applications to be used on Samsung TV/AV equipment. Users can enjoy a variety of contents such as videos, music, photos, games, useful information etc. using the downloaded applications. Additional applications will be available in the future. English N Using the colour buttons with the Samsung Apps. a Red (Login): To log in to the internet service. b Green (List View / Thumbnail View): What's New?Video Game Sports Lifestyle Information Other My Account Recommended Most downloaded Most recent Name YouTube TV store Test User002 Free You Tube To change the view mode. } Blue (Sort by): To sort the Help a Login b Thumbnail View } Sort by R Return applications by Recommended, Most downloaded, Most recent or Name. R Return: Moves to previous menu. English Using the Samsung Apps by category The following categories are available: What's New?: Displays newly registered applications. Video: Displays various video media such as movies, TV shows and short length videos. Game: Displays various games such as sudoku and chess. Sports: Displays various sports media such as match information, images and short length video. Lifestyle: Includes various lifestyle media services such as music, personal photo management tools and social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. English Information: Includes various information services such as news, stocks and weather. Other: Includes other miscellaneous services. My Account: Displays the application list and your cyber cash balance. N Starting in the middle of 2010 (US and Korea only), you can purchase cyber- cash for buying applications through tv. samsung. com. Help: If you have questions about Smart Hub, check this section first. English Web Browser For LED 6500 series and above (May not be available, depending on your country. ) Using the Web Browser function provided by the SMART HUB, you can surf the Internet on your TV. English N When the Web Browser opens, the cursor is in Tab Mode. In Tab Mode, the cursor highlights text or objects, or surrounds them with a blue rectangle. To scroll the screen up or down, use the or µ buttons. N You can change from Tab Mode to Pointer Mode by pressing the Yellow { button. Use the arrow buttons to move the pointer. Press ENTERE to select. English The Web Browser has a series of icons across the top of the screen. The icons are described below, starting with the icon on the far left of the screen. Back: Moves to the previous web page. N If there is no saved next web page, this icon will not work. English Refresh / Stop: Refreshes the current page or stops the current connection from loading. Zoom: You can select a zoom level of 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 400% and Fit to Screen. [. . . ] To obtain your registration code, locate the DivX VOD section in your device setup menu. Go to vod. divx. com for more information on how to complete your registration. Covered by one or more of the following U. S. patents : 7, 295, 673; 7, 460, 668; 7, 515, 710; 7, 519, 274 Open Source Licence Notice In the case of using open source software, Open Source Licences are available on the product menu. Open Source Licence Notice is written only English. English e-Manual Guide How to view the e-Manual You can read the introduction and instructions about the TV features stored in your TV. O MENUm Support e-Manual Basic Features Changing the Preset Picture Mode Adjusting Picture Settings Changing the Picture Size Changing the Picture Options Setting up the TV with Your PC Help Index ENTERE English Screen Display Current on-air broadcasting. Basic Features Changing the Preset Picture Mode Adjusting Picture Settings Change the category. [. . . ]


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