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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] SyncMaster 650MP-2, 650FP-2 LCD Display User Manual The color and the appearance may differ depending on the product, and the specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve the performance. Safety Instructions Notational Note These safety instructions must be followed to ensure your safety and prevent property damage. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and use the product in the correct manner. Warning / Caution Failure to follow directions noted by this symbol could result in bodily harm or damage to the equipment. Note Prohibited Do not disassemble Do not touch Important to read and understand at all times Disconnect the plug from the outlet Ground to prevent an electric shock Power When not used for extended period of time, set your computer to DPM. The images here are for reference only, and are not applicable in all cases (or countries). [. . . ] 4) Format - The format can be selected to see a divided screen. Full Natural You may not operate this function in MagicInfo. The Maintenance Control function is available only for the displays where the power status is ON. Troubleshooting 1. The display you wish to control does not appear on the Power Control Info Grid - Check the connection of RS232C. (Check if it is properly connected to the Com1 port) - Check the displays to see if any of the other displays connected have the same ID. If more than one displays have the same ID, those displays are not properly detected by the program due to data conflict. (Adjust using the Display menu) Note : A Display Set ID must be a value between 0 and 25 . 2. The display you wish to control does not appear on the other Control Info Grids - Check to see if the display power is ON. (You can check this in Power Control Info Grid) - Check if you can change the input source of the display. Both On Timer and Off Timer have been set but different time is showing. The remote may not function properly when you turn off the remote Function, disconnect the RS-232C cable, or exit the program in an Irregular manner. Rerun the program and turn the remote function again to Restore normal functions. <Note> This program may malfunction due to problems in communication circuits or interference from electronic appliances nearby. Settings Value Display In Multiple Display Mode When there are more than one displays connected, the settings values are displayed as follows. Selected one display: Fetches and displays the settings value for the selected display. Selected one display (ID1) and add another display (ID3): The program, which was displaying the settings value of ID 1, fetches and displays the value of ID3. Selected all sets using Select All: Returns to the Factory Default Value. Adjusting the LCD Display Input Available Modes · · · · · PC / DVI / BNC AV Component HDMI MagicInfo Note · · MagicInfo can only be enabled when a network box is connected. The HDMI port and network box cannot be connected at the same time. Source List MENU ENTER ENTER A network box is not connected , ENTER A network box is connected Use to select PC, DVI or other external input sources connected to the LCD Display. PC DVI AV Component HDMI MagicInfo BNC Note The direct button on the remote control is the 'SOURCE' button. Adjusting the LCD Display PIP Note Available Modes: PIP ON Note The PIP function is not available when Video Wall is On. When external AV devices such as VCRs or DVDs are connected to the LCD Display , PIP allows you to watch video from those devices in a small window super-imposed on the PC Video signal. (Off/On) MENU ENTER Note · · More than one PIP cannot be overlapped on screen as BNC and the Component use the same terminal. If you select , , in Size, Position and Transparency will not be activated. ENTER PIP MENU ENTER ENTER ENTER , ENTER Turns the PIP Screen Off/On. · · Off On Source MENU ENTER ENTER ENTER , ENTER Selects the input source for the PIP. Adjusting the LCD Display · · · · · PC : DVI / AV / Component / HDMI BNC : DVI / AV / HDMI DVI / AV : PC / BNC Component : PC HDMI : PC / BNC Swap MENU ENTER ENTER ENTER Swaps the contents of the PIP and main image. [. . . ] Horizontal Frequency The time to scan one line connecting the right edge to the left edge of the screen horizontally is called the Horizontal Cycle. The inverse number of the Horizontal Cycle is called Horizontal Frequency. Unit: kHz Showing the horizontal lines of the screen from the top to the bottom sequentially is called the Non-Interlace method while showing odd lines and then even lines in turn is called the Interlace method. The Non-Interlace method is used for the majority of monitors to ensure a clear image. [. . . ]


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