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[. . . ] Áれています。 こうした著作物を複製することは、 個人的に または家庭内で使用する目的でのみ行うことができます。 上 記の目的を超えて、 権利者の了解なくこれを複製 (データ形 式の変換を含む) 、改変、複製物の譲渡、ネットワーク上で 「著作権侵害」 「著作者人格権侵害」と の配信などを行うと、 して損害賠償の請求や刑事処罰を受けることがあります。 本 製品を使用して複製などをなされる場合には、 著作権法を遵 守のうえ、 適切なご使用を心がけていただきますよう、 お願 いいたします。 また、 本製品にはカメラ機能が搭載されてい ますが、 本カメラ機能を使用して記録したものにつきまして も、上記と同様の適切なご使用を心がけていただきますよ う、お願いいたします。 ● ● 登録商標について ● 下記一件または複数の米国特許またはそれに対応する他 国の特許権に基づき、QUALCOMM社よりライセンスさ れています。 Licensed by QUALCOMM Incorporated under one or more of the following United States Patents and/or their counterparts in other nations: 4, 901, 307 5, 490, 165 5, 056, 109 5, 504, 773 5, 101, 501 5, 506, 865 5, 109, 390 5, 511, 073 xxviii 804SS_Sec00_2. Macromedia, Flash, Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Flash Lite are trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and other countries. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. [. . . ] , Ltd, 94-1, Imsoo-Dong, Gumi City, Kyung-Buk, Korea, 730-350 (factory name, address) to which this declaration relates, is in conformity wi th the following standards and/or other normative documents. 1 (04-2003) We hereby declare that [all essential radio test suites have been carried out and that] the above named product is in conformity to all the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC. The conformity assessment procedure referred to in Article 10 and detailed in Annex[ Ⅳ ] of Directive 1999/5/EC has been followed with the involvement of the following Notified Body(ies): BABT, Balfour House, Churchfield Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2TD, UK Identification mark: 0168 The technical documentation kept at : Samsung Electronics QA Lab. For the address or the phone number of Samsung Service Centre, see the warranty card or contact the retailer where you purchased your phone. Fm 17 ページ 2006年2月23日 木曜日 午後2時54分 Handset Parts & Functions Handset In this manual, handset parts/functions are indicated with these names/symbols: aEarpiece bDisplay cw dn(Side Key) eb(Side Key) fe gt hC i* jMicrophone ni oc py ∼ q0 9 r# sExternal Camera tSub Display u<m> vSpeaker wCharger Terminal & External Device Connector xv Abridged English Manual yBattery Cover kudlr lInternal Camera mo zStrap Eyelet Attach strap as shown. TSub Display Camera viewfinder and Media Player window appears here with handset closed. uExternal Media Keys Operate Camera or Media Player with handset closed. JMicrophone kMulti Selector Used to search for items, move the cursor, scroll or execute functions (fP. Fm 19 ページ 2006年2月23日 木曜日 午後2時54分 Inserting/Removing USIM Card Always turn off handset power before opening handset to remove battery or insert/remove USIM Card. C Insert USIM Card until it stops and locks Inserting A Remove battery Removing A Remove battery (fP. 28-19) B Press down on USIM Card and gently slide it out B Holding USIM Card with IC chip-side down, insert it into USIM Card slot Abridged English Manual I C 28-19 804SS_Sec28_2. Fm 20 ページ 2006年2月23日 木曜日 午後2時54分 Note • Inserting USIM Card with an excessive force may damage it. € To prevent damaging it, avoid touching IC chip when installing or removing the USIM Card. € Some handset files may be inaccessible after handset repair/ upgrade or USIM Card replacement. - Places with high levels of humidity, vibrations or dust that could lead to handset malfunctions - Near radios or televisions that may suffer interference • 804SS/charger normally warm from charging, but if too hot to touch stop charging; contact Customer Service (fP. Charge battery at least once every six months; otherwise, battery may become unusable. € When charger is not in use, unplug it from electrical outlet or cigarette lighter socket. Abridged English Manual ■ Battery Life Charging Battery Battery & Charger • Always charge a battery before using it for the first time or after a long period of disuse. € Use only Charger specified for 804SS by Vodafone; do not use Charger for other purposes/handsets. € Do not charge the battery under the following conditions: - Places with an ambient temperature below 5℃ or above 40℃ 28-20 • The following scenarios may reduce battery operating time: - Using/storing 804SS in places with an ambient temperature below 5℃ or above 40℃. - Using 804SS under poor signal conditions or leaving it on when handset is out-of-range. - Charging battery when handset, battery and charger terminals are impaired by dust or grime • Battery life is limited; replace if operating time is significantly reduced. [. . . ] Fm 37 ページ 2006年2月23日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Messaging Vodafone text communication services are available both in Japan and overseas. Opening Messages A Press w ( ) B Press Received messages, Drafts, Unsent messages or Sent messages and press c C Select a message and press c SMS (Short Message Service) Use this service to send and receive short text messages between SMS-compatible Vodafone handsets using phone numbers. Editing Messages Abridged English Manual MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Use this service to send and receive long text messages, images and sounds to/from Vodafone handsets compatible with MMS and PCs via e-mail. Tip Sending from Drafts A Press w ( ), select Drafts and press c B Select the message and press c (Edit) C Edit the message and press w (Send) • Using MMS/receiving e-mail requires a separate subscription. [. . . ]


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