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[. . . ] A3050 ET HP_IB&IM_DB68-04208A_EN-07. indd 1 2014/12/8 15:58:31 Features of your new air conditioner 2-step cooling 2-step cooling function will quickly cool the room to reach the desired temperature and then it will adjust the fan speed and air flow direction automatically to help you stay comfortable and refreshing. Fast cooling/heating If you want the strong and cool/warm air, just select Fast function!It will get you the strongest air! Comfort cooling/heating If you want the comfortable and refreshing air, Comfort function will spread the cool/warm air indirectly to you, so that you can stay comfortable. Single User Use Single User function when you are alone at home. Single User function will minimize the energy consumption with inverter technology and reduce your electricity bill by adjusting the maximum operating capacity of the compressor. Easy Filter There is no grille to remove before separating the filter from the air conditioner!Frequent filter cleaning will prevent dust from entering into the product or accumulating on the filter. function function will allow you to have deep, good night’s sleep by adjusting the temperature, fan speed and air flow direction. Smart Install When the installation is done, your product will examine itself through trial operation to check if it was installed properly. Easy Installation It’s so easy to install! [. . . ] • Check if you press the Set/Cancel button on the remote controller after you have set the time. • Press the Power button or disconnect the power plug/switch off the auxiliary power switch. Ventilate the room or operate the air conditioner in Fan mode for 1~2 hours. (We do not use smelly components in the air conditioner. ) • Check the Drains have been cleared Regular Maintenance. • When an indoor unit indicator blinks, contact the nearest service center. Please ensure the error code is passed onto the service center when booking the service call. • Depending on the status of the air conditioner usage, noise can be heard when refrigerant flow movement changes. • If may not be a fire but it can be a steam generated by the defrost operation from outdoor heat exchanger during Heat mode in winter. 04 OTHERS Timer function does not set. Smoke is generated from the outdoor unit. Water is dropping • Water may be generated because of the temperature difference. piping connection. English-29 A3050 ET HP_IB&IM_DB68-04208A_EN-07. indd 29 2014/12/8 15:58:44 Safety precautions Carefully follow the precautions listed below because they are essential to guarantee the safety of the equipment. • Always disconnect the air conditioner from the power supply before servicing it or accessing its internal components. • Verify that installation and testing operations are performed by qualified personnel. • Verify that the air conditioner is not installed in an easily accessible area. General information  Carefully read the content of this manual before installing the air conditioner and store the manual in a safe place in order to be able to use it as reference after installation.  For maximum safety, installers should always carefully read the following warnings.  Store the operation and installation manual in a safe location and remember to hand it over to the new owner if the air conditioner is sold or transferred.  This manual explains how to install an indoor unit with a split system with two SAMSUNG units. The use of other types of units with different control systems may damage the units and invalidate the warranty. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for damages arising from the use of non compliant units. of electric and requirements set forth in the “Operating limits” table, included in the manual, shall immediately invalidate the warranty. to be installed in areas used for laundry.  The manufacturer shall not be responsible for damage originating from unauthorized changes or the improper connection  The air conditioner should be used only for the applications for which it has been designed: the indoor unit is not suitable  Do not use the units if damaged. If problems occur, switch the unit off and disconnect it from the power supply.  In order to help prevent electric shocks, fires or injuries, always stop the unit, disable the protection switch and contact SAMSUNG’s technical support if the unit produces smoke, if the power cable is hot or damaged or if the unit is very noisy. should be performed by qualified personnel only.  Always remember to inspect the unit, electric connections, refrigerant tubes and protections regularly. These operations  The unit contains moving parts, which should always be kept out of the reach of children. If performed by unauthorized personnel, these operations may cause electric shocks or fires.  Do not place containers with liquids or other objects on the unit.  All the materials used for the manufacture and packaging of the air conditioner are recyclable. [. . . ] Refrigerant flow blocking 2. Check if there’s any blockage in the refrigerant pipe which connects indoor and outdoor unit. 1. Check if sufficient amount of additional refrigerant was charged for the pipe length that  Above LED pattern is displayed when Lack of Refrigerant exceeds 7. 5m. (For Inverter model only) 2. Check for refrigerant leak between valve and Check the LED display on outdoor unit pipe connection. 1. Re-set options EEPROM/Option error  : Off / : Blinking / : On English-52 A3050 ET HP_IB&IM_DB68-04208A_EN-07. indd 52 2014/12/8 15:59:05 Final check and trial operation To complete the installation, perform the following checks and tests to ensure that the air conditioner operates correctly. [. . . ]


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