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[. . . ] BD-DT7800 Samsung SMART PVR user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive a more complete service, please register your product at www. samsung. com/register Key features 3D Samsung SMART PVR Features This product can play 3D contents through an HDMI cable. To implement the 3D effect, connect a 3D device (3D-compliant AV receiver, 3D-compliant TV) to the product using an HDMI cable, and play the 3D content while wearing 3D vision glasses. 3D Conversion During watching the TV programme or playing 2D contents you can convert 2D into 3D contents by pressing the 2D3D button on the remote control. · DVB-T is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television and DVB-C is that for the broadcast transmission of digital TV over cable. However, some differentiated features like EPG (Electric Programme Guide), VOD (Video On Demand) and so on, are not included in this specification. [. . . ] Follow the instructions that came with the application to control the product. NOTE ` For using "Network Remote Control" feature, mobile and TV should connected with same AP(Access Point). Not Available to download App at IPhone based lower than "iOS Ver. 3. 1. 2". ` For download App, you should upgrade "iOS Ver. 3. 1. 2" or upper version. The Network Remote Control function lets you control your product from a remote device such as a smart phone through a wireless connection to your local area network. When the download is complete, the Upgrade Query window appears with three choices: Upgrade Now, Upgrade Later, or Don't Upgrade. If you select Upgrade Now, the product upgrades the software, turns off, and then turns on automatically. 5. If you do not make a selection in one minute or select Upgrade Later, the product stores the new upgrade software. NOTE ` The upgrade is complete when the product turns off, and then turns on again by itself. ` Never turn the product off or back on manually during the update process. ` Samsung Electronics shall take no legal responsibility for product malfunction caused by an unstable Internet connection or consumer negligence during a software upgrade. ` If you want to cancel the upgrade while the upgrade software is downloading, press the ENTER button. ` Your product must be connected to the Internet to use the By Internet function. English 45 By Channel By USB Setup Upgrade software using the broadcasting signal. To upgrade by USB, follow these steps: Download in Standby Mode 1. Download the latest USB software upgrade zip archive to your computer. 3. In the product's menu, go to Settings > Support > Software Upgrade. You can set the Download in Standby Mode function so that the product downloads new upgrade software when it is in Standby mode. In Standby mode, the product is off, but its Internet connection is active. This allows the product to download upgrade software automatically, when you are not using it. To set Download in Standby Mode, follow these steps: NOTE ` When the software upgrade is done, check the software details in the Software Upgrade menu. ` Do not turn off the product during the software upgrade. It may cause the product to malfunction. ` Software upgrades using the USB Host jack must be performed with a USB memory flash stick only. Via Download The Via Download option lets you upgrade using a file the product downloaded earlier but you decided not to install immediately or a file downloaded by the product in Standby Mode (See Download in Standby Mode below). If upgrade software has been downloaded, you will see the software version number to the right of Via Download. Press the buttons to select Download in Standby Mode, and then press the ENTER button. If you select Off, the product will notify you with a pop up message when new upgrade software is available. [. . . ] · DGTVi Licence Related Notice - This product works with CI and CI+ CAM but it is not Certify from DGTVi association. Recommendation - EU Only · Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this Samsung SMART PVR is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. The official Declaration of Conformity may be found at http://www. samsung. com, go to Support > Search Product Support and enter the model name. This equipment may be operated in all EU countries. 78 English UNITeD KINGDOM This Samsung product is warranted for the period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase, against defective materials and workmanship. In the event that warranty service is required, you should return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased. [. . . ]


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