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[. . . ] BD-ES5000 Blu-ray™ Disc Player user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. Indd 1 2012-04-13 오후 4:10:18 Key features Blu-ray Disc Features Blu-ray Disc Player Features AllShare You can play videos, music, and photos saved on your devices (such as your PC or NAS [Network-Attached Storage]) through a network connection. Safety Information Blu-ray Discs support the highest quality HD video available in the industry - Large capacity means no compromise on video quality. [. . . ] When done with each field, use the ► button to move to the next field. Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway values in the same way. Network Status Use to check whether a connection to the network and the Internet have been established. BD-Live Internet Connection Set to allow or prohibit an Internet connection when you use the BD-LIVE service. ? Allow (All) : The Internet connection is allowed for all BD-LIVE contents. • Allow (Valid Only) : The Internet connection is allowed only for BD-LIVE contents containing a valid certificate. When the player uses BD-LIVE to send the disc data and a request to the server to certify the disc, the server uses the transmitted data to check if the disc is valid and sends the certificate back to the player. ▪▪ The Internet connection may be restricted while you are using BD-LIVE contents. Indd 16 2012-04-13 오후 4:10:36 System Initial Settings BD Data Management By using the Initial Settings function, you can set the language, Network Settings, etc. For more information about the Initial Settings function, refer to the Initial Settings section of this user manual (page 12). Enables you to manage the downloaded contents you accessed through a Blu-ray disc that supports the BD-LIVE service and stored on a flash drive. You can check the device’s information including the storage size, delete the BD data, or change the Flash memory device. divX® Video On Demand View DivX® VOD Registration Codes to purchase and play DivX® VOD contents. Language You can select the language you prefer for the Home menu, disc menu, etc. • On-Screen Menu : Select the language for the on-screen displays. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) BD Data Management Screen Information : Anynet+ is a convenient function that offers linked operations with other Samsung players that have the Anynet+ feature. To operate this function, connect this player to an Anynet+ Samsung TV with an HDMI cable. With Anynet+ on, you can operate this player using a Samsung TV remote control and start disc playback simply by pressing the PLAY ( ) button on the TV’s remote control. This function works in conjunction with DVDs that have been assigned an age rating or numeric rating that indicates the maturity level of the content. These numbers help you control the types of DVDs that your family can watch. For example, if you select Level 6, discs rated above 6 - Level 7 and 8 - will not play. DVD Parental Rating YouTube Lock ✎ NOTE ▪▪ The selected language will only appear if it is supported on the disc. [. . . ] C)  isuse, including the failure to use this product M for its normal purposes or incorrect installation. D)  amage caused by Lightning, Water, Fire, Acts D of God, War, Public Disturbances, incorrect mains voltage, improper ventilation or any other cause beyond the control of Samsung.  his warranty is valid for any person who legally T acquired possession of the product during the warranty period.  he consumers statutory rights in any applicable T national legislation whether against the retailer arising from the purchase contract or otherwise are not affected by this warranty. [. . . ]


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