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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] BD-F8500M/F8900M BD-F8500N/F8900N BD-F8500A/F8900A BD-F8509S/F8909S BD-F6900/F6909S BD-F8500/F8900 E-MANUAL E-MANUAL imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. samsung. com/register Contents Connections Connecting to a TV 8 8 Broadcasting 25 Auto Tuning Connecting to an Audio System 25 Auto Tuning Method 1: Connecting to an HDMI supported AV receiver Method 2: Connecting to an AV receiver with Optical input Wired Network 25 Aerial 25 Cable Search 25 Channel List 26 Guide 26 Schedule Manager 26 Edit Channel 26 Edit Favourites Connecting to a Network Router 9 10 Wireless Network 26 Channel Settings 26 Country (Area) 27 Manual Tuning 27 Transfer Channel list 27 Satellite System Settings Display 11 3D Settings 11 3D Blu-ray Playback Mode 12 Screen Size 27 Delete CAM operator profile 28 Subtitle 28 Primary Subtitle Language 13 TV Aspect Ratio 14 Resolution 13 BD Wise (Samsung Products only) 15 Resolution according to the output mode 28 Audio Language 28 Secondary Subtitle Language 28 Primary Audio Language 16 DTV Smart Resolution 16 Movie Frame (24fps) 28 Edit Channel Number 29 Digital Text 28 Secondary Audio Language 29 Programme Rating Lock 29 Data Service 17 Smart Hub Screen Size 17 HDMI Colour Format 18 HDMI Deep Colour 18 Progressive Mode 30 Teletext Language 30 RF Bypass Gain 30 Primary Teletext Language 30 Secondary Teletext Language Audio 18 Digital Output 30 Aerial Connection Type 31 Common Interface 22 PCM Downsampling 23 Downmixing Mode 23 DTS Neo:6 Mode 23 Audio Sync 20 Digital Output Selection 22 Dynamic Range Control Network 32 Network Status 32 Network Settings 33 Wired Network 34 Wireless Network 24 Connected Device 37 Wi-Fi Direct 39 AllShare Settings Support 39 Content Sharing 47 Remote Management 47 Software Update 48 Update Now 48 Auto Update 39 Set Remote Access 40 Device Name 39 Share Hard Drive 47 e-Manual(Troubleshooting) 39 Remote Scheduler 39 Register to AllShare Play 40 BD-Live Settings 50 Contact Samsung 50 Reset 50 Manage Satellite 40 BD-Live Internet Connection 40 Delete BD Data 40 BD Data Management Smart Features Media Play 41 Apps Settings 41 Auto Ticker 41 Push Notification Settings 41 Channel-Bound Apps 41 Properties The AllShare Play Screen 51 Playing Commercial Discs 52 Method 1 52 Method 2 51 Accessing the AllShare Play Screen Playing Files on a USB Device Using the AllShare Network Function 54 To Download the AllShare Software 54 Playing Content Located on Your PC or AllShare Device (DMS) through this product (DMP). 55 Playing Content located on internal HDD of this device(DMS) through the the PC or your SmartPone(DMP) 41 VOD Rating Lock 42 Reset Smart Hub 42 Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy System 42 Setup 42 Language 42 Device Manager 44 Clock 43 Keyboard Settings 43 Mouse Settings Controlling Video Playback 57 Using the Tools Menu 44 Storage Device Manager 44 Format Device 44 Check Device 44 Device Performance Test 55 Buttons on the Remote Control used for Video Playback 59 Using the View & Options Menus 59 Using the View Menu 60 Using the Options Menu 45 Auto Power Off 45 Security 45 Default Recording Device 45 BD Parental Rating 45 Change PIN Controlling Music Playback 45 DVD Parental Rating 60 Buttons on the Remote Control used for Music Playback 61 Using the View & Options Menus 61 Using the View Menu 61 Using the Options Menu 46 General 46 Advanced Music Copy 46 Menu Transparency 62 Repeating Tracks on an Audio CD 62 Shuffling Tracks on an Audio CD 64 Ripping 63 Creating a Playlist from an Audio CD 46 Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) 46 DivX® Video On Demand Playing Photo Contents 65 Using the Tools Menu 66 Using the View & Options Menus 66 Using the View Menu 66 Using the Options Menu 78 Timeshift function 78 Start Timeshift with PLAY button 78 Timeshift information 79 To stop Timeshift 78 Start Timeshift with PAUSE button 79 Playback control button during Timeshift function is enabled DTV Functions Watching TV Channels Playing the Recorded Title 80 Using the View Menu 80 Using the Filter Menu 80 Using the View, Filter and Options Menus 81 Using the Options Menu 67 Using the channel option 68 Using the Tools Button 67 Using the remote control buttons Editing Channels 69 Channel List 69 Edit Channel Editing the Recorded Title Copy 82 Splitting a Section of a Title (Divide into two) 82 Splitting a Section of a Title (Partial Delete) 83 Copying Videos, Music or Photos Viewing the Guide Screen 70 Using the remote control buttons 71 Using the Guide Screen option 71 Setting the Schedule Manager 71 Using the remote control buttons 3D Functions 84 Viewing DTV with the 3D effect Using the Teletext Service 73 Typical Teletext page Logging In to Your Samsung Account Using Movies & TV Shows Using Apps Before Using Movies & TV Shows or Apps Advanced Function Recording 74 Checking Available Storage Size 75 Recording the current TV channel you are watching 75 To pause recording 75 To stop recording 74 Notes on HDD capacity 88 The Apps Screen at a Glance 89 Downloading Applications 90 Starting an Application 91 Sorting the Apps 92 Lock/Unlock 91 Using the More Apps Screen 92 Using the Options Menu 93 Edit My Apps 94 Create Folder 75 Playback control during recording 76 Simultaneous Recording 76 Watching other channels during Recording a TV channel 76 Simultaneous Recording of Two TV Channels 95 Move to Folder 96 Delete 95 Rename Folder 77 Watching different TV channels that is not under recording 77 To stop recording 77 Simultaneous Operation 97 Update Apps Screen Mirroring Using the Web Browser 99 Link Browsing and Pointer Browsing 100 The Control Panel at a Glance 101 Using the Keyboard Pop-up 102 Using the Setting Menu 102 Options on the Keyboard Pop-Up Linking Your Internet Service Accounts to the Player BD-Live Settings 105 BD-LIVE™ 106 BD-LIVE™ Appendix Supported Formats 107 Video File Support 109 Supported Subtitle File Formats 109 Music File Support 110 Picture File Support 110 AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) Troubleshooting Connecting to a TV Except for F8909S, F6909S, F8509S model For F8909S, F6909S, F8509S model "" Depending on your model, rear panel may be different. For more details, please refer to the user manual of product. "" The RF cable connection of this product sends only signals of TV. [. . . ] The check on the track is removed. 7. When done, select the Rip button using the ▲▼ button, and then press the E button. The Rip pop-up appears. 8. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the device to store the ripping file and then press the E button. 9. If you want to cancel ripping the track, press the E button and then select Yes. Select No to continue ripping. 10. When ripping is complete, the "Successfully ripped. " message appears. Press the E button. 11. Press the RETURN or select the Cancel button and then press the E button to go back to the Playback screen. "" This function will be encoded to the . mp3 format at 192kbps. "" On the Ripping screen, you can also choose Select All and Deselect All. "" Use Select All to select all tracks and press the E button. This cancels your individual track selections. "" Use Deselect All to deselect all selected tracks at once. Playing Photo Contents You can play photo contents located on a DVD, USB, mobile device or PC. Using the Tools Menu During playback, press the TOOLS button. ●●Previous : Select to move the previous picture. ●●Start Slide Show / Stop Slide Show : Select to play/pause the slide show. (This will rotate the picture either clockwise or counter clockwise. ) ●●Background Music : Select to listen to music while viewing a slide show. ●●Settings : Select the picture mode and information. "" Depending on the disc or storage device, the Tools menu may differ. All options may not be displayed. "" To enable the background music function, the photo file must be in the same storage media as the music file. However, the sound quality can be affected by the bitrate of the MP3 file, the size of the photo, and the encoding method. "" You can't enlarge the subtitle and PG graphic in the full screen mode. Using the View & Options Menus Using the View Menu On a file screen containing photo files, select the View and press the E button. ●●Date : Appears on the View function screen. Sort to Folder. "" Depending on the disc or storage device, the View menu may differ or not be shown. Using the Options Menu On a file screen containing photo files, select the Options and press the E button. ●●Slide show : Lets the slide show containing the all files in the current folder without selections. ●●Play Selected : Play Selected lets you select specific photo to see. It works essentially the same for all media. ●●Send : Select Send to upload selected files to app (Picasa, Facebook etc) or device. To use Send, you need to establish an account with the on-line site, and then log in using the Log In function. ●●Delete : Select to delete the file from the device. Watching TV Channels After Tuning is completed, you can watch TV channel. Using the channel option Using the remote control buttons Press the below buttons while you are viewing a channel. ●●NUMBER buttons : To move TV channel directly, press the channel numbers of desired TV channel. ●●PROG button : Press this button to change TV channels. ●●INFO button : Press this button to display detailed information of selected channel. ●●Channel List button : Press this button to display the Channel List. Using the Tools Button Press the TOOLS button while you are viewing a channel. ●●Picture Mode : Select this to set the picture mode. –– Standard : Choose this setting for most viewing applications. –– User : Lets you adjust the sharpness and noise reduction function respectively. "" This menu can not be displayed when you use the BD Wise function. ●●Audio Language : Select to set the desired audio language. ●●Lock Current Channel : You can lock a TV channel by setting PIN. "" This menu can be displayed when the country set to Netherlands and brodcast signal is cable. [. . . ] When the factory default settings are restored, all stored user BD data is deleted. Press the ' button (on top panel) for more than 5 seconds with no disc inside on the home screen. When the factory default settings are restored, all stored user BD data is deleted. PROBLEM SOLUTION Go to the contents and find the section of the user manual that contains the explanations regarding the current probIf you experience other problem, and follow the procedure once again. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact your nearest Samsung authorised service centre. [. . . ]


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